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OMG, I just had the best party ever. No, it wasn’t some fancy-pants showbiz bash. This was the ultimate girly get-together – a mega make-up sleepover!

I have to admit, I did have an ulterior motive for inviting everyone over. Tonight (Friday 12th Oct) is the big launch party for Made In Chelsea series 4. It’s going to be major event at a swanky hotel in London’s West End and I’ve spent ages prepping for it – hunting down a great party outfit and getting my hair done. I really wanted to plan a special beauty look, so I’ve been trawling the beauty website for ideas and products and then I thought I would call up for some specialist advice from the people who know my face best – my bessie mates.

So I whizzed home, nipping into M&S on the way to stock up on drinks and nibbles, then invited the whole gang over for the night. The key party instruction: bring your make-up and prepare to experiment.

We had soooo much fun. We all changed into our onesies (it was girls-only, so no worries about dressing up), then we went to town on each other – manis and pedis, fake tans, experimental eye make-up and a whole colour spectrum of lippies were tried on and wiped off. By the end of the night we’d got through eight bottles of diet coke (you can’t do a beauty session with booze), a massive stash of baby wipes and bagfuls of make-up.

By the early hours my make-up worries were solved. The girls came up with the most amazing party look ever – you can see in this week’s pics, it’s all about sexy, smoky eyes, lush eyelashes and subtle nude lips. I think it looks awesome. Here’s how we created the look:

To start off any long-lasting make-up look, you need to prime your skin, so after moisturising, I used the Sheer Cover Base Protector and gently swept this over my skin to get a great base for my foundation. Next came the base – Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer gives great coverage, but to ensure a really smooth finish, I applied it using the Perfect Finish foundation brush by Cosmopolitan – it has very soft bristles and swept the foundation beautifully over my skin. I started in the centre of my face and blended the foundation outwards. It’s best to build up the coverage slowly, so you get a flawless airbrushed look. Using a smaller brush, the girls then smoothed the concealer over any blemishes, around the corners of my nose and a under my eyes to brighten them up a bit.

Now come the eyes: first I applied a touch of Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Opal to the first third of my eye, under my bottom lashes, and on top. This makes them make them look really clear and bright.
Then we used the Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Black Diamond to create a gorgeous smokey eye. To stop any of the pigment slipping on to my eye, I placed a tissue in between when applying the eyeshadow. I blended the colour up and over my whole eyelid and really built it up at my lash line. Finally I brushed some of the colour under my lower lash line to balance out the look.
The show-stopper lashes are from the Mister Mascara Mega Lash Kit and are a dream to apply. They’re easy to do yourself but it’s great if you can ask a mate to help you, like I did. I put the glue on the back of my hand and dipped the edge of the fake eyelash into the glue, you have to wait a bit for the glue to get some air, so it goes tacky and it makes it a lot easier to apply. I then gently pushed the eyelash as close to my natural lash line as possible and used some tweezers to get the corners down firmly. When the lashes were dry and firmly stuck down, I used some Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner to sweep along the top of my lash line and really bring out my smoky look.

To balance out the look, and keep the emphasis firmly on the eyes, we went for a shimmery nude lip colour. I applied a lipliner as a base to for my lipstick, to stop it budging and prevent the colour from bleeding. The Too Faced Lipstick in In the Buff is perfect shade. Finally, the girls swept some bronzer gently over my face, to bring out my natural tan. We added a hint of Blush On blusher to the apple of my cheeks, and, for a photo-ready finish, dusted some Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation to my t-zone to blot out any shine. The end result? A super-hot party look.

Where would I be without my awesome bunch of girlfriends. Thanks girlies. You’re the best!

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  • WOW You Look Gorgeous!!!

  • Marion

    Thank you ….an great look, I will definitly try it..fab

  • Sharman Flo