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Get To Know Klorane


1) What are the core values of the Klorane brand?

The core value behind KLORANE Laboratories is the use of one plant to treat one specific hair condition. This concept is part of “Pierre Fabre BOTANICAL EXPERTISE”, a certified approach for the responsible development of innovative plant extracts which are safe and efficient. Plants are central to KLORANE Laboratories philosophy and are the reason why our products are so effective. As explorers of the plant kingdom, we have studied over 600 individual plant extracts to discover their potential benefits. KLORANE has a range of natural plant extract products to address common hair dramas be it smoothing, highlighting or nourishing to keep tresses in tip top conditions.

Through our products, KLORANE Laboratories convey a number of values: Authenticity, simplicity and safety.


2) So KLORANE products are really much more than just hair care?

They are so much more! What we aim to do is offer our customers the best possible products to alleviate hair concerns. This is where the concept of Dermo-Cosmetics comes from – pioneered by Pierre Fabre – products dedicated to sensitive or vulnerable hair unlike traditional cosmetics which are suitable for healthy hair. Our team of researchers includes Doctors, Dermatologists and Pharmacists who test and formulate our products as if they were medicines, putting science behind every stage of a product’s development.


Klorane Desert Island


3) What is the difference is between a standard cosmetic product and a Dermo-Cosmetic product?

To put it in its simplest terms a standard cosmetic product is meant for healthy skin and hair while a Dermo-Cosmetic product is also for sensitive skin and hair with common ‘concerns’ such as irritated scalp, coloured or dry hair. While these conditions may not necessarily require medical treatment, a dermo-cosmetic product may be used in conjunction with a doctor’s recommended course of treatment. In terms of testing, Dermo-Cosmetic products undergo safety tests but also self-imposed, rigorous clinical trials, which are then objectively measured and evaluated, just like medicines.


4) What would be your three ‘desert island’ Klorane products, and why?

Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk: It harnesses the power of Oat Milk, which is obtained from the whole grain and then concentrated for maximum softness. To revive hair without the need for water, simply hold the can roughly 30cm away and spray onto the roots. Leave for 2 minutes and brush out thoroughly to create textured tresses that feel fresh and more manageable for constructing an up-do. This hero product is loved by stylist and celebrities including Chloe Sevigny, Rosie Hungtington-Whitely and Mischa Barton. It also exists in a handy can of 50ml to keep in your bag during the festival season or for a quick fix after work before heading to a party.

Soothing Make-Up Removal Wipes: For face and eyes, they are an essential product for the festival season and handy for make-up removal on the go. The wipes thoroughly remove make-up in single stroke, cleansing and toning at the same time so you can pack light leaving more room in your back pack for other festival essentials. Alcohol and fragrance-free, the gentle wipes are safe for use on both sensitive skin and eyes and have been ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. The re-sealable opening mechanism prevents wipes from drying out meaning they remain fresh and hygienic from the first wipe to the last. The wipes are also 100% biodegradable.

Shampoo with oat milk: This kind shampoo enhances the beauty, softness and lightness of hair and is so gentle that it can be used as often as needed. It adds extra body to fine, flyaway hair and has an anti-static property which coats and protects the hair shaft, leaving hair soft, shiny and easy to style. Kind to the scalp and hair shaft, it is tested under dermatological control and mild enough for children. It moisturises and protects the hair of the whole family.



5) What is your most invaluable hair care tip?

A good way to get an even distribution with Klorane Dry Shampoo is to spray it onto a brush and sweep the brush through the hair. This will allow the product to distribute evenly and leave the hair feeling weightless




Problematic hair


1) My hair is grey and has a tendency to become yellowish. Do you have any advice?

Our shampoo with centaury (cornflower) combines an ultra-gentle, softening and volume-enhancing emulsifying base. It revives the natural radiance of white or grey hair by giving it soft silver highlight. Hair is highlighted rather than coloured as the shampoo’s agents are only deposited on the exterior of the hair. It will help to prevent any yellow tinge.


2) I have very light-coloured hair that is prone to dullness. What are the best products to sort it out?

Camomile is used in KLORANE products for its high content of yellow pigment called Apigenin, found in the flower’s petals, that naturally increases and enhances highlights in blonde or light brown hair.

Shampoo with Camomile: Free of synthetic dyes or bleaching agents, it gradually produces golden blonde highlights, bringing shine and radiance. French model, Clemence Poesy, uses this to keep her hair colour fresh!

Conditioner with Camomile: This delicious smelling conditioning cream heightens and prolongs the brightening effects from the shampoo, leaving it radiant and silky soft.


Pomegranate Range


3) How can I maintain my hair colour in between my hairdresser’s appointment?

We developed a shampoo and conditioning routine specially formulated for colour treated hair. Harnessing the power of pomegranate extract, which is rich in tannins and therefore highly astringent, this allows the formulation to fix colour on keratin, so colour lasts even longer. The pomegranate extract also helps to repair the hair fibre, leaving locks looking radiant and repaired.

Shampoo with Pomegranate: It has been formulated specially for colour-treated hair, to protect against progressive colour fading and loss of radiance. Pomegranate fixes the pigments on keratin thus preventing the colour to fade. It also repairs the hair fibre and keeps hair colour radiant for longer, so hair colour retains its intensity and shine. Hair is left soft, silky and easy to style.

Conditioner with Pomegranate: Used in addition to KLORANE Shampoo with Pomegranate, this conditioner de-tangles repairs and regenerates the hair fibre deep down to leave it soft and supple. After shampooing, squeeze any excess water from your hair and apply the conditioner to the lengths and ends. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Hair will be protected from fading and hair colour remains as intense and glossy as the first day.


4) My hair is very thin and needs to be fortified. Which products can I use?

Try using the KLORANE Quinine range to add volume and revitalise the hair root.

Shampoo with Quinine and Vitamin B: This hypoallergenic shampoo for thinning hair enhances blood micro-circulation and revitalises the hair root to restore strength and tone. Hair is left clean, soft and healthy, and protected from further damage.

Conditioner with Quinine and Vitamin B: This mild balm conditions and detangles hair gently leaving it feeling extra light and soft. It also intensifies and prolongs the strengthening effect of the shampoo.


Mango Range


5) My hair is damaged from years of styling. What’s the best way to restore its health?

The rich and nourishing butter provides long-lasting, intense nutrition and repairs the damage caused by day to day contact with environment and over-styling.

Shampoo with Mango: It restores and replenishes damaged hair by restructuring the hair shaft and smoothing cuticles. Protect hair from dehydration and over-styling, nourishing your tresses. This anti-dryness shampoo will leave hair revitalised and full of shine.

Conditioner with Mango Butter: This sumptuous conditioner envelops hair from root to end, restructuring the hair’s protective film. The natural power of mango butter treats dry tresses leaving them soft, glossy and easier to detangle. 


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