Reviews of the Month – November 2013

Reviews of the Month November

It’s that time again – we’ve gone through all of the reviews of last month and picks out very favourites! We love reading what our customers have to say about their favourite products, and to show our appreciation for those taking the time to share their thoughts, each month we select  five helpful, insightful and generally brilliant reviews to receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher. For your chance to win, simply review your past purchases.

Here are our Reviews of the Month for November 2013:

soph234567’s review of the DIOR Creme de Rose

Seriously, I don’t recognize my lips today. They aren’t full of cracks and feel so smooth. And the best part is that they don’t sting, as if I wore a lip plumper. On another note, I actually liked the container. ..there’s so much product. LOVE


honeypauline’s review of the DIOR Backstage Brushes Fluid Foundation Brush – Full Coverage

I have used many foundation brushes, this one is by far the best. After two washes, does not shading, unlike the Chanel ones which shades like crazy. However, the brush itself was smaller than I thought it would be, but does’t matter since the density of it which makes it really easy to blend out the foundation. Really recommend this brush for people who are looking for a great quality foundation brush!


Cosmeticaa87’s review of the Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Cream Stick

This product really works – it is like an industrial strength concealer, but does not cake at al!!

I bought this shade Opal as well as Nude to mix or use separately as both compliment my skin tone and depend where I use them on my face. You do have to roll the product around your finger to warm it up a bit and give it that creamy consistency, but it is so easy to blend in, either with finger, sponge or brush! The colour match is superb and the quality of the product means it doesn’t dry around a pimple and cake on it (like a lot of other concealers do).

This does give a genuine airbrushed look! You must pat on and not rub, and do set it with powder for longevity!

I am very impressed – this is now my staple product for when I have a pimple. It is not so good under the eyes for me, but this is because I have quite dry bumpy skin there and I prefer concealers that are thinner and more moisturizing.

I highly recommend this though for covering any sins on your face!


Caz84’s review of the Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo 

In my three-decade long career as a curly haired person, I have tried every shampoo on the market aimed at me and my frizzy friends! This is by far the best, and – even better – one of the most reasonably priced. It smells delicious, a little goes a long way, and it leaves my hair beautifully smooth and glossy, with no residue. I am delighted to have discovered it and have stocked up on this and the mango conditioner which is equally brilliant – the two combined are my new best friends.


goodface101’s review of Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

I have been using this lip balm everyday for the last 3 weeks and all i can say is wow! i don’t know what i’ve been doing all my life without it.!

This autumn my lips have been painfully dry. they have never been this bad but within a couple of days of using this they were well on the way to recovery. I call it a lip conditioner and moisturizer, the texture of the skin on my lips has drastically improved, my lips are plumper smoother and hydrated now.
Nothing i have ever used in the past comes close, chap stick, vaseline blitex …… this is in a league of its own. I apply it at bedtime and i also apply it in the morning before my lipstick. I find i never have to reapply it, my lips are moisturized all day long.
This product has a thick waxy texture but it applies quite easily tot the lips. It leaves a matte finish on the lips and although it is not sticky you do know that you have something on your lips. there is a slight fragrance of honey if you take a deep sniff of the pot …. but i cant really smell it which is fine by me. It doesn’t taste of anything either.

Possibly the most surprising discovery about this product is its effectiveness as a lipstick primer. In the past i would find that lipstick would vanish quickly in the middle part of my lips where they are very moist. Now with this my colour last all day literally! it doesn’t stay perfect but if i have a bold lip colour at 8am in the morning by 6pm when i get home and haven’t retouched my lipstick i have a i have a hint of colour , pretty much the effect you would get from a lip stain

I cant recommend this product enough for men and women 🙂


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