This Week’s Beauty Hits and Misses

We ♥ Dior
Season after season Dior keep getting it so right, from skincare to couture, sunglasses to fragrance – everything they touch turns to gold!  Mila Kunis as the face of Miss Dior handbags is genius, and we’re really loving the brand new Dior Golden Jungle autumn collection which launched this week at Escentual.

Apply-It-Once Lip Colour
If you find that your lip colour just doesn’t last like you want it to, then consider a lip stain. Guerlain has just released the Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait lip colour, a moisturising, beautifully pigmented lip stain. See the swatches here.


Post-Olympics Blues
I, like the a lot of the rest of of the nation, am feeling a little deflated post-Olympics. I’m consoling myself with the ongoing coverage of the athletes, the upcoming paralympic games, and excellent videos like this!

Sensitive scalps
If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, skincare experts La Roche-Posay have the answer. The Kerium Extra Gentle Physiological Shampoo promotes optimal comfort for reactive skin – plus it makes your hair really soft and bouncy.

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