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If you’re searching for a new season colour pick-me-up, look no further.

Dior are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the classic Rouge Dior lipstick with revamped lip shades, and four brand new colours of the Dior Vernis nail lacquers: 653 Darling, 657 Trafalgar, 970 Nuit 1947 and 999 Rouge.

Dior Vernis in 653 Darling 657 Trafalgar 970 Nuit 1947 999 Rouge

When creating the capsule nail collection, the brains behind Dior beauty were inspired by the ‘it’ shades of its lipstick collection, and the outfit-transforming power of a patent stiletto. The result is a meeting of ultra shine with intense colour: the perfect partner for a classic Rouge Dior lip.

The new formula strengthens and treats the nails with a concentration of silicon, a naturally occurring protein at the heart of the nail.  When paired with a self-levelling texture, the Vernis provides a smooth, perfected finish that fills in ridges and imperfections for a truly beautiful looking manicure.


Dior Vernis in 653 DarlingDior Vernis in 653 Darling – shop

653 Darling is an aptly named shade of mid pink inspired by Christian Dior’s colourful muses, his ‘Cheries’. The rosebud hue doesn’t have any shimmer, and is rich enough to be more sleek than cutesy.


Dior Vernis in 657 TrafalgarDior Vernis in 657 Trafalgar- shop


Named for the explosive pops of colour found amid the muted hues on the Dior runway, this complex red appears coral in some lights, and vivid red in others. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a classic shade with a bit of ‘zing’.


Dior Vernis in 970 Nuit 1947Dior Vernis in 970 Nuit 1947- shop


My favourite shade has to be 970 Nuit 1947, a delicious blackened red. One coat gives you a sheer burgundy colour, and two produces the deepest shade of red you could imagine without being entirely black. The ultra shine, smoothness and depth of colour makes this a really sophisticated way to do autumn grunge.


Dior Vernis in 999 RougeDior Vernis in 999 Rouge- shop


Created to match the iconic 999 shade of Rouge Dior lipstick, 999 Rouge coats nails in a rich, vibrant and creamy shade of ‘true’ red (that is, it’s not too warm or cool, so it should suit most skin tones). Aside from being Christian Dior’s first lipstick shade, red was also Christian Dior’s lucky colour. He believed that just a touch of it on the lips and nails worked wonders for lighting up the complexion.


Rouge Dior 999 Dior Vernis 888 Dior Contour 999

The synchronization of key shades means you can create the perfect matching nails and lip look. Shape and define your lips with the Dior Contour lipliner pencil, fill in with the creamy Rouge Dior, and top it off with the ultra glossy Dior Vernis.  So chic.


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