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I hope everyone’s enjoying Series 5 of Made In Chelsea! Just in case you are not watching on E4 – it’s a reality TV show about the lives of people who live in and around Chelsea. Scrumble, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel made his debut on the show – he’s super-gorgeous and a natural star. Chelsea action aside, this week I’ve been working on the perfect glam grunge make-up look. Fashion has revived the early-nineties grunge trend – it’s all over the summer fashion collections and huge in all the glossy mags, but this time the shabby-chic rock-chick look comes with added glamour.

As always, an easy way to try on the trend is via make-up. Glam grunge is all about looking low maintenance and smouldering at the same time, all it takes is a glowing foundation, some skilfully blended eyeshadow and a whole lot of attitude.


Step 1  – Perfect your base

The word grunge may sound grubby, but for this make-up look skin is dewy and fresh. Your eyes are going to be dark so you need to ensure the rest of your make-up feels bright. I’m using the Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Light Diffusing Foundation, which has light-boosting pigments. It will brighten and even out your complexion without totally masking your skin. You can either apply your foundation with your fingers or, for longer lasting results, buff it into the skin in circular motions with a foundation brush – try the Light Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush by Dior.


Step 2 – It’s all about the eyes

I’ve used two make-up palettes to create my glam grunge eyes, blending a mix of brown, nude and black shades.

First, from the Clarins Eye Quartet in Iris Blossom, I’ve used a pale taupe shade. Brush the colour over the whole eyelid, right up to the brow bone. Wing out the eyeshadow and start subtly creating a wide ‘V’ shape at the outer corner of your eyes. You can build this up with darker eyeshadows later.

Next up I picked the Clarins Quartet Mineral Palette in Nudes, starting with the matt, dark brown shade, which I applied to the whole eye socket. Concentrate the colour at the outer corner of the eyes, and don’t take it any higher than the crease. Really pack the colour on, smudging and blending as you go so you don’t get any harsh lines. Now take the same colour under your lower lashes. The great thing about the glam grunge look is that it’s meant to be a little bit messy so you can afford to not be too precise – it all adds to the charm!

Now pick a black, matt eyeshadow – I’ve used one from the Iris Blossom palette. Take this dark eye colour along the upper lash line. Then, to up the glamour factor, I’ve added a hint of gold, using the pale golden shade from the Clarins Nudes palette. This helps lift all those dark eye colours you’ve just applied. For a going-out look, you could use an even glossier metallic shadow, applied to the inner corner of the eye – the bareMinerals High Shine Eye Colour in Bronzed would work perfectly.

To define my eyes I’m using the bareMinerals Round The Clock Eyeliner in Midnight on my waterline. Take this across your lower waterline and, if you’re after a really intense result, across the upper waterline too.

Finally, finish off your eyes with a glossy black mascara; I applied Guerlain Maxi Lash to both my top and bottom lashes.


Step 3 – Beautify your brows

Bold brows are the perfect way to finish off this powerful eye make-up look. I filled in mine using the brown shade from my Clarins Nudes eyeshadow palette. Just take an angled brush and sweep the colour through your eyebrows – the idea is not to make them thicker or darker, but simply to fill out any sparseness and create a more defined look.


Step 4 – Bring on the bronzer

As I said before, your skin needs to be looking fresh and healthy, so I’m staying away from powders. Instead of using a conventional powder bronzer, I’ve applied the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Crème Bronzer. This turns liquidly to the touch, making it very blend-able so it works really well on top of foundation.

Suck your cheeks in and apply the bronzer where the hollows of your cheeks are, then blend it up towards your hairline and onto your temples. This will contour your cheeks and give you a nice glow too. You can also apply this product to your lips, giving a luscious finish to the look.

And that’s how to do grunge make-up with a glam twist. Wear with attitude girls!

Binky x

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