Dior J’Adore L’absolu Eau de Parfum

Dior’s luxurious J’adore is a fragrance classic. With its iconic long-necked bottle and ultra floral elixir, it has beguiled women for over a decade.

The newest iteration of J’adore, J’adore L’absolue, pushes the luxury of the original to the extreme with its powerful floral absolutes. I tested the fragrance for myself to see how it developed, and put its longevity and sillage to the test…

The floral intensity is present from the start, though it is tempered somewhat with the freshness of greenery. It isn’t greenery in the form of the stem of a flower, but more the tartness of green-tinged petals just before the flower fully blooms.

It doesn’t take long for this glimpse of vibrancy to subside, and then the elixir really gets going. Deep, sensual and just a touch sweet, J’adore Absolue is all about creating a sense of harmony from rich and multifaceted notes. There are three main notes in question: Damask Rose, Arabian Jasmine and Indian Tuberose, each widely used in perfumery thanks to their representation of femininity and luxury. Together, they provide an exquisite, full-bodied, white floral bouquet that retains its power for hours.

As the fragrance evolves it becomes ever deeper and more overtly sensual. Though traditionally luminous, both the rose and the jasmine are notably intensified with the honeyed tones of tuberose, creating a heady aroma that is distinctly J’adore, only far more seductive.

After wearing the fragrance, I have no doubt that Dior J’adore L’absolu is one best saved for evenings and special occasions. It is the sort of voluptuous scent that finishes off a glamorous look, and makes you feel wonderful before a night out. L’absolu is special, with a beautiful-looking bottle and a truly sumptuous composition –  it’s the epitome of a perfect Christmas scent.

Shop the Dior J’adore L’absolu Eau de Parfum here at Escentual. If you want a lighter fragrance for everyday wear, try the J’adore Eau de Toilette, which softens the floral essences with touches of citrus and a hint of vanilla.


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