Binky’s Bold Brow Look

Binky's Bold Brow Look

Hi there beauty chums. I’m trying my best to stay smiley but you have to agree it’s been a pretty glum summer so far – rain, rain, freezing wind, and more rain. Until we finish work on this series of Made In Chelsea I can’t even jet off to the sunshine. Boo!

So to cheer myself up this week, I invited the girls round for a make-up party. As a beauty blogger, I am very lucky to get sent tons of products to test. We had all sorts of girly fun trying out new make-up colours and ideas, and it gave me the chance to experiment with one of this year’s biggest beauty looks: attention-grabbing eyebrows.

I’ve blogged before about eyebrow grooming, and what a huge impact shaping your brows can have on your overall look. A professional session with a brow waxer or threader leaves you looking elegant and polished in no time.

It’s not just about well-groomed eyebrows though. Cara Delevingne has been THE hot model for the last 18 months, and her thick, bold brows have prompted a major beauty trend. I’m lucky enough to have a nice healthy pair, but there’s always room for improvement. Hence this week’s subject: Binky’s Bold Brows




Step 1: Apply your base

Brows are the focus of this look – obvs – so you just want a simple nude make-up look. The Vichy Dermablend Dermasmooth Corrective Foundation creates a wonderfully even, matt base. It’s quite thick, so you only need to apply a little to conceal shadows and achieve a smooth finish. Dab a little foundation onto the back of your hand, then apply it to the face using a foundation brush and blend with your fingers.


Step 2: Highlight your eyes

The eyes need to be subtle, so as not to distract from your bold brows. So I’ve used this pretty bareMinerals eyeshadow in Chic Nude just to add a hint of sparkle. Apply the eyeshadow using a small, angled brush, blending it across the whole eyelid and in the tear duct to brighten your eyes and create a flattering wash of pale, shimmery colour.


Step 3: Add a darker shade

It’s always nice to add a little definition to your eyes, so apply a soft line of the bareMinerals Sable eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash lines and into the crease of your eyelid using a small brush. bareMinerals eyeshadows are packed with colour and a little goes a long way, so be careful when applying this darker shade as you don’t want to overdo it.


Binky's Bold Brow Look


Step 4: Luscious lashes

Finish off your eyes by emphasising your lashes – both upper and lower – with a couple of coats of mascara. The slimline brush on the Clarins Wonder Length Mascara is especially good for lengthening your lashes, so the results look natural but lush.


Step 5: Tidy and wax your brows

Now for the brows. If you’ve not used brow wax before, don’t be afraid – it’s a brilliant way to groom your brows, smoothing the shape and fixing the brow hairs in place. Simply use the small mascara brush that comes with the Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit to blend the wax from the palette into your brows.


Step 6: Shape and darken

The best way to achieve a bold yet natural finish is to apply your brow colour in tiny strokes. I used the small angled brush and the darker brow colour from the Clarins palette, but there’s a lighter shade to choose if you have fair hair. Gently build up the colour until you achieve the desired shape and thickness.


Binky's Bold Brow Look


Step 7: Highlight your brows

Next use the pinky colour from the brow palette, blending it underneath your eyebrows. This is a clever little make-up trick that helps highlight your brow bones and adds more definition to the eyes.


Step 8: Brush on your bronzer

Finally, its bronzer time – my favourite! Blend the Guerlain Terracotta bronzer across the cheekbones and along the side of the forehead using a large powder brush. You know how much I adore wearing bronzer but for this look I’ve taken things easy and not added too much as it might draw attention away from the eyes.

And that’s it – eight easy steps to brilliantly bold brows!

Enjoy! Love Binky xx

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