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Greetings beauty buddies. It’s lucky you’ve logged onto this week’s beauty blog as I’ve got some crucial tips to share. Regular BBB readers will know I’m a big fan of classic beauty looks. For me, there are three key make-up effects every girl needs to master: Perfect red lips, smoky evening eyes and the sexy cat eyes make-up. These three weapons of mass seduction are the key components in my beauty arsenal. It doesn’t matter how many times you wear them, beauty classics always look incredible – sexy, sophisticated and seductive.

This week I thought it was time to brush up my cat eyes skills. Even beauty obsessives like me need to fine-tune their technique from time to time, and this is one look where practice definitely makes perfect. This look is a particular fashion-world favourite so I often pick a great runway shot and use that as my beauty inspiration – like these great cat eyes looks from the recent Versace and Dior shows. Here are my tips on how to get the perfect feline eye-flick!

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Step 1: Prep your eye area

Begin by blending foundation over your eyelids and all around the eyes. This will work as a primer, keeping your eye make-up in place, as well as smoothing out your skin tone and concealing dark circles.

Step 2: Apply a wash of pink eyeshadow

Sweep a light coating of pink eyeshadow all over your lids, working it right up to your eyebrows – I’ve used the pink from my bareMinerals palette. Pink is a great base colour for lids because it brightens the eyes and helps the black cat eyes flick really stand out.

Step 3: Contour your eyes

Now you need to start shaping your eyes. Apply dark brown eyeshadow to the crease of each eye with a make-up brush, then smudge it with your finger to create a soft, blended finish. By contouring in the socket line you will add depth to the eyes.

binky eyes closed

Step 4: Draw on your cat eyes flick

Now the most important stage – drawing on your eyeliner flick. This will elongate your eyes, giving them that sexy cat eyes shape. You’ll need to use a liquid liner for this look; the Guerlain eyeliner I’m using is a gorgeous rich glossy black and the long brush makes it easy to apply. Alternatively you could try one of the eyeliner pens available, which are great for beginners. Carefully paint on a line of eyeliner, starting from a third of the way along the upper lash line and working towards the outer corner of the eye. A great make-up artist’s trick is to use your finger to pull your eyelid skin taut, as this will make it much easier to paint on the liquid liner. Keep on building up and thickening the line, working up into a sharp pointed flick shape at the outer corner of your lids. You want this look to be quite dramatic so don’t be scared to bring the flick out quite far.

Step 5: Smudge black eyeshadow underneath

I often just stick to a simple eyeliner flick by day, but at night it’s great to create more of a smoky-eyed effect. You can use an eye pencil but I find black eyeshadow creates a softer, more flattering finish. Using the black eye colour from your palette, blend it subtly under your lower lashes, adding depth to your eyes and creating that smoky finish.

Step 6: Lashings of mascara!

Fan the lashes out when you are applying your mascara as this will open the eyes up. Concentrate on applying more mascara to the lashes at the outer edges of your eyes to elongate them further. Finally, lightly coat the bottom lashes with mascara to make your eyes look really wide and striking.

binky cat eyes finished look
And that’s it! Keep practising as this look takes a little effort and patience to get right. Believe me, it’s worth it. Make-up this gorgeous is guaranteed to get all the guys purring with pleasure!

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