Binky’s Perfect Wedding Hair Video Tutorial

Perfect Wedding Hair Tutorial


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Love is in the air… It’s wedding season and I’m caught up in the moment. No, I haven’t found my Mr Right just yet, but we all know that weddings are fertile meeting grounds for new couples. The mix of romance, champers and cheesy pop songs is so potent that before you can say Gangnam Style, girls and guys are whispering “I do” to each other behind the marquee…

Romance aside, weddings are a fantastic opportunity to dress up and look gorgeous. Seeing as these events usually go on for a good few hours, long-lasting make-up and hair are essential – this week I’m focussing on the hairdo. You need a style that looks great at the after-party, but also feels smart enough for the actual wedding service; you can’t do bed-head hair in church!

My favourite wedding ‘do is this semi-bouffant style. It’s a half-up, half-down look, which means it’s elegant enough to keep the vicar happy, but has sufficient sex appeal to turn heads on the dancefloor.



The Products:

Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray

Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush

Tail Comb

Curling Tongs

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumising And Texturising Powder

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Work It Hairspray


Binky Bouffant 1


Step-By-Step Wedding Hair Styling Guide

Step 1: Body beautiful

As you can see, this style has plenty of body, which mousse helps create. It will also give the curls I’m going to tong in a longer hold. Pump a ball of Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray into your hands and run it through your dry hair, starting from the roots and working your way down the lengths of the hair.


Step 2: Protector and survive

When you’re using heated styling tools it’s really important to protect your locks, otherwise they end up dry and damaged. Its better to have safe hair than split ends! Squirt a little Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm into your hands and smooth it through your hair. Then brush through with the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush; this will help detangle the hair and spread the products evenly. The balm also works as a defrizzing serum, so it’s a great product.


Step 3: Parting ways

Part the hair into a side parting using the tail comb, then clip the central section out of the way.


Binky Bouffant 2


Step 4: Curl up

Take sections of hair and wrap them around the tongs, hold for a few seconds until you can feel the heat coming through the hair, then release it. Continue in the same way until you have curled all your hair, making sure you twist all the curls in the same direction..


Step 5: Bigger and better

Once you’ve curled all over, run your hands through the curls to loosen them up a little. This will make them look softer and more natural. Now tap a tiny amount of Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumising and Texturising Powder into the palm of your hand. Dip your fingers into the powder then work it into the roots at the crown of the head to add body.


Step 6: Build your bouffant

Take a section of hair at the crown and backcomb about 2 inches from the roots using the tail comb. Once backcombed, comb the rest of the hair over the top to give it a smooth finish. Tie the hair roughly using a hair tie, then wrap a bit of hair around the hair tie and secure it with a kirby grip.


Binky Bouffant 3


Step 7: Spray away

Finish off the look with a good spritz of Tigi Catwalk Session Series Work It Hairspray to fix the look in place – remember, weddings go on for hours!


And that’s my perfect church-to-party hairdo. Sexy and sleek in one perfect package!

See you next week,
Binky xx

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