Binky’s Guide to Ombre Lips

Binky's Guide To Ombre Lips

Yay! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I’m finally getting my summer groove on. Okay, it’s still not all that warm yet, but that fresh summertime vibe is definitely in the air – it’s time to roll down the soft-top, crank up the sounds and head out for an afternoon of Chelsea cruising.

Beauty-wise, I’ve been all about eyes recently, with sexy, smoky make-up suiting the cool and sultry mood. But it’s time for something new – something a little sassy and summery. So this week, I thought I’d make it all about lips.

The ombre lip trend was a huge hit on the spring/summer catwalks. Ombre is French for shaded, and comes from the verb ombrer (I knew those French lessons would come in handy one day!). The idea is to subtly blend different lip colours, taking your pout from dark to light or shading from one strong colour into another. Designer Holly Fulton lead the catwalk charge, giving her models vibrant pink and orange pouts that looked hot! I’m saving neon lips for high summer, and dipping into the look with a softer take on the trend – what fashionistas are calling the petal lip: soft, sultry and super-kissable.


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Step 1: Blank out your lips
Your first step is to almost hide your entire lip area using concealer, blanking out all your natural lip colour. Smooth it on with your fingers, applying as much as is needed to completely cover your lips. This Stila base is a brilliant on-the-go product to use as the concealer is cleverly packaged in the lid of the foundation.

Step 2: Start dark
Next up, introduce your darkest lip shade. Using a lip brush, blot a magenta shade onto the inner area of your bottom and top lip. Clarins lipsticks are always incredibly rich and luscious, and this one is no exception – it’s a really gorgeous deep pinky-red.

Step 3: Go pink
The third step is to introduce a pretty pink lipstick to the middle and outer part of your bottom and top lips. The key is to really blend the strong and pale shades together, so the colours gradually merge, going from dark to light. You could even blend the pink lipstick with your concealer to get an even lighter shade as your reach the outer lip line.

Step 4: Blend and perfect
Try really hard not to rub your lips together throughout the day, as this will spoil the ombré effect. Just keep blending and touching up the colours you have already applied to get a perfect petal lip, with that gradual change of shades from lighter on the outside to a bright intense colour on the inner lip. If you want to enhance the colours you can add a final hit of high impact, high shine gloss as a finishing touch. I’ve used Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in Ambition, which is a fab hot pink, but a clear lipgloss would work just as well.


Binky Ombre Lips Close Up


As pouts go, I think this one is pretty irresistible and totally kissable. Let’s hope the guys agree!

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