Binky’s Holiday Hitlist Video

Binkys Holiday Hitlist

OMG! How amazing is this sunshine! Summer really has arrived and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been putting in plenty of time in the garden – not just soaking up the rays, but working (honestly!).

This time of year allows me to indulge in my two favourite interests: travel and beauty. I’m just about to head off to beautiful Italy, so I’ve been trying and testing the best holiday pampering products to take away with me.

Summer beauty is all about protecting and moisturising – that goes for your hair and your body. From the sun’s rays to the salty sea and chlorine-packed pool, there are all sorts of beauty dangers to watch out for, so high SPF’s and rich, rehydrating treatments are absolutely essential, along with a few little treats like a delicious summertime fragrance to keep you feeling foxy when the mercury rises!

So whether you’re planning a vacation or a stay-cation this year, invest in this selection of head-to-toe essentials and ensure you look sensational all summer long.


The Holiday-Beauty Top 10

Miss Dior – Eau De Parfum
This fragrance is really fresh and fruity – perfect for a sunny getaway!


He-Shi – One Day Tan
Before you set off on holiday, prep your skin so you’re already rocking a beautiful bronzed tan when you hit the beach. It will make you feel slimmer and more confident. This is a fantastic wash-off fake tanner which will go on streak-free – perfect for the start of your hols before you’ve built up a natural tan. Remember to moisturise everyday to prolong your glow!


Avene – Sun Care Very High Protection Mineral Cream
This sun screen is water-resistant and boasts an SPF (that’s Sun Protection Factor for any beauty novices out there) of 50+, so it will keep you super-safe in the sunshine. This product is really great for sensitive skin as it is free of harsh chemicals, fragrance and parabens.


Binky Summer


La Roche Posay – Anthelios XL SPF50+ Touch Gel Cream
This is another sun cream with a wonderfully a high SPF to protect you from the sun. Remember – a strong sun screen won’t stop you tanning, but it will stop you getting burnt (as long as you are sensible and remember to reapply regularly). Using sun screen allows you to slowly build up a really deep healthy glow, rather than just crisping the top layer of skin, so your suntan will last much longer when you get back home. This little beauty is handbag-sized so you can carry it with you wherever you go.


Caudalie – Instant Foaming Cleanser
When you’re endlessly rubbing in sunscreen – not to mention getting hot and sticky in the heat – it’s essential to cleanse thoroughly morning and night. Don’t let those killer holiday cocktails stop you washing off the build-up from hot days and crazy nights before you crash out. This deliciously refreshing cleanser is quick and easy to use so you can get onto the beach as soon as possible the next morning (hangover willing)!


Caudalie – Vinosource Moisturising Mattifying Fluid
Sunshine and hot temperatures lead to parched skin, so you must rehydrate regularly. Drink plenty of water and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This lovely lightweight fluid is a drink for your face and neck. Apply morning and evening to prevent wrinkles and to maintain your tan. Plus, its mattifying formula helps prevent shine, leaving you looking extra lovely!


Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream Packshot


Clarins – BB Skin Perfecting Cream
For those out of the beauty loop, BB cream is a subtle base that also cares for your skin (BB stands for Beauty Balm), so it’s a make-up and pampering product in one. This one is very lightweight so you can apply it when you come out of the water to give your face a bit more coverage without it feeling caked in heavy foundation.


Nuxe Baume Prodigieux – Nutri-Protecting Lip Care
The skin on your lips is dryer than the rest of your face, so it burns and cracks easily. The good news is this Nuxe lipgloss is wonderfully moisturising, protecting your lips from the sun as well as giving them a flattering nude sheen.


Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer
Hair can really suffer in the sunshine so it’s a good idea to take along a deep rehydrating treatment when you head off on your hols. This hair mask will protect your crowning glory from salt, sun and chlorine, ensuring you come back from your travels without split-ends.


Philip Kingsley – Swimcap
This is an absolute holiday must-have if you’re a water baby like me. Don’t worry – it’s not one of those old-lady flowery swimming hats! This is a haircare product that you smooth into damp locks to keep them protected in the sea and the pool, ensuring you emerge from the water looking like a mermaid instead of a straggly sea creature!

Enjoy your holidays and send me a postcard with your sunshine beauty tips.

Stay gorgeous! Love Binky xxx

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