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Active Beauty Essentials

Runners and spectators rejoice – it’s the 33rd London Marathon this Sunday! To celebrate, I’m running with a bit of an active theme this week, starting with a round-up of up the products that keep you cool while you’re working up a sweat.

Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not a particularly active person… you may say that I’m a fair-weather exerciser. I take up running in fits and starts, so when I do it, I like to make the experience as pain-free as possible. For me, a pre-run prep and a post-run pampering routine tend to help my lazy bones to shift themselves out of the front door.

Looking good while running isn’t a concern for most runners; they’d rather know about effective products that cool, soothe and tone the skin. So how about some tips that span the best of both worlds? Whether you’d like to know the best barely-there make-up tips, or just want some post-workout treats, here’s my favourite products for those who live a more active lifestyle.


Pre-run preparation

There’s not really a lot to do in terms of pre-run preparation short of getting your running gear on. I do find it a bit easier to get myself out of the door when I’m feeling as comfortable and prepared as possible though, and that includes a couple of pre-run rituals.

Before I get dressed, I spritz my skin with the Roger & Gallet Eau des Bienfaits Fragrant Body Mist Spray. Sound odd? Bear with me! This special formula isn’t just a fragrance, it’s skin-toning treatment spray made up of stimulating citrus essential oils and fruit sugars. It’s great for making you feel fresh and energised for your run, plus it lightly moisturises the skin.  If I’m running with bare legs and arms, I’ll apply the La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF30 Smooth Lotion instead to keep my limbs protected – and then I’m good to go!


Active beauty

When you’re running you’re completely exposed to the elements. That’s wind, ice, blazing sun and pouring rain coming at you as you’re moving at speed – so it goes without saying that waterproof formulas are an active girl’s best friend. You don’t need a whole arsenal of products – you need only a little bit of subtle accentuation from some hardworking, stay-put favourites.

It’s important to keep your base as light as possible when you’re off on a run. It’s preferable not to wear anything apart from your usual moisturiser as you perspire so much; you don’t want it to run and clog your pores. A nice happy medium is a tinted moisturiser, which offers a hint of colour and coverage. My favourite is the Vichy Lumineuse Sheer Radiance Tinted Moisturiser, specifically the one with the matte finish. It’s lightweight, moisturising and balancing, and makes skin more even without appearing overly made-up.

If you’re planning on a touch of eye make-up, the same principle applies. You want just some subtle definition, but you don’t want it to betray you as you start perspiring. The Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner is one of my very favourite products for the eyes, and not just because it resists smudging and running. The liner’s also incredibly pigmented and long-lasting, with a handy smudger at the end to effortlessly transform your bold line of colour into something more wearable. The colour is so creamy and easy to use, which means you can quickly trace it along the lash-line without resistance if you’re in a rush. And once it’s on, it stays put all day.

You don’t need any additional colour when you’re running as your base is likely to slip a little. Besides, your cheeks will naturally flush anyway! If you really can’t do without a touch of something, then the Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm is the product for you. This special balm reacts with your lip’s natural pH levels to create a pink glow that’s different on every wearer. It’s also enriched with mango butter for protection and nourishment, and has an added SPF of 10.


Post-exercise invigoration

If there’s one thing that really motivates me on a run, it’s knowing that I have something nice to come home to after all of my hard work. For me, this is a lovely bit of dinner and some pampering shower treats. I like to extend my adrenaline-fuelled, post run glow with the Clarins Tonic range, a collection that includes a Bath & Shower Concentrate, a Body Polisher and a Body Balm packed full of uplifting essential oils. The textures are just lovely, and are the range is particularly great for simultaneously winding down the muscles and lifting the spirits.


Other active treats:

Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Energy Roller Ball, an on-the-go way to boost energy and stamina; simply apply the uplifting oil to pulse points.

Dior Eau Svelte Body Treatment Fragrance, a toning, boosting fragrance similar to the Roger & Gallet Eau Bienfaits, with a more luxurious twist.

Nuxe Body Long-Lasting Deodorant, perfect for even really sensitive skin, this deodorant is effective and smells of beautiful orange flower and almond




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