This Week’s Beauty Hits and Misses

Premiere Fashion Moments
From Keira Knightley’s statuesque Chanel gown and Cara Delevigne’s shimmering Burberry creation at Anna Karenina, to Kirsten Dunst’s quirky Stella McCartney brocade at the premiere of Bachelorettes, it’s been a big week for premiere fashion!

Balmain Have Returned
After some time away, Balmain fragrances are back at with a brand new look and a capsule collection of scents. From the timeless classic Vent Vert to the brand new release Ivoire, experience the effortlessly elegant French olfactory haute couture here.

Jessie J Has A Makeover
This isn’t a miss as such, rather more of an ‘on-the-fence-er’! Jessie J stepped out at the GQ awards this week with an entirely new style from top to toe. Her trademark black fringed bob, skin-tight catsuits and bold make-up are gone, and in its place are more subtle tones and textures. While it makes the already beautiful Jessie look softer and more youthful, I do miss her edge a little bit.

Dull Post-Summer Hair
The summer’s really done a number on my hair, making it dry and a little lifeless. Rather than overloading it with artificial shine, I’ll be feeding my hair right at the source – at the scalp and the roots. The Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask will get the circulation going again, while boosting the production of collagen, elastin and keratin.

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