Escada Cherry in the Air Review

Escada Cherry in the Air

I’m a big fan of cherry scents (as my review of  Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire will attest). When I discovered a couple of months ago that this year’s limited edition summer scent from Escada would predominantly feature my favourite sharp yet sweet fruit, I grew excited. Then I got my hands on a sample of Escada Cherry in the Air and I fell in love.

I know that a big and bold cherry scent won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, especially from a fragrance house whose speciality is summer party-girl concoctions. You should take a chance on this one, though. Cherry is the Air is endearing; it draws its inspiration from the Provençal French countryside rather than a yacht party on the Med. Plus, it’s not your usual straight-up fruity Escada number. It’s more versatile, introducing a touch of gourmand sweetness alongside its floral and woody notes.

Escada Cherry in the Air Close-Up

The first spray is (unsurprisingly!) all about about the cherries. Juicy, black cherry to be exact, accented with sweet raspberries and a refreshing twist of crisp mandarin. It’s an arresting accord, but its sadly quite fleeting; the heart is too creamy for the sharpness to last. After a minute or two an indulgent marshmallow note creeps in to balance the peal of cherry. The heart is prevented from being too cloying or tacky thanks to gardenia and coconut orchid, which provide added softness as the fragrance wears. Woods in the base add depth to what could be quite an airy-fairy fragrance, though a suede accord ensures that the Cherry in the Air remains downy right to the end.

Escada Cherry in the Air Top

The familiar Escada bottle has been transformed into something simultaneously kawaii and frou-frou; another mini departure from the more tropical offerings of recent years. It’s sweet and fun, just what you want for the summer, and the larger 50ml and 100ml sizes come with a detachable ring.

Escada Cherry in the Air Ring

Escada Cherry in the Air is an adorable scent that will inevitably appeal to the younger market – though I can see it winning over an older audience with its irrepressible optimism. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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