Fragrance Inspired By Drinks

Gone are the days where fragrances contained only woody, floral, citrus, and animal notes – today you can discover perfumes that contain anything from macaroons, candyfloss and caramel, to the scent of salt, powder or even gunpowder.

For this edition in our ‘Inspired by…’ fragrance series, we focus on one very popular theme in the world of scent creation: drink notes. Read on to discover more…


CK Shock for Him Eau de Toilette
CK Shock for Him is a fragrance that exudes pure energy – so it’s fitting that it features a key note of Red Bull. It’s a very unusual but effective accord that is tempered with the freshness of clementine and cucumber, before the sweetness is fired up with a heart of black pepper and spices. Described as ‘an edgy and rebellious distillation of a wild night’, this is the scent for a person who likes to be noticed.

Etat Libre d’Orange Bendelirious Eau de Parfum
Delightful and a little bit sexy, Bendelirious is one of the sweetest offerings from Etat Libre d’Orange. There are two main accords that give the scent its character: a bubbly champagne accord, and a sticky cherry lollipop accord. The champagne in particular gives the scent a beautiful effervescence, while added violet, orris, leather and tonka beans lend a voluptuous creaminess.

Guerlain Homme Eau de Toilette
Rum is becoming an increasingly more popular note in fragrance, particularly for men. One of the frontrunners is this classic offering from Guerlain: a refined eau de toilette with a touch of wild freshness that is based around the mojito cocktail. Icy Jamaican rum meets with lime, and peppery mint, while a touch of green tea, rhubarb and vetiver give the fragrance depth.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Eau de Toilette
It’s a fresh floral fragrance, but not as you know it! Calvin Klein’s take on light, everyday scenting opens with a delicious peach bellini accord paired with juicy red berries. The sparkling, captivating accord laces the skin with an unforgettable touch of sweet fruitiness, which is made even more charming with a heart of pink lily, jasmine and peony.

CB I Hate Perfume Russian Caravan Tea
Who could talk about fragrances inspired by drinks and not include a tea fragrance? This offering from avant garde fragrance house CB I Hate Perfume is complex and beautiful, and is inspired by Christopher Brosius’ visits to a friend who would always serve Russian Caravan Tea. Dark, smoky and always inviting, the fragrance has added notes of bright bergamot and the scent of old books.

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