Binky’s Guide to Spring Make-Up – Video Tutorial

Binky's Guide to Spring Makeup

It still feels very much like we are in the bleak mid-winter but that certainly hasn’t stopped beauty buffs delving into the new make-up spring collections.

It’s the season to freshen up your palette with more dewy and bright textures. Spring make-up collections are a celebration of colour, particularly pastel shades, so it’s a great time to try something different.

So put away your winter dark shades and blossom like a flower and let this spring make-up look bring some sunshine in.


Step 1 – Dew-tiful base

A spring make-up look is all about looking dewy and fresh. So stay away from any heavy, matt, full-coverage foundations and opt for a base that is light reflective and sheer. If the thought of stepping away from your usual full coverage slap is too much of a scare, then try applying your usual foundation just to the centre of the face, leaving cheekbones to naturally shine.

I’m using the Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation; this is lovely and light, perfect for this look. I’ve applied this on my t-zone, so the forehead, nose, inner cheeks and chin and blended outwards with a foundation brush. You can use the F1 Foundation Brush from MUA to do this.


Step 2 – Sculpt and highlight

To avoid foundation looking flat, use a highlighting concealer pen, when applied delicately it can brighten, sculpt and lift your whole complexion. Cleverly applied concealer can bring out cheekbones and slim the face.

First waken up tired eyes by applying a creamy concealer, Guerlain Precious Light is perfect for this. Focus on pushing this right under the lower lashes and into the inner corner of the eyes.

For model-worthy cheekbones apply the same concealer in a c-shape around your eyes. Dot the concealer around the eye, start under the brow bone taking it out and round the eye and down your cheek bone, then blend upwards with your finger.

Finish by applying concealer on your cupids bow, this will make for a pretty pout.


Step 3 – Eyes Bright

I want my eyes looking bright and awake for this spring inspired look, so I’m using pastel shades, a lovely shimmery pink and an ice white.

I’ve used a fluffy eye-shadow brush to apply the Daniel Sandler Sheer Satin Shadow in Celestial Pink on my whole eyelid and right up to the brow. You may want to put some concealer on your eyelid to act as a primer before you apply this.

Then take a smaller brush and apply a shimmery white shadow like the Stila Eyeshadow Compact in Moonlight on the inner third of the eyelid, focusing around the tearduct area too.

What I love about the Moonlight shade is that you can also apply it on cheekbones to get an ethereal, fairy-like look. Feel where your cheekbone is and just dab this on to the top of it with your finger, this will give a pretty subtle shimmer.


Step 4 – Apply falsies

Next apply some fun eyelashes. Regular BBB readers will know I’m a real fan of big, beautiful lashes and when I saw these Peach Blossom false eyelashes from Paperself I couldn’t wait to use them on the blog.

I didn’t want the pattern covering my whole eyelash, of course you can if you like, but I just wanted a little peek of them at the outer corner of my eyes so I cut them to about the size of my thumbnail.

When you’ve cut them to your desired length, apply eyelash glue to the back of your hand. Pick the eyelash up with tweezers and dip the lashes into the glue on your hand and wait for a couple of seconds for the glue to go tacky. In the past I’ve been impatient, haven’t waited long enough, and ended up with the lashes sliding around everywhere!

Place the lashes as close to the lash line as you can and before they dry push them further into the lash line with the back of your tweezers.

When they’ve stuck, flick the pattern up with your fingers so you can really see the beautiful peach blossom!


 Step 5 – Define your lash line

As we’ve used light, pastel shades we want a bit of definition on the lash line. I’m using the bareMinerals Round The Clock Eyeliner in Midnight. Just run this very gently at the base of your top and bottom lashes, if it’s looking a bit harsh, blend it out with a cotton bud. You don’t want to be left with a definite black line, just a slight shadow. The black liner will also help fill in any gaps you may have on your upper lash line from the lashes you’ve just applied.


Step 6 – Powder up

To give my cheeks some warmth and get rid of any unnecessary shine, I’m using the Clarins Palette Eclat Face and Blush Powder from their new spring range. Smile with your mouth closed to get the round apple of your cheeks, take product from the left-hand side of the palette and sweep this over your cheeks. Then take some product from the right-hand side of the palette and brush the powder anywhere where you naturally get a bit of shine, like the chin and forehead.


Step 7 – Finish with lip gloss

Finish off the look with a bright gloss, these tend to look a lot brighter in the tube, but on application the results are a lot more subdued.

The Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in Sweet Papaya is ideal, you can either dab this with your finger just on the centre of your lips for subtle shimmer, or go super glossy and apply to the whole lip straight from the tube.

So that’s how to do a simple spring look, fun lashes and pretty pastel shades which hopefully will cheer up this seemingly everlasting winter weather!

Binky x


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