Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Review

Crabtree Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia

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For me, spring isn’t spring until the world turns pink; that is, when the blossom trees blanket everything with their little blushing petals. And today I have news of a brand new range that manages to capture that unique springtime magic: the Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia bath and body collection. The polar opposite of winter’s indulgent English Honey and Peach Blossom collection (see my review here), this new offering is fresh and romantic with just a touch of sunshine sweetness.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette

The core of the collection is the Pear and Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette: a sheer, feel-good fragrance that is great for slipping into your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day as it can be easily layered on top of whatever else you’re wearing. The fragrance is composed of zesty lemon and pale, juicy pear in the top notes, an uplifting floral bouquet of jasmine and osmanthus in the heart, and some signature pink magnolia as a smooth and creamy centrepiece. It’s been my fragrance of choice during this recent spate of sunny days as it’s so easy to wear and, though delicate and unimposing, I get a good 6 hours of scent from the first spritz.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Shower Gel and Body Lotion

To match the delicious fragrance, there’s a whole host of cleansers and moisturisers for the  body, starting with the staple Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Wash and Body Lotion duo. As with all Crabtree & Evelyn body products, each formula is created with really gentle ingredients to pamper the skin while imparting a delicate fragrance, leaving you feeling soft and fresh. Tip: add a dash of Body Wash to your bath for masses of foamy, scented bubbles.


Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Souffle

If your skin is still recovering from leftover winter dryness and you’re looking for more of a moisture kick than the Body Lotion provides, the Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Souffle is for you. Its formula is comprised of a shea butter and glycerine cocktail, which hydrates and protects the skin beautifully – and importantly for the warmer months, it sinks in quickly without any residue.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Souffle Close

With a name like Body Souffle, I was almost expecting the texture to be viscous and whipped. Instead, what you have here is a nicely balanced lotion-cream hybrid, which is dense enough to deliver a surge of moisture yet light enough to feel fresh and quenching. There’s quite a lot of silky slip here, too, which means a small amount can cover quite a large area, and the skin is left with a lovely dewy sheen.


Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Triple Milled Soap

No Crabtree & Evelyn fragrance collection would be complete without one of their famous soaps. And like the others in the series, the Pear and Pink Magnolia Triple Milled Soap is made using a time-honoured process, going through the heating and cooling process three times to ensure that it retains its shape and fragrance throughout its lifespan.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Triple Milled Soap Open

I actually use soaps for all sorts of things, from scenting drawers to acting as alternative car air fresheners. Eventually, they do make their way back to my bathroom, as I cant resist the squeaky clean feeling of a good old fashioned soapy lather. The fragrance of Pear and Pink Magnolia is particularly well suited to this soap format, as it’s delicate, creamy and very fresh.


Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy

To round off the collection, we have a new addition to Crabtree & Evelyn’s kaleidoscopic range of award-winning Hand Therapy creams. The Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy is created with a blend of rich shea butter, hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin, and an infusion of myrrh to keep nails strong and healthy.


Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy Swatch

Despite its high concentration of shea butter the cream sinks in really quickly, so you can apply on the go without waiting for it to dry. Tip: If you’re looking to top up your fragrance in a more subtle way than whipping out the Eau de Toilette bottle, work a little bit of this cream from your hands to your wrists. It has a lower concentration of fragrance, but the heat and motion from massaging the cream in diffuses the scent so beautifully.

Competition Time

NOW CLOSED  A huge thank you to everyone who entered, we loved reading your interpretations of spring! Our randomly selected winner is Naomi W, congratulations! We have a full set of Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia products to give away to one lucky winner, which includes:

1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette 100ml
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Eau de Toilette 30ml
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Wash 250ml
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Lotion 250ml
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Souffle 250g
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy 100g
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy 30g
1 x Pear and Pink Magnolia Triple Milled Soap 100g

To win this huge prize, simply tell us your favourite thing about spring in the comments below! Ends 28th April. UK only.

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 21st April 2014 and ends 28th April 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 29th April 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit. UK Only.

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  • Tania Atfield

    Warmer weather, lighter evenings, little cute lambs.

  • marba01

    daffodils, tulips and bluebells

  • Isobel Gibbons

    The flowers coming out and getting warmer

  • ssnsmudge

    My favourite thing about Spring is being able to get out and about more often. Lovely long walks in the Spring sunshine.

  • Mirry

    My favourite thing about spring is more daylight! Puts you in a good mood, gets you out of bed earlier and the birds tweeting outside sound lovely 🙂

  • Patricia Porter

    My favourite thing about spring is the sunshine, fresh air and extra exercise that gives me the energy and desire, to want to do spring cleaning!

  • David Collinson

    Being able to sit outside and eat my lunch.

  • John Rutland

    looks great

  • Fran Conley

    The flowers growing.

  • Steven Yelland

    The weather and flowers

  • Barbara Mcgibben

    Magnolia trees in full bloom are always a wonderful sight.

  • Naomii Carol Hainan

    My favourite thing about Spring is the better weather! I like a mild, sunny day 🙂


  • Henry Little

    lighter mornings & evenings!

  • Alex B

    The sunshine!

  • Rachael

    My favourite thing about Spring is the cheerful coloured flowers. I love Daffodils and Tulips 🙂

  • Gavin Robertson

    Fresh flowers

  • Jannine Scatterty

    My favorite thing about Spring is when you see the buds on the trees, and flowers starting to bloom…to me it signifies life, vitality and the prospect of a glorious English summer
    ( I live in hope lol)

  • arthur

    fishing starts improving

  • Todor Koév

    My absolute favourite thing about Spring is witnessing life re-emerge and flourish with all my senses – visual, audible, olfactory… 🙂

  • David Haig

    The sun starting to make an appearance, with the light mornings

  • Charmaine Godolphin

    I love the lambs ! New life is so precious

  • karen_

    Pear & Pink magnolia sounds like the perfect pairing for a fresh, spring scent! I would use all of these fabulous products and have heard great things about Crabtree & Evelyn! Would love to win 🙂 x

  • Trish

    The best thing about Spring is the light long evenings.

  • Abby Shaw

    There is a farm I visit each Spring and I hold the new lambs, ducklings and chicks 🙂 I love Springtime!

  • JuJu Canbearsed

    It has to be the flowers. Getting out and doing some gardening in the fresh air.

  • sook

    Love the flowers in spring!

  • andrea clowes

    fresh flowers and grass

  • Sean L. Lee

    The end of Winter and Summer around the corner.

  • Rainbow

    Spring to me always feels like a time when the world renews itself. Everything that has gone before is soon forgotten. And the life starts anew.

  • SCooke444

    Blossom, birdsong and sunny Spring mornings 🙂

  • Terence Mealing

    its so fresh in spring

  • Susan Smith

    Love the difference in the trees and gardens in Spring,

  • VeedubyaGTi

    My favourite thing about spring is the start of BST, lighter nights and warmer days too, beautiful!

  • Susie Cook

    The crocus and daffodils giving us their wonderful splash of colour after a dreary winter.

  • David Walker

    The lighter evenings

  • Dulip Perera

    My favourite thing about Spring is blooming of daffodils & Tulips, green leaves & happy faces because the sun decides to shine bright 🙂

  • carolinedavison

    Lighter nights, better weather and sitting outside.

  • Julie Roberts

    Best thing about Spring is the longer lighter evenings

  • Charley Foulds

    love the fresh air!

  • juliebooth

    I love Spring to see all the lovely Spring flowers and feel the start of that summer sun.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I love being able to hang my washing out, especially sheets and towels, knowing they will dry naturally in the Spring sunshine and breeze!

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    blossom on the trees

  • roley martin


  • Mari Sutherland


  • lucky321

    The sweet scent of cherry blossom and the sound of the birds singing in the spring sunshine x

  • Claire Bodin

    Light nights makes your day feel longer and more productive

  • anthony harrington

    I love new life slowly emerging, seeing the trees get their blossom and leaf costumes on and the birth of baby animals, I love these things about Spring, they seem to mark a fresh start and new beginning. Lovely prize, my Wife would be thrilled with these gorgeous products.

  • Lorraine Partyn

    The lighter nights are what I look forward to the most in the Spring

  • Andy W

    All the flowers and the leaves on the trees reappearing

  • Kirsty Mills

    My favourite thing about Spring is be able to dry my washing outside 🙂

  • Alison

    The lighter evenings

  • Denise Davies

    Lambs in the fields

  • maureen findley

    i love the light nights and the opportunity for barbecues

  • foz

    I love seeing the gorgeous pink blossom everywhere…makes my walk to work very pleasant indeed.

  • TracyJo

    I love the lighter nights and warmer weather and hearing the birds singing x

  • kaizen99

    I love the colours of spring…and the warmth!

  • Jenny Cole

    My favourite thing about Spring is all the beautiful flowers and baby animals

  • Elaine Savage

    I love daffodils, my favourite flowers

  • Delilah Samson

    I love daffodils, they always are the sign I need to switch wardrobes.

  • Annabel Greaves

    The start of lighter evenings

  • Emma Baker

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  • Helen Huxley

    The weather is warmer and the grass is greener, the blossom is out and the birds are singing, the nights are lighter, it’s my favourite time of the year.

  • susiebaby1

    I love everything about spring – the lighter evenings, gardens and hedgerows greening up, lambs, birds singing – even having to start and mow the grass!

  • mary heald

    Blossom on trees and the return of the swallows

  • Kelly glen

    Sitting out in the garden after a long day.

  • barbara daniels

    I love the may tree blossoming

  • Adele Hill

    the longer warmer days

  • Claire Farley

    My favourite thing about spring is actually having enough light to see my Chickens in the morning before going to work – brightens up my day 🙂

  • winnie

    daffodils and the sunshine

  • ashleigh allan

    Better weather and being able to have fun days out with the family outside!

  • Keshia Esgate

    New flowers 🙂

  • Joseph Watson

    I love to see the trees bursting back into life and producing new leaves and blossom at the beginning of spring – it is a quite magical time of year.

  • Alana Walker

    I love the nights drawing out.x

  • Janet Bennett

    love spring as it represents new beginning, whether its in the garden, or home, or yourself, refreshing yourself after winter, bringing a fresh appearance to your skin, hair, your summer wardrobe, everyone around seems happier, smiling and greeting you with a lovely smile,

  • Claire Smith

    Lighter nights.

  • AliThorpe

    I love the way the days become longer and lighter. It makes it feel like more is possible and fills me with inpsiration. That, and the way colour returns to the garden as flowers begin to bloom, hinting that summer is on its way!

  • Victoria M

    The best thing about Spring is the lambs frolicking in the fields full of the joys of Spring, and Summer is not far behind

  • Andrea Storey

    My favourite thing about Spring has to be listening to the songbirds outside my window every morning before I get up for work. Its better than any alarm clock. x

  • Angie Allen

    The great thing I love about spring is knowing summer is on its way

  • Christine Northrop

    best thing about spring is the sun starting to shine

  • FawcettSA

    My favourite thing about Spring is that everything starts to wake up after the winter starting with the first snow drops, then the crocus followed by the daffodils, it’s just such a lovely time of year and my absolute favourite is my local church where there is a Magnolia tree and Cherry Blossoms and it just looks so pretty right now <3

  • priscillastubbs

    The sunshine and new beginnings in nature


    the pink blossoms appearing on the trees and the lighter nights

  • moonray69

    Blossoms on trees 😀

  • Janice King

    My favourite thing about spring is all the lovely colours and fragrances around both from all the beautiful spring flowers and all the new skin care and body care products ..I love all the girly pastal packaging and the fragrances are to die for …makes you feel and look so great .

  • Paula Gwynne

    Seeing the magnolia trees in full bloom is glorious.

  • Val Seal

    I like the lighter evenings

  • jo nice

    Definitely the long days and bright nights

  • ribs

    daffodils and leaves coming out on the trees

  • Hayley

    My favourite thing about spring are the flowers. Lots of daffodils and tulips, lovely!

  • Ellie Harrington

    I love the blossom on the trees – makes everything look so beautiful!

  • helen

    Sunshine 😀

  • Mad Skillz

    The lovely smell of blossom!

  • atebbs

    The blossom on the trees

  • Sharon Mc

    My favourite thing about spring is the freshness of nature – new flowers and baby animals – how lovely!

  • Toni Quandt

    the beautiful flowers that grow!

  • Rebecca

    Going out without a coat on is the best thing about spring

  • Gerry Dolbee

    Lime green hedgerows and the smell of wild garlic in the shady lanes

  • Judith Lightfoot

    I just love all the wonderful colours. Flowers, butterflies, bees…..

  • Nigel Hollingsworth

    Seeing all the new life,the new brightly coloured foliage,and all the little animals and birds being more visible with their post Winter enthusiasm 🙂

  • Etomidac

    My favourite thing about spring is the freshness and beauty brought about by the new leaves and blossoming flowers and birdsong early in the morning. Everything just seems so hopeful and bright!

  • Ann

    Apple blossom

  • David Munro

    Brighter nights and warmer temperatures. It gets colourful again.

  • disqus_fIK5hORlRi

    More sunshine – the world seems a better place in the sunshine

  • Niki Warburton


  • FionaLynne Edwards

    It’s the start of the car boot season – yippee!

  • jen morgan

    the sunshine coming back and all the spring flowers are so pretty

  • Jordan Neilly

    Bright nights beginning finishing work and its still light 😀 the best

  • Debbie Stanley

    I love the blossom on the apple tree in my garden, the blackbird singing his heart out morning and evening, the smell of cut grass and the lighter evenings. In fact I love everything about spring

  • David Paterson

    Scent of Daffodils

  • jojones

    My favourite thing is seeing all the spring bulbs come into flower

  • Lisa Marie Rowsell

    Walking through my local woods, and seeing the bluebells.

  • Natasha B

    Best thing about Spring is when all the tulips & daffadils come out!

  • Melli Peakman

    The Magnolia Stellata outside my bedroom window is in full blossom – OK, so it’s white, not pink, but it’s gorgeous!

  • Laura Asplin

    I love the weather getting warmer and being outside more 🙂

  • Sue Carson

    people smiling in the sunshine as the days stretch out………

  • Fiona

    My favourite thing about Spring is Easter holidays

  • Lynne OConnor

    longer days and warmer nights

  • Stephen Ballard

    sweet smelling flowers

  • claire hooper

    blossom on the trees xx

  • Claire Nutman

    I love the daffidols and the warmth………x

  • Victoria Morrison

    My favourite thing about spring is the feeling of heat back in the air! =)

  • Claire Mse Fawkner

    Blossom on the trees!

  • Victoria

    daffodils – lovely!

  • Viv Baird

    My favourite thing about spring is all the bulbs coming into bloom

  • Dawn Costen

    I love when the blossom appears on the trees…a little bit sad to see it disappearing a bit now in places as I just love this part of spring!

  • Andrea Miles

    i like not having cold feet ALL THE TIME

  • Louise Sparshatt

    The beautiful blossom on the trees in the churchyard in my town is my favourite thing about spring.

  • Mary Kezzie

    my plants blooming and garden looking lush

  • gfa01

    My favourite thing about spring is the bulbs flowering in the garden. Love daffodils and tulips.

  • DanielleGraves

    going to the farm and seeing the baby animals – it’s all about new starts.

  • Sharon Brett

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  • Katherine Fensom

    The lighter evenings. Come home from work in the light and can have a little play in the yard with my little girl before tea and bed.

  • Lola

    I love the longer, warmer, sunnier days 🙂

  • susan martin

    i look forward to all the beautiful spring bulbs coming through and all the buds on the trees appearing and listening to the birds singing when i’m out walking the dog

  • Laura Harris

    The blossom appearing on the lilac tree in our garden… Not only does it brighten up the garden after the winter, but it’s a sure sign the sunshine is not far away!


    fresh spring flowers

  • Jennie

    Hundreds of daffodils cheerily smiling their way into the sunnier weather!!!

  • jillwebb

    Everything coming back to life in the garden

  • Jen Russon

    Daffodils! They are so bright & beautiful x

  • richardeldredhawes

    Summer is getting closer

  • Kirsty Meredith

    Longer, warmer nights and the beautiful night sky.

  • Sam Baker

    I love the beautiful spring flowers and all the baby animals 🙂

  • Sargemaster


  • Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    Once it is here, with the sunshine, warmth, flowers and longer daylight hours, the best thing about spring is the romance of the season and falling in love.

  • rosie154

    Getting back into sandals!

  • Clare Wood

    Sitting in the garden looking at the spring flowers and listening and watching the birds

  • Sara Carter

    My Japanese maple trees bloom with the sun and new warmth x

  • Alison Joyce

    I love the longer days and sunshine

  • Jo welsh

    Ditching the winter coat

  • Ilona

    The smell of freshly cut grass! I love it and it reminds me of those good times when my grandma was alive and she would prepare her gardens.

  • Laura

    My favourite thing about Spring is the brighter and longer days! It’s also nice to see all the little lambs and baby animals about too.

  • margaret pearce

    The idea of being able to open my windows an doors an not freeze to death an the children not bringing muddy wet feet through my house. Knowing summer will soon be here if we actually get one.

  • julie

    It starts getting warmer and brighter

  • Sharon cross

    Remembering having my son who’s birthday falls at the start of spring 🙂

  • jo smith

    I love all the flowers starting to bloom, and the gentle warmth ( hopefully!) of the sun on my skin

  • The Oxford Owl

    I love the return of colour! Winter depresses me so much, so seeing things in colour again is amazing 🙂

  • Carolyne Yaxley

    My best thing is the blossom appearing on the apple trees in my garden

  • wes

    Flowers blooming and warmer weather!

  • Vakhida

    birds sining

  • bev Johnston

    I love the sound of the birds singing,morning and night. It does my heart good to hear it

  • Inga

    Flowers. tree blossom, sun and barbecues!

  • Trudi Louise

    The aroma of Hot Cross Buns

  • Thu

    Best thing about Spring is that I can swap my heavy “drag-me-down” coat for a lightweight jacket

  • Sandra Lane

    Being able to get into our local park and letting the dog have a run without us having to wear wellies and raincoats.

  • Ana

    Closing my eyes, smelling the flowers, hearing the birds sing and remembering my childhood in Australia.

  • Julie West

    First Blast of colour from spring flowers

  • catherine warburton

    The sring lambs frollicking in the fields..cute!

  • kim neville

    Being outside in the lovely sun and seeing the flowers blossom

  • Mad Wuman

    Daffodils and New Lambs 😀


    the gentle sunshine!

  • Karen Hope

    The best thing about spring is saying goodbye winter

  • Lynn Blakeman

    The blossom on the trees

  • Debbie Sloan

    Finishing work & it not being dark!

  • Lynne Durkin

    Warmer weather and lighter nights.

  • Victoria

    i love how the garden comes to life in spring 🙂

  • Claire C

    I love spring as the better weather is just round the corner. After a long cold winter the sun brings out the daffodils and crocus and in the fields the arrival of the baby lambs are bouncing around. I think it’s the best time of the year.

  • Jo Chu

    The realisation that the days are getting longer is the best feeling! I love seeing the merging blooms on the trees and the ground.

  • Zoe Goulding

    Love the warmer weather and lighter days

  • Carls305

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  • Farah Heera

    The fabulous Spring sunshine and daffodils in full bloom!

  • Kat Lucas

    Being able to be outside more and smell the roses, hyacinths & sweet peas in my garden

  • debbie godbolt

    hi i love the sunshine its a real pick me up after a cold wet and miserable winter x

  • JoMapp

    I love the longer days and being woken up by birdsong

  • Juliet Kavanagh

    The green shoots, and the light change – makes everything feel more hopeful

  • liz denial

    Here’s a line from a poem I wrote which tells you what I love about spring:-
    Seasons change from gloom to bloom
    As Mother nature redecorates her living room

  • Alli Sherwood

    The flowers, they bring colour back into the world after Winter

  • Mike Ambler

    The smell of newly cut lawns

  • sherri fordham

    I love when my tulips flower and i’m able to buy daffodills

  • James Jordan

    sun wow

  • Sylvia Witham

    I love all the spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. They give a taste of things to come

  • Sara B

    the scent of our lilac tree drifting into the house

  • Suzanne Robinson

    My favourite thing about spring is my magnolia tree. As soon as the petals come out I know spring is here and it feels like the start of a new year and fresh optimism. The blossom is so stunning against a bright blue sky it gives my heart a little lift.

  • Lynn Lewer

    The flowers ,the warmth and the lighter days

  • suzyq99

    Brighter evenings, flowers in bloom & the smell of freshly cut grass.

  • Marion Pumar

    Spring time in a modern town which fills the place with bright and bold colours. Yellow Daffodils screaming ‘colour me happy’ and with light crisp winds blowing in the air, creating a sunny yet cool atmosphere. It’s the perfect time for romance and great memories! Gotta love the Spring!

  • Jessica Wilde

    Daffodils, blue skies and spring showers 🙂

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Loads of things! The temperature getting better, feeling the sun on my skin, flowers, trees and hedges turning green again, the smell of grass and blossom, lambs jumping around and having races! I love being outdoors so when spring starts its really uplifting because it fills my head with loads of ideas for great things we can do this year!

  • Joan App

    love all the flowers that come up

  • sarah birkett

    daffodils, and the first smell of cut grass

  • salsquiggle

    The longer days and the quality of the light that brightens everything up.

  • herbz

    The warmth of the summer on its way with a shot of fresh air to keep us cool

  • Stevie Smith

    The fresh smell in the morning that makes you nose tingle

  • Mickie Bull

    When the flowers start coming out and the dawn chorus

  • Michelle Ba Bamber

    Lighter evening means longer days which equal happier moods

  • Sally Marsden

    My favourite thing about Spring is that with it comes hope. Grass verges change from dirty grey to bright and clean, trees change from dead and brown to verdant green and blossom brightens the deepest gloom. Daffodils bloom in the most unexpected places hinting that things are changing and joy can show up when you least expect it. I love Spring!

  • Anji Mse

    Smelling freshly cut grass.

  • Mrs Maureen Gall

    hearing all the little birds chirping in the morning and watching them eat from my fat balls and bird tables, lovely.

  • Norma McGill

    Norma McGill

    Seeing the cherry and apple blossom trees in bloom

  • Lynda Brown

    the warmth behind the sun, makes me optimistic that a good summer is only round the corner 🙂

  • Julie Hayes

    Waking up to the sound of birds every morning.

  • Carol Marafon

    Cherry blossom

  • Pauly Alisa

    Highest tempretures, longer days, bbqs, comming summer 🙂

  • Cheryl Roberts

    Warmer weather,waking up to the birds singing and light nights!

  • G Nolan

    Blue skies and the smell of freshly cut grass 🙂

  • hayley cooper

    The different colours that start to appear after only seeing grey & brown!!

  • ryan

    the smell of freshly cut grass

  • Averil Lea

    The little lambs in the fields.

  • Nicola BIven

    The emerging sunshine !!!!

  • Chloe and her notes

    The feeling that the days are getting longer and using those extra hours of light to see your favourite people 🙂

  • katie w

    The flowers that start to grow and the nights getting lighter

  • David Holland

    The sunshine!

  • Cecelia Allen

    I love Spring because everything comes to life in the garden, the days are longer and warmer, and the birds are busy nesting and singing. A lovely season.

  • Becky Duffy

    Seeing the flowers finally coming out and not having to wear a coat ALL of the time! 🙂

  • cherry49

    Spring flowers and the scent of freshly cut grass

  • Poppy Thaxter

    perfect weather – still a bit chilly but with brighter mornings 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Love the flowers starting to bloom!


  • Nicola Browne

    My favourite thing about spring is when the cherry blossoms leaves develop and fall looking like beautiful delicate pink snow fluttering around.

  • sharon mead

    the first swallows

  • Jed Harper

    The sunshine and slightly warmer days!

  • angela sandhu

    The blossom

  • Cindy Gillespie

    I love the smell of the rain on fresh mown grass – that’s a beautiful smell x

  • Kerri McGreevy

    The sun, reflecting on the now blue water

  • Kay Fitchett

    The lighter evenings have arrived. Glorious summer days are fast approaching and more time to be spent outdoors. Spring and life feels good!

  • Lesley-Ann

    The lighter evenings and warmer weather

  • Ellie Bromilow

    Spring! I love it as soon as the clocks go back I sow lots of seeds, always do far too many but can never do enough, its the promise of all those flowers, butterflies and bees!

  • Sarah Morris

    Lighter evenings make all the difference.

  • Justine Meyer

    when you bring in the washing from outside it smells lovely

  • Lisa M

    Everything blossoming again

  • Peter Gilby

    Being able to get the BBQ out! had 2 already this spring!

  • Jessica Newman

    being able to take the kids out to fun places and play out in the garden

  • flossiecrossie

    The longer days, the fragrance in the air of blossom & spring flowers and the optimism it brings.

  • Claire

    Being able to finally stop hearing people moan about the weather (albeit for a very short time)!

  • K Wakelin

    The smell of cut grass.

  • Jeremy Rance

    Being able to sit on my small balcony in my flat and read, write and watch the world go by

  • The colourful flowers and definitely the weather (not-a-winter-person).

  • kim hochkins

    My fish in my pond coming to the surface

  • jaeby

    the promise of sunshine and flowers

  • karen hutchinson

    the flowers brightening things up

  • Margaret Farmer

    Flowers appearing in the garden and longer warmer days

  • June Etherington

    I like to see the change not only with the blossoms on the trees & flowers starting to bloom. It’s the time of year when you can actually see the styles people are wearing which is lovely once people start leaving coats of.

  • tracy newton

    The lighter nights and spring flowers.

  • leah finch

    the first cut of the grass and the little lambs in the fields by the house..

  • Trish

    Lighter morning & longer evening.

  • Being able to plant new flowers in the garden and the weather!

  • Katie Clark

    Seeing those first rows of daffodils coming up through dead brown autumn leaves

  • Barnabysue

    I love being able to walk the dogs in the daylight and without being wrapped up in multiple layers. Coming home with clean dogs is also a bonus!

  • Emma Davies

    The daffodils 🙂

  • Jackie Murray

    The flowers! Magnolia, Daffodils, Bluebells, Tulips…so much colour!

  • Debbie Davies

    i love to see all the pink blossom on the trees and all the lovely spring flowers like daffodils, tulips and primroses and a really love seeing all the cute lambs in the fields. spring is my fave time of year i love it!


    Spending more time outdoors with the kids enjoying visiting zoos and farms

  • Oh my, this sounds like an amazing range. I’m a big lover of their hand creams but would love to try their other products.

    As I grew up in a village with lots of tulips fields, spring to me means flowers everywhere. Magnolias, peonies, roses and of course tulips are always alternated and filled in the house and rooms. Not only do they look amazing, they perk me up immediately as I simply have to smile when I see them.

  • Val Thorpe

    Plants starting to grow

  • Gotana

    I love the urge for reinvention the spring gives – you want to change a bit for the best and things around you to get lighter, brighter and more cheerful!

  • Saj

    Lavender falling of the trees, daffodils emerging within the grass, summer clothes in bright colours within the corner of your eyes, ice cream just waiting to be eaten. It must be Spring, it is Spring…. Hooray

  • Parvana

    The trees blooming and the colorful dresses of people in the mood of spring. First tastes of plums and just revival of the whole nature 🙂

  • Jurate Vanagiene

    Abundance of spring with magnolia trees..when sun in shining, pink blossoms are blooming, the light freeze brings gorgeous smells to you and you sitting on the bench with a perfect dream..just may the pink dream never ends ♥ love spring

  • Ellen Nunn

    Spring to me is feeling joy after the long winter months the first daffodils, bluebells in the woods birds singing the dawn chorus, knowing you have the warm days to look forward to.

  • Christina Wyatt

    I always marvel at the carpet of bluebells that suddenly appear from nowhere to transform the woodlands. After the dark days of Winter these beautiful flowers are a sure sign that Spring is definitely on the way

  • Clare Williams

    Lambs jumping about clumsily through fields of daffodils

  • Linda

    Spring bulbs popping their little heads into the welcome sunshine.

  • Jo Hunt

    I like going to and coming home from work in daylight. During the winter, I feel like I don’t see any natural daylight during the week!

  • Flickering Ember

    The fact that daylight remains for longer…

  • Jenny

    Smiling faces brought on by sunshine!!!

  • Lisa Conway

    After a warm spring day I love the scent of bluebells filling the air in the lane where I live

  • Treoes

    Life beginning again, lambs arriving, seedlings, early flowers, its a new start, its a new year.

  • Lauren Hogg

    The snowdrops appearing in my garden

  • Dagmara

    fruit trees in bloom, baby animals and more daylight 🙂

  • Dagmara

    Fruit trees in bloom, baby animals and more daylight 🙂

  • Paul Witney

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  • Pm Liu

    I like the lighter evenings and seeing the pink blossom opening up on the trees that line our street

  • isabelle smith

    its warmer

  • Veronika Gaal

    Blossoms, sunshine and warm wind.

  • Heather Haigh


  • Marthe Charlotte Berlin

    Feeling the first sun on your skin, never fails to make me happy! x

  • Katrineka Croze-Harris

    I love spring because it is so fleeting and yet so intence. There are so many bright colours and lovely smells. The brilliant blue carpets of bluebells are my favorite at the moment. They really brighten up the lanscape, such a contrast to the dull gray of winter.

  • Louise Comb

    I love that people are suddenly happier 🙂

  • amelia avossa

    Daffodils! my fave flower and they come from nowhere 🙂 Love spring!

  • Natalia

    grass smell

  • Diana

    Blooming flowers 🙂

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    All the baby animals! From cute lambs in the fields, to newborn chicks, Spring to me is the start of new life. ♥

  • Helen S

    My favourite thing about spring is feeding the lambs at our local farm; they are so gorgeous.

  • Carolin

    That the sun is finally out again!

  • Lucy

    I love that the warmer weather encourages me to be outside a lot more! x

  • jacknutter

    seeing the daffodils and the cherry blossom always makes me happy as Spring is here!

  • emma walters

    watching my seeds grow

  • Karen Barrett

    I love the buds and blossom appearing in my garden

  • Michelle Watts

    The trees regaining their greenery and flowers starting to bloom

  • Michelle Ptak

    Flowers starting to bud & bloom and birdsong x

  • Claire OBrion

    On a warm spring day I love the smell of freshly mown grass or the smell after a shower of rain.

  • Heather Biggin

    Blossom on all the trees near my house – out in all its glory at the moment!

  • amyjbeckett

    Love seeing the lambs in the field across from our house

  • rugmaker

    Planting seeds

  • Deborah Nicholas

    The birds signing and waking me up on a morning and the fact we can throw the doors open and have lovely fresh air all through the house! 🙂

  • debwh142

    When the camellia and the magnolia come out in blossom in the garden together the pink and white together is beautiful

  • valbuk

    Putting away the winter coats, sweaters, and boots.

  • Kelly

    The flowers starting to bloom, makes everything so colourful

  • Sharon Weaden

    I love the first flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass and lighter mornings

  • Julie Davies

    Trees full of beautiful blossom

  • Prerna Gupta

    I love the long days and colorful flowers in the garden!

  • Tina Lawton

    I love daffodils!

  • Meryl Rees

    I love the smell when the sun shines in the morning

  • Heather Jenkinson

    How fresh and new everything is, watching the calves playing in the field opposite me!

  • Chantel

    Light & birdsong-filled mornings & evenings!

  • Sue Butler

    My favourite thing about spring is it makes you notice things you would normally just bypass. The flowers all bloom and the it’s like the world around you is coming to life! It’s also a great reminder that a fresh start is always possible!

  • Laura Wildman

    The lighter days <3

  • Cathy Gordon

    The lighter evenings so I can have a lovely long walk with myWolfdogs

  • janesteels

    I love the smells of spring, , it makes me feel full of life and excited for the coming months.everything smells so much cleaner and fresher.

  • Sharon Arnott

    The Daffodils coming out, the Magnolias coming in to blossom and the days starting to stay lighter for longer.

  • Georgia McAllister

    I love seeing flowers again.

  • Clara Cort

    the scent of flowers, outdoor activities and enjoying sunshine on our terrace (while hubby is making some bbq)

  • Helen Allan

    The gorgeous scents from the many blossoms, especially lilacs and magnolia.

  • Natalie Henderson

    The smells of cut grass and cherry blossom

  • Jodie Harvey

    the weather starts to pick up (hopefully) which means its a step closer to BBQ season!!! and its my birthday in spring!! 😀

  • Clint Howat

    Being able to leave the house without a coat.

  • Gillian Holmes


  • Patricia Avery

    The smells of freshly mown grass and washing that has blown dry outside 🙂

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Spring flowers and longer days

  • bethcastle

    Bluebells are the most beautiful sight of spring

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    The anticipation of summer, watching each tiny blossom open slowly

  • Karen R

    I love the way daffodils and crocuses flower bringing so much colour to the world 🙂

  • Lyn Bosomworth

    the weather warms up and I can get out into my garden to plant my bulbs

  • snarepuss

    being outdoors 🙂

  • Paula Phillips

    The warmer weather and lighter nights.

  • happymand

    The birdsong and the bluebells in my garden showing that the garden is coming back to life.

  • Alice Hindley

    Lighter mornings and better weather

  • s.j.

    lighter beginnings and endings, fantastic displays of blossoms in a beautiful array of colours, warmer temperatures and full of anticipation for the coming seasons!

  • cornishgirl

    I love the longer, lighter evenings and the garden springing into life and looking pretty!

  • Madeline Connolly

    the love smells of flowers in the garden

  • Gino Ginelli

    cut grass

  • sarahfleck

    the weather getting warmer, hopefully.

  • Light nights and spring flowers

  • Victoria Cunniff

    Picking up travel brochures and planning my summer trips

  • Gary

    Signs of new life, i.e. lambs playing in the fields etc. x

  • helen maddock

    the colours, everything coming to life again and the promise of summer and good weather around the corner

  • Lila B Taylor

    The lambs that are being born and are hopping about in the fields around here, it is beautiful to watch.

  • Lydia Graham

    The fresh smell in the morning

  • Nick

    Blossom on the trees and those first few warmer days of the year!

  • kerry

    I love the freshness after the long winter, the days growing longer and the hint of the warm weather to come.

  • Shar

    Bouncing hares, bobbing daffodils and beautiful spring lambs borne

  • Lynne Briggs

    Everyone seems do much happier when the dull dark days of winter have been left behind.

  • chillijamx

    the daffodils and tulips

  • Siobhan Lucy

    Daffodils 🙂

  • Naomi Watson

    I love the smell of spring and I really love that the days get longer and start to get warmer. One of the best days is the first day you realise you don’t need to wear a coat 🙂

  • zebedee01

    My fave thing about spring is seeing the world become colourful again 🙂

  • Jane Middleton

    longer days and sunshine

  • diva1977

    FLOWERS blooming

  • Emma H

    I love it when the first daffodils flower.

  • Joy Lawson

    I love Spring because its followed by Summer!!

  • Donna Davies

    Blossom in the trees because its always been the reminder that my birthday is coming!

  • angie

    all the flowers blooming

  • Kirsty Norton

    I love seeing all the little lambs skipping around the fields…always makes me smile!

  • Stuart Dunlop

    The morning dew, and those little lamps jumping and skipping in the sun.

  • mecanopsis

    The long, light evenings with plenty of time for gardening!

  • Christine

    I love how green everything is and how the warm breezes lift my mood.

  • Jill Cordner

    Being able go finally play with my kids in the garden x

  • Christy Beckett

    I love the long evenings and letting my twin boys play out in the garden x

  • elaine

    I love the blossom on the trees …although it’s not so good to get off my car!

  • Rachel Blackburn

    my favourite thing about spring is the garden coming to life, the birds singing and the smell of summer not to far away.

  • Louise S Paul

    My birthday 😀 hehe and all the pretty flowers coming into bloom. 🙂

  • Sabita

    The nip in the air, the vibrant colours of the first buds waiting to bloom, the smell of fresh air with the warm sun touching my face…I love everything about spring!

  • Alex Max

    I love the bright blue skies, the small of freshly cut grass and the lovely warm breeze

  • Hannah Rowley

    All the lovely flowers

  • Alisa Moore

    Everything seems full of optimism