A Closer Look at the Dior Diorshow Mascara Collection

The Dior mascara range is more than just a collection of mascaras – it’s an entire wardrobe of lash looks. From subtle definition to ultra-glamorous false lash effect formulas, there’s an entire array of different brush sized and shapes that allow you to sculpt your perfect lash look. I took a closer look at the range to see which the wands, brushes and formulas are best for which job…


Dior DiorShow Maximizer Active Plumping Lash Primer 
The Base: best for maximising the potential of your mascara

A lash treatment and a priming mascara all in one, this white base coat plumps, curls, lengthens and enhances the look of your lashes before you apply a coat of your black mascara. The flexible brush sweep through the lashes to coat them evenly and fully, and the short bristles allow you to get right in at the root.  The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and the exclusive Dior Lash Maximizer active ingredient means you can even use this primer as an overnight intensive treatment.


Dior DiorShow Mascara 
The All-Rounder: best for voluminous, bold lashes

At over ten years old, this classic mascara remains a bestseller. Why? That brush! The densely packed bristles, oversized brush head and tapered shape allows you to build larger than life lashes that are big on length, volume and deep colour. In just a couple of sweeps you create the perfect fringe of lashes- it’s an effortless way to create a ‘my lashes but better’ look.


Dior DiorShow Blackout Spectacular Volume Intense Black Khol Mascara
The Intense One: best for ultra dark, glossy lashes 

This pigment saturated mascara dresses your lashes with dark, outlandish colour and shine. You’re left with length, subtle volume and a wonderfully glossy finish that is purportedly inspired by the formulation of a lipgloss. If you want real intensity from your mascara, this is the one for you.


Dior DiorShow Extase Instant Oversize Volume Mascara
The Glamour Formula: best for a false lash effect

This plumping, voluminous mascara is wonderful for glamorous night-out eyes. It transforms the density, length and shape of your lash look with its fiber-packed formula, while the curvaceous brush gives a spectacular textured finish. Like the original Diorshow Mascara, this gives a perfect lash look in just a few sweeps of the wand, but the shorter bristles mean that more formula is dispensed for a more intense finish.


Dior DiorShow 360 Mascara 
The New Innovation: best for reaching every last lash

Inspired by hair styling products, this brush actually revolves as you apply your mascara to ensure even, full coverage. The gentle and ultra-flexible bristles coats lashes with a formula that has an emphasis upon sculpting, so that lashes look beautiful from every angle. If you’re into beauty gadgets, don’t miss this special mascara.

Dior DiorShow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara
The HD Masacara: best for precise definition

If you’re blessed with lots of lashes and crave definition, or you just want a more subtle everyday look, this mascara is the one for you. Its thin, plastic bristles comb through lashes to ensure even coverage, while the precise, tapered tip lets you get into the corners of the eyes and sculpt even the smallest lashes. Ultra lift, ultra curl and full impact for a wide-awake everyday lash look.


Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara
The New Kid On The Block: best for ultra lengthening

This is the latest mascara release from Dior, and it’s unlike anything that’s come before. The brush is quite inconspicuous – small and plastic with short bristles, but the lash effect that it produces is spectacular! It thickens, lengthens,  separates and strengthens  in one step to produce massive sculpted lashes, and even the tiniest lashes are captured.  If your lashes are a bit lacklustre, this is the mascara for you.

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