Annick Goutal Noel Candles – New and Limited Edition for Christmas


There are certain things that instantly make you think of Christmas: the Coca Cola truck, mulled wine, Christmas jingles… and then there’s the limited edition Annick Goutal Noel candle.

With each new Christmas season,  the Annick Goutal Noel candle is decorated in a brand new and suitably whimsical festive print, making it a highly covetable item for its many collectors. This year sees the inclusion of enchanting golden butterflies, an Annick Goutal motif, together with celestial star prints. For 2012 we’re not only offering  the traditional Noel Scented Candle 175g – we’re also stocking the mammoth Noel Scented Candle 1.5kg  for true fans of the wintery scent.

Unlit, each candle gives off the faint aroma of spices and warm woods. Light them up and you’ll experience the full impact of candied lemon, orange and mandarin peels, together with the freshness of Siberian pine needles. The larger 1.5kg candle has four wicks that burn for a total of 200 hours, and is presented in a beautiful dove grey Annick Goutal hat box. The smaller 175g candle has an embossed golden lid, and burns for 40 hours. A simple yet luxurious way to create an instant festive atmosphere in your home all season long!

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