Daniel Sandler Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

Daniel Sandler Eyeshadow Swatches

Daniel Sandler is one of those brands that seems to have it’s finger firmly on the pulse of what beauty lovers want. It has an uncanny ability for accessible innovation; products that excite and inspire created in shades that are actually suitable for everyday wear. It’s a match made in heaven for those who want to keep up with the latest trends without feeling dictated by them.

A great example of this is the latest product from Daniel Sandler, the Eyeshadow Quad. It’s available in two colourways, each one designed for both day and evening wear. They’re a one-stop shop for easy, everyday and (most importantly) wearable eye looks. I’m a big fan of downsized and functional make-up bags, and I can see either one of these palettes sliding right into the gap where my many eyeshadow singles used to live!


Daniel Sandler Scandal at Midnight Eyeshadow

First up is the delectable Scandal at Midnight quad, which features four creamy, monochromatic shades in varying textures. They can be used separately or altogether to create a dimensional look.

Daniel Sandler Scandal at Midnight Eyeshadow

The pitch black shadow at the bottom is a super pigmented matte liner shade. I applied it dry to my arm, but it becomes ultra-pigmented when applied with a dampened liner brush. The creamy white shade above it is an excellent highlighter with a satin finish. Next is a shimmering silver with chunky silver flecks that adds interest to a smoky eye. Last is the obligatory taupe, but this version is satiny with a hint of shimmer that is very easy to wear.


Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset Eyeshadow

The second palette, named Beyond Sunset,  is a little warmer. The shades present a more interesting take on traditional browns, with shimmering and satiny textures that create a glowing look.

Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset Eyeshadow

The bottom shade is a deep, warm brown which is great for adding depth to the eye socket. Above that is a pearlescent golden bronze shade for a beautiful metallic eye, an unusual pearlescent mid grey, and a warm beige pink satin shade.

Are either of the Daniel Sandler Eyeshadow Quads tickling your fancy? Let us know below!


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