Gucci Made To Measure

Gucci Made to Measure

Every week until Christmas, we’re offering one fragrance bestseller at a very special, one-off price for the first 100 customers. All you have to do is add the product to your basket and check out using the voucher code FIRST100 – it’s that simple!

First up was the brand new fragrance Gucci Made to Measure, a suave and sophisticated scent inspired by the cut of a fine suit. This promotion is now finished! Keep an eye out for our other Christmas products of the week on Twitter and Facebook.

Gucci Made to Measure already has a group of fans – here’s what they had to say…


Rich C, Team Escentual: “I really, really like Made to Measure – enough for it to probably be my next fragrance purchase. It’s fresh, without losing its masculinity, but not overpowering. It’s the sort of gentle but firm scent that lets itself be found, rather than leaping out there and demanding attention like something from Geordie Shore.”

Lizzieb22, customer “Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who wanted something new. Tried this at a store and after leaving it on for a little while he really liked it. Can’t describe the smell as I am no expert.. but I like a good smelling man and this certainly smells gooood !!!!”

James, Team Escentual: “A light and very pleasant scent, that does not overpower. The combination of notes gives the overall impression of a gentle ocean day. Once left to linger skin the spicier Bergamont and light floral notes are more prevalent without distracting from the overall ocean breeze effect of the fragrance.

Marie1986, customer: “This fragrance is gorgeous, I haven’t smelt anything like this in a while, it brings to life a real old school manly fragrance into the 21st century.. I was started to think my partner was going to have to start wearing the latest floral hinted mans fragrance then I saw this!”

Rich J, Team Escentual: “The spice and warmth of Gucci Made to Measure is well suited to these cold winter months. A dark fragrance that warms the soul and the skin on these long dark nights with its spice and leather.”

Ash, Team Escentual: “I really loved this fragrance. It comes across as quite sophisticated. The scent is almost subtle and not too strong. A gentleman’s fragrance. Plus I get to smell like James Franco!”