Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

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There’s no doubting that Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a fragrance classic. The barbershop blend of mint, lavender and vanilla has a virile, bracing character, and vociferous sillage that  it refuses to be ignored – and that’s before we even mention that iconic bottle.

Not tried the fragrance before? Why not have a look at what it’s existing fans have to say…

Dolly33, customer “My husband loves this aftershave and after trying many others he always comes back to this as his staple fragrance .”

Rich C, Team Escentual “You can’t beat a classic, especially when it’s something that’s as consistently popular as Le Male is. The barbershop blend of Mint, Lavender and Vanilla never gets old, giving you a jolt of ultra freshness every time you wear it.”

Maggsy, customer “This is one of the best smells I have ever experienced. Looking forward to my husband wearing it!”

RoseMarie, customer “So fresh and manly- absolutely perfect gift for my boyfriend, love the scent!”

Ash, Team Escentual “If you want a powerhouse scent that’s still fresh and clean smelling, this couldn’t be a better choice. Le Male is a very cooling fragrance that lasts an age. It’s the scent that keeps on giving!”

SuntannedDude, customer “Excellent smell from this timeless classic. Love smelling this all day long.”

Rich J, Team Escentual “Le Male is the instant classic hitting all the right notes a man would want in perfume. Masculine freshness for the man of today.”

Henri5, customer “My husbands favourite perfume. So many people comment on it – wherever we are in the world.”

Baggio, customer “This is a great signature scent for all ages and is my Mr Versatile. Anytime, anyplace, any situation Le Male can be used. It’s a great mix of mint and vanilla. The vanilla drydown is the best I’ve smelled so if you’re a vanilla fan you have to try this.”


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