A Guide to Klorane

Klorane is a brand that I have been interested in for a long time, their simple ethos when it comes to ingredients appeals to my wish for organic (or as close to organic as I can get) products to become widely available. Klorane is certainly a brand that I wished to get better acquainted with, so I tried out a few of their well loved products to see if all the praise is deserved.


Klorane Quinine B6 Shampoo

I’ve lost count of the number of different brands of shampoos I’ve tried over the years to achieve lustrous volumised hair, every single one telling me that their one is the answer to all of my prayers. Sadly, all they have done is made me spend a hell of a lot of money and I still have fine, limp hair! Enter Klorane Quinine B6 Shampoo to help me in my quest for perfect hair.

Designed specifically for thinning hair, it didn’t necessarily fit in with my usual requirements but it’s had so many great reviews from our customers it would have been rude not to give it a try.

I poured a small amount in to the palm of my hand and the first thing that hit me was the smell, absolutely beautiful, more masculine than I was expecting but it made a nice change from the usual shampoos I use.  You only need a small amount and I found that it provided an adequate lather, not a huge amount, but enough to make me feel that it was actually covering my hair. I made sure that I rinsed my hair thoroughly and carried on with my usual routine and my hair felt amazing! The quite masculine scent calmed down once dry and although I didn’t notice an immediate effect in making my hair look fuller, it certainly felt it. I have quite fragile, flyaway hair so I was quite surprised to notice that my hair was a lot less static and felt a lot more dense.

After 4 weeks of using the product, not only do I still have over half of the bottle left, I am also really happy with the results. It has strengthened my hair so it’s less fragile and it appears slightly thicker, I mean I don’t have a mane by any stretch of the imagination but enough of an improvement that I’m happy. Incorporated into my normal hair care routine, I think this gem might well have helped me achieve hair that I’m finally happy with!


Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo Spray

Now, I think I missed the boat when dry shampoos became ‘the’ thing to have and I’ve always been a firm believer that if your hair feels greasy, wash it. The Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo Spray has always been a firm favourite with our customers so when I was given the opportunity to test this product out, I leapt at the chance.

So first, for the boring stuff! This dry shampoo is made up of softening, protective oatmilk extract, corn and rice starch (which work as cleansers) and natural microspheres (cyclodextrins), and micronised powders for their oil absorbing properties (naturalpolysaccharides). That means next to nothing to me, but it sounds impressive and it has proven efficacy. It’s great for busy people, whether you take it to the gym, travelling, or if you just want to prolong the effects of your blow dry. Simply spray on your hair at the roots, leave in for two minutes and brush your hair to get the remaining powder out.

I used this a number of times during the week and found it remarkably easy to use with some great results. I used it once when I really couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair before work and found that it gave my hair a nice fresh feel, but it didn’t really restore the volume you get with freshly washed hair. However I persevered and decided to take this to the gym with me. I’ve just started training for the Cardiff Half Marathon so I’m spending quite a lot of my evenings trying to exercise and sometimes I have plans straight after working out, meaning no time to shower before meeting friends. This is fine because I can spritz some deodorant and wash my face to feel more human, but after all that exertion my hair suffers massively. It becomes limp and feels greasy so I sprayed this after exercising and it was a little miracle worker. It gave it enough of a boost that I didn’t feel self conscious about post-exercise hair.

I can’t say that it would be an essential in my hair regime, but it certainly is a handy little product to have, just in case.


Klorane Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

One of the only make-up items I wear daily is mascara, I’ve been told that I have quite long lashes, so it’s quite nice to be able to flaunt them in such a simple way (let’s just say make up application isn’t my strong point). I have a selection of different mascaras that I use for different occasions so I was interested to see how the Klorane Eye Makeup Remover Lotion would work for each one. This lotion is so gentle on the skin and it really is a treat to use, especially on tired eyes because the Cornflower extracts help to soothe. It has a pH similar to tears so it is completely safe for contact wearers and people who have sensitive eyes. I used the formula with each of my mascaras (I have 3 that I regularly wear) and I must say, I was more than impressed. Before cleansing I poured a small amount of the lotion, probably around the size of a 10 pence piece, and simply wiped across the eye. With two of my mascaras (both non waterproof formulas) it removed all traces of my mascara in 2 or 3 wipes, however with my favourite Clinique Waterproof mascara it took a little more graft to get it all off. I wasn’t disappointed though as I’ve had trouble finding a formula that does remove it completely. If the mascara in question didn’t give me such spectacular lashes, I probably wouldn’t bother with all the hassle, but as it does I persevere.

After a week of using the lotion, not only was taking my mascara off less time consuming, but my eye contour felt ridiculously soft. It’s now made it on to my bed side cabinet, along with my most prized skin care posessions. Not bad going after a week!

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