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This week I have been asked to try out some of the ClarinsMen range. I was quite eager to do this as I regularly steal the girlfriend’s Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser and like it a lot, much to her annoyance. After Movember’s shaving regime and the regular (and unusual for me) attack on my face with sharp implements, the chance to try something moisturising and cleansing is just what the doctor (in this case Emma) ordered.

Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser

We will begin with the ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser. I have used the Clarins Exfoliating Cleanser previously so was interested to see how the Men’s variant compared. The first thing to note is that the product itself is a thick cream and the exfoliating beads are clearly visible. There is no distinguishing smell accompanying the product, other than what you would expect from any other facial cleanser.

Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser Swatch

The beads come into play as soon as you begin to lather the product into your skin and you can feel them scrubbing away yesterday’s excess which leaves your skin ready for the day ahead. However, given that the beads are so obvious and you can definitely feel them on your skin, I would not recommend this product for men with ultra sensitive skin.

Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm Close

The Super Moisture Balm is next up on our ClarinsMen experience. The Balm is a silky cream which is slightly greenish in colour and, unlike the cleanser, has a fresh almost minty smell. It rubs into the skin easily, and you need a very small amount of time to rub it in.

Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm Swatch

Once applied the skin begins to feel refreshed and after a week’s use it certainly feels a little more supple, which I’m sure my skin thanks me for after nearly 30 years of neglect. The only side note I would add for this is that one full pump gives more product than is probably necessary so I would suggest half pumps to start with and go from there.

While I only got to try the two products from the range, they were both nice to use and left my skin feeling refreshed and more awake. I am unsure if I will switch away from my girlfriend’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for the Men’s 2 in 1 – but that is in part because my bathroom is barely big enough to house the cleaning products we already possess!  This little trial has made me curious about the rest of the ClarinsMen range, so may have to try and twist someone’s arm to allow me to review the rest…


Competition Time!

This competition is now closed! Check your inbox to see if you’re a winner.  Like the sound of this powerhouse duo? You can win the ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser and ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm (RRP £47) for yourself! We have 5 sets to give away – simply leave a comment below and let us know us your favourite Clarins Men product.

Competition ends 11.59pm on Monday 9th December and winners will be notified the same day via email. One entry per person. Usual terms and conditions apply.

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  • Diana Cotter

    Super Moisture Balm – my poor lad has inherited my dry skin

  • Jan Beal

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm is lovely – makes my man’s sensitive skin soft, smooth and kissable

  • Marion King

    my husband would love me to win this for him x

  • Alexandru Chiuariu

    My skin tends to become very dry in the winter, but the Clarins Men Line-Control Cream for Dry skin helped me overcome this problem. The active ingredients of this cream keep my face moisturized for a long time.

  • We all love the super moisture balm in this house!

  • Brenda Plummer

    Bought my hubby the Clairns Men super Moisture balm – as he is works nights out doors and his skin was drying in the cold winter nights – it is amazing and I would love to win this prize for him as he really deserves it, out at night patrolling, keeping our communities safe while we are tucked up in bed 🙂

  • Isabella Wu

    I love my normal clarins products. The gentle exfoliating cleanser and the regular foaming cleansers are well loved in my shower. Even my boyfriend uses them daily, without me reminding him of washing his face with a cleansing product. (we all know most men just wash their face with water -_-)
    Would love to win this set for him so he has his own tube. 🙂

  • lotti

    oh great give away for the old man 😉

  • Linda Hobbis

    Hubby loves the exfoliating cleanser but he often pinches my Dramatically Different Moisturiser!

  • Florence Cross

    Super moisture balm for snuggle up to skin.

  • JonnaH.

    My hubby`s favorite is active hand care, absorbed quickly and makes hands soft. 🙂

  • Cate Howes

    The after shave soother is a must for my hubby x

  • steviestarship

    Clarins Men Line-Control Cream for Dry skin has turned my skin from a nightmare into a dream!

  • Amelia Kennedy

    My husband loves the Super Moisture Balm and wouldn’t be without it in the winter!

  • barbara daniels

    Clarinet men’s super moisture balm, so spot on.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    The Clarins Men Line-Control Cream works wonders for my man – I even use it the odd time myself! Shhhh!

  • Kate Huxstep

    My other half uses the Clarins Smooth Shave to keep his skin soft.

  • suzyq99

    After Shave Soother

  • David Walker

    2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Damian

    Clarins Men After Shave Energizer is my favorite product

  • Jim Milligan

    Super Moisture Balm!

  • Anna

    My son loves total shampoo Hair and Body but can’t afford it now he is no longer at home on his student budget! I always try to have some in when he comes home as a welcom
    ClarinsMen Total Shampoo Hair and Bodtotaly
    ClarinsMen Total Shampoo Hair and Body

  • SILV3R

    the Super Moisture Balm is already my favourite, so this is ideal.

  • Karen Ham

    Super moisture balm is amazing and you only need a small amount.

  • jill36

    i received a sample of Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm, my husband tried it and liked it,

  • peaf79

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm 50ml is my life saver!

  • L Bunning

    The Super Moisture Balm is my favourite as it makes my husbands skin feel lovely.

  • mary heald

    Men Fatigue fighter

  • sherri fordham

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • liz denial

    Clarins Men 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml

  • Dale Askew

    Men’s Exfoliating Cleanser – great to wake up the skin in the morning and get rid of the grime and grease

  • tracy

    I bought some of the Clarins Men Super Balm (that you have tested out) for my 17 year old son. He has very dry and often red, facial skin, but usually he will only use products that he thinks are more ‘Chemisty’ lol, like E45 and Eucerin, anyway, i convinced him to try the Super Balm (by showing him that it said ‘for men’) and i am pleased to say the difference is quite remarkable. His skin seems less red, it’s certainly much softer and the dryness has almost disappeared, he says his skin still feels ‘good’ after a full day on a Mechanics course, i think this product has all the benefits of a ‘heavy duty’ dry skin product, but in a far superior (and more classy) utilization.

  • Paula Lane

    super mouisture balm

  • Lisa Williams

    my hubby swears by the Clarins Men Active Face Wash Foaming Gel , far better than sioap and water.

  • Emma Gallagher

    My husband loves Clarins Men active face wash as he says it cleans and smooths his skin.

  • Craig

    I love the Exfoliating Cleanser. Makes my skin soft and clean!

  • Alana Walker

    My hubby loves the Smooth Shave Foaming Gel

  • Katarzyna Kolecka

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm 50ml- my favourite product. I love clarins range- its working. 🙂

  • Manides

    Men After Shave Soother

  • Laura Harris

    The Exfoliating Cleanser sounds like a dream!

  • Keshia Esgate

    Exfoliating cleanser

  • Maggie Bates

    My Husband loves the Super Moisture Balm:)

  • sharon mead

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Louise Smith

    My hubby loves the Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

  • Danuta Myszor

    Clarins Men 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser.

  • Rory James

    exfoliating cleanser!

  • Jen Schofield

    super moisture balm

  • Rita Davies

    Men Line-Control Cream for Dry

  • Michelle Ba Bamber

    Super Moisture Balm IS Husbands favourite

  • Raj Kumar

    Just whats needed for a soft face and head

  • Cris Curran

    The Super Moisture Balm is the best for dry skin as the weather gets colder! @cricrinapoli1

  • jojones

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Beky Austerberry

    Anti-fatigue eye serum is amazing – well according to the hubby!

  • Lisa Conway

    The Clarins Men Active Face Wash is an everyday must have product, it keeps his face kissable

  • Rebecca

    Super moisture balm.

  • jenniwren12

    the exfoliating cleanser does my hubbys skin wonders

  • Alison

    Clarins Men Super Moisturising Balm

  • maureen findley

    the eye serum

  • Claire Smith

    Super Moisture Balm

  • sandra henderson

    My partner loved the shine free moisuriser but Clarins dont seem to do it anymore,he also says that the smooth shave foaming gel is the best you can use gives a really smooth shave(and yes i have nicked some for my legs 🙂 )

  • Rachie Littleme

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Nathan Kite

    The active face wash foaming gel is really good. I’ve always had bad skin and since trying this it has hugely improved. It’s not cheap but you get what you pay for with some things.

  • Nick Thompson

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    My husband’s favourite product actually is the Super moisture balm! He has very sensitive skin that gets dry and this hydrates like a dream without leaving him greasy!

  • Andy Temlett

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Kelly Smith

    My partner loves the revitalizing gel the most!

  • Susan Redmond

    Super moisture Balm x

  • Caroline H

    The 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser really makes a difference. .

  • Jay

    Super Moisture Balm Super Moisture Balm

  • Jay

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Jay

    The Super Moisture Balm, really impressed with how long it lasts!

  • Lynn Mitchell

    this looks great

  • Darren

    The revitalising gel

  • Phil Darling

    The Super Moisture Balm – works great with my skin

  • Laura

    clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Sarunas Baranauskas

    2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser because it prepares my skin a for a closer shave

  • Laura Boyes

    My husband loves the line control eye balm

  • ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  • jcyclops

    Clarins 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser is my favourite

  • Maggi

    My partner loves The Super Moisture Balm, it leaves his skin soft and protected 🙂

  • Allan Tony

    clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Louise Comb

    Your Exfoliating Cleanser

  • angela sandhu

    exfoliating cleanser

  • Stephen Fleming

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • lyn

    Men Super Moisture Balm is my husbands favourite.

  • Tammy Tudor

    Anti-fatigue eye serum

  • Sophia Kearney

    My boy loves the super moisture balm for keeping his skin nice in winter months in london

  • Sophie Bird

    My husband loves the Super Moisture balm.

  • Susan Russell

    my husband loves the exfoliating cream x

  • Elliot Dawson

    ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

  • Liane ‘Chicharito’ Mccreanor

    My dad loves the super moisture balm, he never used moisturiser until a few years ago and his skin is no longer dry and cracked looking, he looks 10 years younger! All men need to realise moisturiser essential! especially in this cold wind weather x

  • Darius D.

    Clarins Men Line-Control Cream for Dry Skin 50ml

  • natalja popsujeva

    Clarins Men After Shave Energizer

  • Stephanie Whitehouse,

    Smooth Shave Foaming Gel

  • Graeme Macmillan

    Men After Shave Soother is fantastic

  • debsjeav

    My hubby swear by the Super Moisture balm

  • Anna

    my husband is a firefighter and has to shave everyday for work so he can wear his BA equipment effectively so it has to be the after shave soother

  • suzannesendell

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Nikki Stewart

    my husband loves the aftershave soother

  • Ángela Fernández

    The After Shave Soother! Good Luck!

  • LittleMsHolibob

    After Shave Energizer

  • she

    The Super Moisture balm.

  • Bev B

    The Super Moisture balm gets the thumbs-up in our house.

  • Catharine Amaro

    Clarins Men 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  • The Aftershave Soother is a favourite of hubby’s

  • Clint Howat

    ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

  • Tim Ford

    To be honest I’ve never used any so wouldn’t know. Would love to win and find out though. 🙂

  • c5ryl

    after shave soother 🙂

  • Stephen Holman

    the Clarins 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser is great

  • Nathan Broadfields

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Jade

    My husband absolutely loves the Super Moisture Balm

  • claire haskins

    the exfoliating cream

  • Jo Torrance

    Super Moisture balm my husband uses it all the time

  • Victoria Cunniff

    My husband has terribly dry skin on his face and hands, more so in the winter. He says the super moisture balm is a life saver

  • Kelly Mse Hooper

    the exfoliating cleanser

  • Ellie Harrington

    My husband loves the Super Moisture Balm and I love it too because he doesn’t steal my moisturiser any more.

  • Rhydian

    ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  • adorabelle

    Smooth Shave Foaming Gel

  • Ray Rayfield Fielding

    Super moisture balm is really good

  • Em S

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm, that’s ideal for everyday after shaving

  • Rich Barker

    Super Moisture Balm!

  • Paul Chadwick

    Exfoliating Cleanser

  • san

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Ruth Hedges

    My husbands favourite is the Super Moisture balm

  • snarepuss

    Men After Shave Soother

  • fzzzbucks

    My fiance works long hours and swears by the anti-fatigue eye serum to make him look like he’s had a full 8 hours instead of about 4.

  • cathyjam

    super moisture balm, my hubbie says it helps with his skin after shaving

  • luijojo

    My husband just discovered moisturiser this year! after I bought him some for his Birthday, So I would have to say The Super moisture balm would be his favourite, as its the one he uses.

  • Cathy Gordon

    My husband loves the Super Moisture Balm, he doesn’t always want to use aftershave after shaving as it irritates some days and this is a fab alternative and really soothes any shaving rash

  • Ros Marshall

    My husband has been using the Super Moisture Balm every day for the past two years – and he swears by it! x

  • deblo

    Clarins Men After Shave Energizer – yummy smell.

  • Paula Phillips

    Super Moisture balm.

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    My husband loves the exfoliating cleanser

  • Christina Macey

    The super moisture balm is amazing x

  • Helen S

    My favourite Clarins Men product for my man is the Body Moisture Spray; my partner loves it too.

  • stacey webb

    Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, my fiancé says its fantastic!

  • Jo Harrison

    The moisture balm says my husband

  • Thegame100

    My boyfriend loves using the ‘Super Moisture Balm’ he is always going on about how smooth his skin. This is the guy he used to hate any kind of beauty routine but now he’s becoming a vain man, lol- spends more time in front of the mirror than me:)

  • jokow

    Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Nicola Lynch

    My Husband loves your Fatigue Fighter, it’s great after all those sleepless nights with the baby (and there are lots of them!)

  • Paul Witney

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Clare F Wood

    my hubby likes Clarins Men After Shave Energizer

  • kate andrews

    My husband loves the After Shave Soother

  • Tom m

    Super Moisture balm

  • barbara

    Super Moisture balm very good

  • Amanda Hollingsworth

    My hubbie ran out of his Clarins Line Control Eye Balm a few weeks ago and has to wait until Christmas for some more……and boy can you tell. His eye area looks like a burst sofa at the moment and is badly in need of TLC. We can but hope we win but either way he needs some new Clarins and soon.

  • Lou-Lou

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm!

  • Ddpunk

    My other half loves the 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser!

  • gfa01

    The super moisture balm.

  • Lucy Gameson

    My fiance loves the after shave soother as his skin is very sensitive post shaving!

  • My husband is working at his computer desk and with tv-screens more than 11 hours a day, so he’s particularly concerned with keeping his eye area moisturised and prevent+reduce new wrinkles, so he likes Clarins Anti Fatigue eye serum as well as Line-Control balm. He says, that he doesn’t believe much in the help of cosmetics, but with these two products his skin really appears to be smoother and healthier. Actually, we both love Clarins skincare line, and I’m personally crazy about their make-up range, but that’s another story 🙂

  • Hannah Rowley

    Super Moisture Balm

  • EVA

    super moisture balm

  • Stephen L.

    The Active face wash foaming gel gets my vote.

  • Madeline Connolly

    shaveing cream for my husband

  • Hannah oneill

    Super Moisture balm

  • Mark Whittaker

    The Anti Fatigue Eye Serum is fantastic , it just makes you feel more awake and refreshed

  • ClairejB

    We like the Clarins Men Active Face Wash Foaming Gel. 🙂

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    Shave Soother for my man !

  • Clairmse Dukes

    My husband swears by Clarins Active mans hand cream, this produces incredible results on his cracked skin and he has not look back since. I would highly recommend it to those who work very hard using their hands…

  • Therese Tjcp Pastore

    Super moisturising balm, my partner thinks it is great

  • Kerry Pool

    My hubby loves the exfoliating cleanser

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    My hubby swears by the Super Moisture Balm, as he has to shave every day and gets very sensitive dry skin

  • Ben Potts

    After Shave Soother!

  • Hannah Smith

    My dad loves the ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser


  • Kirsty Norton

    My Fiance is a beardy so doesn’t shave but he loves the Clarins Super Moisture Balm

  • Julia

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    My husband swears by the Clarins Mens Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

  • AliThorpe

    My bro raves about the Super Moisture Balm so I would go for that.

  • Louise Payne

    ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum is a must item for my hubby as he suffers with really dark circles under his eyes.

  • Leo Mulligan

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Adele Hill

    Men After Shave Soother

  • Hayley Spencer

    super moisture balm is fab

  • Jane Middleton

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • isabelle smith

    Clarins Men After Shave Energizer

  • cathrynbowen

    clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • deej71

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm 50ml

  • jacknutter

    my partner uses ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser and I have to admit to using also when I run out of mine! Great exfoliator.

  • Gul Binks

    I have been using Clarins for years and love everthing from them and was thinking to get something for my husband. This would be a great opportunity for him to Clarins out and I am sure he won’t be dissapointed!

  • Stuart Dunlop

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Christy Beckett

    My partner uses the Active face wash foaming gel and the anti-fatigue eye serum every day to keep him looking good.

  • Sheila Wilkinson

    ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream

  • stuartpayne

    I like using ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser it makes my face feel clean & fresh

  • Caroline James

    super moisture balm

  • Gary

    ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Sue Robinson

    The exfoliating cleanser works wonders on hubby

  • Stephen Scott

    ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser, great product!

  • Hollie Adlam

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Helen McCarron

    My husband uses Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm and he swears by it.

  • israrbaig

    Clarins Men Smooth Shave

  • Laura Nice

    Super moisturising balm!! Its great you can really see a difference!

  • Emily

    ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm – leaves skin super soft!

  • ashleigh allan

    ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm

  • Joseph Watson

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm – love the fresh smell.

  • Stephen Doherty

    ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream

  • Claire slater

    Clarins Mens Hydration & Vitality Collection Gift Set

  • Sandra Read

    The moisture balm is very goog

  • Joanne Kelly

    Clarins Men After Shave Soother

  • Fiona Anderton Riddell

    Clarins Men Body Moisture Spray

  • Kelly

    Clarins Super Moisture Gel

  • nicola

    shave soother

  • Tom Gregg

    smooth shave foaming gel for me

  • Dawn Canning

    The Super Moisture Balm is a really good product. My partner loves it and I use it too.

  • Paul Wilson

    ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm

  • Andrew Loades

    ClarinsMen Active Face Wash

  • sarah birkett

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • Jacky Flay

    Clarins men super balm, as i love the smell on my partner and he likes it because it works.

  • MixedSpice

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm is my husbands favourite

  • Laura

    moisture balm is great

  • Justine Meyer

    the sooth shave

  • colin faulkner

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel

  • sarah mills

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Cath Parkin

    The ClarinsMen Shampoo and Shower is good

    ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower

    ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower

    ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower

    ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower

  • Ali Campbell

    baume super hydratant

  • Michaela Mse Williams

    The Men After Shave Soother is amazing, it help with my husbands irritated skin after shaving, no more red patches!

  • michelle

    Super moisture balm

  • winnie

    Super moisturising balm is the best!

  • melanie harbor

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • petehewitt

    ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm

  • Viv Baird

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

  • juliebooth

    ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm

  • Sarah

    Super Moisture Balm

  • Anders Riise Koch

    Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm