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Binky's Winter Survival Guide

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Happy New Year guys! Hope you had a great Xmas and survived the holiday season without too many beauty crises.

This is a tough time of year for our complexions. There’s the double threat of freezing weather and central heating, both of which can leave your skin feeling delicate and dry. Then there’s all that seasonal indulging with late nights, rich food and alcohol, which can put your skin through the ringer too.

The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your beauty kit and treat yourself to some extra TLC. So begin 2014 with a swift beauty pep talk: I will care for my complexion! I will sleep well and exercise regularly! I will drink plenty of water and take care to moisturise! I will love my beautiful self!!

To get you off to a gorgeous new start, I’ve rounded up a clutch of products that will keep you soothed and protected all winter long.



Dior Capture Totale One Essence Skin Boosting Super Serum
This serum is like giving your skin a long drink of water! It gives a deep, rich, moisturising boost, regenerating dried-out winter complexions and leaving your skin looking soft and plumped.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Scrub
It’s easy for winter complexions to become clogged, dull and spotty, thanks to the build-up of dry skin cells and the hot-and-cold conditions. So exfoliating is a must, and this scrub is one of my favourites. It’s gentle enough to use on your face, but you can use it all over, too, to soften dry areas like elbows, knees – anywhere that gets overlooked in winter. And if you’re planning a fake tan spray, exfoliating first is especially important to ensure an even colour.

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser
This hair mask is a life-saver for hair that’s over-coloured or over-bleached, or that’s looking tired and dry thanks to too much heat-styling, which is a common problem at the end of party season. Simply massage it into your hair before you shampoo, and leave in for a while to let it work it’s magic. Then wash as normal and you’ll be thrilled at how sleek, healthy and shiny your hair feels.


Binky's Winter Survival Products


BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Cream
A super-rich moisturiser is a winter must-have and this one really does the trick, reviving parched skin. I use it morning and night after cleansing and adore how baby-soft it makes my face feel.

Guerlain Terra Ora Meteorites Pearls Base Light Diffusing Primer
I just love the look of this primer – a bottle of gorgeous glistening pearls! Blend it onto clean, moisturised skin, and the lightweight nude-coloured base will even out your skin tone and create a flattering and flawless canvas for the rest of your make-up.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion
This facial fake tanner is a wear-off rather than a wash-off product. We tend to cleanse our faces more thoroughly, which means your facial tan can fade faster than your body tan. A regular application of this famous product will ensure you enjoy even colour all year long. I apply it at night, so I can wake up to gorgeous glowing skin!


I’ve been using all my fave beauty treats to ensure I’m looking tiptop, as I’m heading off for a winter-sun holiday with Alex and want to look irresistible! But whether you’re holidaying or staying home, working or playing, take care and stay gorgeous. Let’s make 2014 beautiful!

Love Binky xxx

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