Christmas Fragrance Gift Guide

Fragrance Christmas Gift Guide

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This weekend we were all served the terrifying reality that it is indeed December already, meaning that the number of shopping days before Christmas is rapidly depleting. But now is not the time to panic, in fact now is the time to relax and casually browse some wonderful fragrant gifts for your nearest and dearest, so stop screaming, make yourself a nice brew as we are here to help you.

People often say that buying fragrance as gifts is a tricky task because everybody has differing tastes – one man’s Shalimar is another man’s trash as they say (sort of) – and this is true to an extent.  But it really doesn’t have to be that tricky, simply because there are so many scents out there, one is bound to find something that matches the person they are buying for.

As we are fragrance experts over here at Escentual, we’ll be guiding you through our back catalogue of scents to help you find that perfect scent for those perfect people in your life.  Whether it’s a gift for mum or dad, that special someone in your life or perhaps just your rebellious younger brothers or sisters – whatever it is we have perfect fragrant gifts you need.


For Her

For Mum
Mums are special; this is a well-known fact. So it stands to reason that at Christmas, our darling mothers are most deserving of a special fragrant treat. They’re also incredibly difficult to buy for so sometimes it’s best to opt for something that’s not particularly divisive or unusual.

If I were to pick a fragrance for my ma this Christmas I would go for Madonna’s Truth or Dare, a big cuddly tuberose with oodles of sweet flowers and rich fluffy candy floss. Whether you are a fan of Madge or not, Truth or Dare is nicely crafted enough not to be overlooked and is an elegant yet comfortable everyday fragrance.


For the Lovely Lady in Your Life
If you’re looking for a fragrance that is as special as the lady in your life then you’re perhaps best of sticking with a brand that is as well-known and adored as Dior, after all there are few things in life as satisfying a receive a gift bearing the name of this esteemed Parisian couturier

One of Dior’s most impressive compositions is J’Adore – a golden, shimmering floral that is incredibly versatile.  Sweet fruits merge with a calming bouquet of white flowers to create a perfume that feels appropriate for everyday wear and  special occasions.  The bottle is also an absolute work of art, with a gold embellished neck reminiscent of tribal rings.

If you REALLY want to show that lovely lady in your life just how special she is then go for the L’Or Essence de Parfum version, which is richer, headier and altogether more oriental.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum


For the Party Girl
No party is a proper party without a generous spritz or two(or 10) of Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum.  With its fizz of tart cherries, sweet almonds and dark, sexy base of liquorice, patchouli and smoky tea, this little black dress is as unforgettable as the girl who wears it.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to the girl who is the life and soul of any party.

For a truly vibrant and party-filled experience try pairing it with some of the Crazy Paris La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy Perfumed Shimmer Spray.  After all, there’s no such thing as too much glitz and glamour!


For the Rebel
If the girl you are buying for is a bit of a fragrance rebel and likes to defy convention with her perfume then look no further than the world of Serge Lutens. His perfumes are angular and twisted takes on familiar themes that, for the most part, are more challenging to the nose.

One stand out scent in the Lutens line up is La Fille de Berlin, a perfume that speaks of rebellious and gender-bending film stars with its sharp, full-bodied and complex rose. A perfect scent and a luxurious gift to accompany the girl who likes her lipstick a vampish shade of red and doesn’t give two hoots about what the world thinks of it.


Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin


For Him

For Dad
If your father is anything like my father then buying fragrance may not be the easiest of tasks.  It’s all about finding the right balance between something that feels confident and masculine but at the same time isn’t overpowering or demanding.  From my experience, members of the dad species just want the ease of throwing on something that smells good and aren’t particularly fussed by the name on the bottle (yours of course, may be different).

One particular scent that springs to mind is 2 Man by Comme des Garçons.  2 Man is a fragrance that pairs warm, church incense with beefy woods and the smell of puffed out candles.  On the skin it feels rich and masculine but also displays a surprising transparency that means that it’s not too loud or tenacious and is incredibly versatile to boot.


For the Handsome Man in Your Life
If I was to be asked what I think  one of the most ‘handsome’ mainstream masculine scents on the market is, I would, without any hesitation, say Narciso Rodriguez Pour Homme.It’s a delicate grey bird amongst a sea of loud ostentation and it strikes a perfect balance between masculine and feminine with notes of violet, violet leaf and musks.

Narciso Rodriguez Pour Homme is perfect for the handsome man in your life because it is just that – handsome.  It’s a fragrance that won’t overshadow the things you love about him, instead it will just subtly accent them in a light grey cloud.  There’s also a more intense, Musc version which plays up the earthier, more mushroom-like tones of the originals’ base notes.


Narciso Rodriguez Pour Homme


For the Party Boy

Thierry Mugler’s A*Men is well known for being a ‘clubbing scent’, perhaps due to the fact that it is so strong that it can be smelled over anything else on the dance floor.  As far as fragrances go, this masculine counterpart to Mugler’s classic Angel is particularly complex, taking an ‘everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink approach’ to its ingredients of; mint, tar, chocolate, lavender, caramel, coffee and vanilla.

The result is a macho and slightly obscene oriental fragrance that looks on paper as if it shouldn’t work, but suprisingly does and is perfect for the fun-loving boys in your life.  Pick this one for the guy who likes to make an entrance in any room he walks in.  Shrinking violets need not apply.


For the Rebel
For the rebellious men in the world there is only one fragrance house that will do – the fragrant freedom fighter that is Etat Libre d’Orange.  Within their line of fragrances they conquer the generic, celebrate the unique and revel in the downright disgusting.

Their latest launch is La Fin du Monde (The End of the World), a fragrance which is designed to be an olfactory representation of the apocalypse.  It’s not as bold as their other fragrances but it is incredibly unique with notes of spicy iris, salty popcorn and rubble.

If you know someone who would relish the idea of wearing the scented Armageddon then you are very lucky and you should consider this scent with great haste, before the world ends(or at least before Christmas).  If the person you know is incredibly rebellious then get them the Etat Libre d’Orange Sample Set so they can pick out their favourite. And get £24.95 towards a full bottle!

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