Reviews of the Month June 2013

Reviews of the Month June

Each month we pick our five favourite reviews, which are selected for their helpfulness, insight and general brilliance. Each reviewer picked will receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher! For your chance to win, simply review your past purchases.

Here are our favourites for June 2013:


Whistass’s Review of Mason Pearson Brushes Bristle/Nylon Junior BN2
I bought this item for my wife as an anniversary present. She was more than delighted. Having owned a similar brush several decades ago, she knew that the quality, longevity, ease of use and convenience – small and easily carried – were second to none.
Now I have done myself a dis-favour because I cannot think of anything better, more appreciative or more useful that will last for decades that I can buy her for next year!!!


Kirsty1310 ‘s review of La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ Dermo Kids Lotion 100ml 
I have this product in the spray version as well as the tube. I prefer the tube for ease of application during a changeable Scottish Summer but the spray for holidays when looking for all over protection. The back of the packaging says this product is “very very” waterproof and they are not wrong! On first arrival I popped some on my sons arm for a patch test and rubbed the excess into my hand. Next time washing my hand the soap wouldn’t take, and water sat like a bead on my hand. This was a similar story on next few hand washes. My little boy has eczema and is intolerant to sun, he takes prickly heat and the rest on very little exposure and has reacted with a rash to 4 other “sensitive” sun lotions. He did not react to this lotion I am very pleased. It has a very delicate smell that I think is quite nice, I think this is coincidental to ingredients.


Cc12‘s review of Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner 125ml

After just a few weeks of using Clarins Gentle Exfoliator I could notice a significant difference in the condition of my skin. This product is so effective on dull, tired skin. I have combination/dehydrated skin and this fresh formula really brightens the skin and preps the skin for make-up application, allowing the make-up to sit much better on the skin. I also find it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or tight like I find with a lot of toners.


foodforfashion‘s review of the  Caudalie Lip Conditioner 4g

I have suffered from very dry and cracked lips for much of my life. It doesn’t help that I have a lot of lip and have searched far and wide for a nourishing but affordable lip conditioner that works. I have tried many of the well known brands but none have worked.

My search is finally over. This lip conditioner is highly moisturising without being overly greasy. It has a lovely but not overpowering fragrance. Best of all I don’t get that white gloop in the corners of my mouth after use that I have experienced with pretty much every other brand I have used. This can only be described as a little miracle for my lips.

It’s easy to apply with its lipstick shaped applicator and at this price I could have another five. Fantastic value for money and superb quality.

Escentual, my lips thank you


Becca87‘s review of  the Bioderma Hydrabio Light – Moisturising Cream 40ml

I am very prone to oily skin, and have spent my whole skincare life trying to find a good moisturiser that hydrates but doesn’t make me oily and shiny. Hydrabio Light is The One.

Since I started using it about a month ago, it feels like my skin has been resurfaced- it is smooth and nicely plump, but only feels oily to the touch at the very end of the day, as opposed to before midday with a lot of so-called oil-reducing products. Hydrabio doesn’t even promise to reduce oil…it just does!

As well as skin texture, I have had very few spots recently. I do not know whether this is due to the moisturiser or the fact that I am basically married to my Bioderma Sebium Micellar (another love story, but the whole world knows about the Micellar by now!)

In short- a brilliant moisturiser that has totally completed my skincare regime. If Bioderma’s moisturiser range is all as good as this product, it deserves the cult status already given to the Micellar Water

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