The Candy Perfume Boy’s Valentine’s Day Fragrance Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Fragrance Gift Guide

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches but being the fragrance fanatics we are at Escentual it is our wish, nay it is our duty to ensure that the most romantic day of the year is not only filled with love but is also awash with scent.

To assist you in finding the perfect gift for your loved one this year we at Escentual have split our fragrances in to four moods: romantic, casual, sexy and sophisticated. So whether you intend to treat your beau to an incredibly smushy and romantic day, a sexy and dangerous evening, a sophisticated and classy night out or just a rather relaxed and casual affair this Valentine’s day we have the perfect gifts for you.



Nothing says “romance” on Valentine’s Day quite like a big bouquet of roses and as pretty as the real flowers are their smell is their most precious asset. So it stands to reason that the most romantic fragrances are those that showcase the beautiful yet varying note of rose in hues of blood red, blush pink and crisp white.

If you want to really splash out on your loved one (and why shouldn’t you, I’m sure they deserve it) then you could opt for the deep, oriental rose of either Lyric Woman or Lyric Man by Amouage. The female of the species (Lyric Woman) is a classic beauty that emphasises the sweet, dewy notes of the rose whilst accenting them with a rich base of moss, spices, resins and vanilla, whereas the masculine (Lyric Man) is a lush yet refined blend of rose and incense. In truth, both fragrances are entirely unisex so whichever you go for, either Lyric would make for a luxurious and beautifully fragrant gift for your beau.

Another rose-centric option is Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. Rather than the deep, red rose of the Lyric duo, Paris is the olfactory equivalent of a huge (and I do mean HUGE) bunch of pale pink roses. Inspired by the City of Lights, Paris paints its image of the rose in vivid Technicolor complimenting it with sweet violets. What I truly love about Paris is its airiness; it has this wonderful vivacity to it that manages to perfectly capture the spirit of the most romantic city in the world.



Sometimes the best fragrant gifts are those that don’t make a massive brouhaha or fuss, rather opting to be clean, subtle and understated. They are perfect for those that don’t want to make a big statement with their fragrance whilst still wanting to smell good.

Nothing is more casual than a crisp, clean white polo shirt and the new Eau de Lacoste is pretty much that but in perfume form. It’s an effortless, easy-going blend of sweet citrus, bright white flowers and a good deal of super-clean laundry musks. Pretty yet simple.

For the boys that don’t want to be too loud with their fragrance you cannot go wrong with Terre d’Hermès. Everything that the house of Hermès produces manages to be both subtle and luxurious, and in the case of Terre d’Hermès this subtle luxury is represented by fuzzy orange, warm earth and clear minerals. It is truly a marvel of perfumery and is one of those fragrances that should be in every guy’s wardrobe.



It’s not all about the romance on Valentine’s Day, it can also be a good opportunity to purchase the ultimate sexy fragrance for that special someone and if you’re looking for that perfect sensual fragrance you’re in luck because I have some rather racy suggestions for you.

When I hear the word ‘sexy’ one perfume instantly springs to mind: Shalimar by Guerlain. Shalimar is the scent of the roaring ’20s, it is jazz, flapper girls and Parisian nights bottled. It is an incredibly plush oriental that starts out bright with gorgeous bergamot but becomes deeper and richer with time, ending on a divine blend of smoky balsams and delicious vanilla.

A fragrance named Putain des Palaces (Hotel Whore) has a high probability of being on the risqué side of things and our good friends at Etat Libre d’Orange definitely do not fail to deliver. Putain mixes the smell of face powder, fruit, flowers and a good degree of skank to give the impression of the ruffled sheets the morning after the night before. Perhaps this one is best saved for after the romantic dinner?

A more subtle sexy gift would be Jean Paul Gaultier’s Gaultier2 (Gaultier to the Power of Two). Where the other gifts in this category thrust their sexiness into the atmosphere with reckless abandon, G2 is a delicious skin scent that wraps the wearer in a veil of amber, vanilla and musk. Despite the simplicity of its composition it manages to smell incredibly complex switching from facets of fruit to warm skin and creamy, edible vanilla throughout the day. It’s also a scent to be shared between him and her so you can consider it as a gift for yourself too!



Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens is the fragrance for the sophisticated lady in your life. As you would expect from the name which means ‘feminine woods’ Féminité du bois contrasts spicy cedar wood against stewed fruits. The effect is akin to a luxury piece of couture – sharp, angular and impeccably crafted.

If you are looking for a sophisticated fragrance for the boys then look no further than Dior Homme. What makes Dior Homme such a good fragrance, and a modern classic for that matter, is the fact that it is the epitome of the well-groomed man with a feminine edge. Centred on the note of iris, Dior Homme is powdery and warm with hints of cocoa and woods. The boy that wears Dior Homme is sensitive, incredibly well turned out and highly sophisticated.
Whatever you decide to gift your loved one this year and whether it be romantic, casual, sexy or sophisticated I wish you all a very fragrant Valentine’s Day!

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