Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Shave Soap Review

These days, the average man probably does not shave with “proper” soap. Instead, he picks up a can of Gillette’s or Wilkinson Sword’s shaving foam. He thinks nothing of this. He might notice the cheaper varieties protecting his face less, but that’s just the way it is, isn’t it?

The average man is missing out.

Crabtree & Evelyn are known for their skincare products, and it’d be a mistake to see a shaving soap as anything but a member of that group. Some of your most sensitive skin is on your face, and us boys are expected to drag razor-sharp blades across it once every couple of days (considerably more often, if you’re Robin Williams) with a mere foam or lather to stand between us and angry, red razor burn. The average man puts up with this for no good reason.

My skin has always been susceptible to razor burn when using an off-the-shelf foam (even when avoiding cartridge razors), so I was keen to see how the Crabtree & Evelyn  West Indian Lime Shave Soap would do by comparison. I won’t deny, I expected an improvement, but I was still very pleasantly surprised.

The soap lathers easily and is smooth enough in texture to cause a little embarrassment when I realised how long I’d spent absent-mindedly painting it onto my face. This is, of course, around the moment that the smell hits you. Lime, vetiver and ginger are all present and correct; suddenly shaving is an actual pleasure rather than a dreary, mandatory routine. Gone are the days of irritation, blades clogged with who-knows-what and boredom in front of the bathroom mirror.

All I have to do is come up with a suitably masculine explanation for my girlfriend when she asks why I keep stroking my own face.

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  • Closs Shav

    Hi Richard,
    Have you continued to use this soap? I recently bought a puck and tried it. Quite frankly, it’s horrible. Frothy, disappears quickly and dries the skin out. The fragrance isn’t distinctive either. I’ve used both st badger and bristle brushes. Lathered in bowl, hand and face lathering. I’ve tried extended loading. And it falls flat every time. No problem with water hardness. (I can quickly get a wonderful rich lather with MWFS using the same water and techniques.)
    If I could return the soap I would. I’m so disappointed and it’s put me off any C&E product. Perhaps the 2013/2014 iteration of this soap has been changed. But either way, it’s the first soap to be binned…

  • David

    I agree with Closs Shave. This stuff is crap. The lather last 10 seconds and disappears. Did you shave with this Richard??