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Guerlain’s summer looks are always satisfyingly ‘bronzed goddess’ aren’t they? And this year is more bronze-intensive than ever, as the beauty and fragrance house is  marking a very special birthday – that of the iconic Terracotta Bronzer. The Sun Celebration Summer Look for 2014 is dedicated to this iconic powder, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary looking every bit as gorgeous as it did back in 1984. The first of its kind, the Terracotta bronzer is widely lauded as the original and the best bronzing powder out there, bestowing a subtle and natural glow to all skin tones.

Guerlain is honouring their creation with not one, but two brand new limited edition products that completely embody the spirit of Terracotta: the Sun Celebration palette, a gorgeous duo bronzer and blush; and Terracotta Le Parfum, the floral scent of the bronzing powder reinvented as a sultry, solar fragrance. Alongside these two beauties is an edited selection of corals and bronzes for lips and nails, which are predictably perfect for summer.

So take a look, and let me know in the comments below – did Guerlain just win summer?



Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration

30th Anniversary Bronzing Powder & Blush

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration 30th Anniversary Bronzing Powder and Blush Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration 30th Anniversary Bronzing Powder and Blush Swatch

The star of the Sun Celebration collection is the Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration 30th Anniversary Bronzing Powder & Blush, a limited edition (as all the most beautiful things tend to be) palette segmented into four satin-soft shades: orange, coral pink and a deep, matte bronze. The golden sun you see here is just an overspray – you can dust it off if you’re not a fan of glimmer, or swirl it around the palette to infuse the fine gold shimmer throughout the rest of the colours. I actually prefer it with the shimmer, with is a bit of a first for me. The pink and the orange look so beautiful with the tiny touch of gold – although I’ll always be a matte bronze type of girl. The colour pay-off is medium and buildable, and the palette arrives in a wooden lacquered case that splits into two separate parts: pan and mirror.




Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

30th Anniversary Eau de Parfum

Guerlain Terracotta Le ParfumGuerlain Terracotta Le Parfum Close

What do you get when Guerlain launches a limited edition fragrance paying tribute to one of its most iconic products? Madness, that’s what! It’s been out for just a few days and the demand for the Guerlain Terracotta Eau de Parfum has been phenomenal. Composed by Guerlain’s master perfumer Thierry Wasser, Terracotta Le Parfum pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Terracotta Bronzing collection and its signature tiare flower scent. This interpretation of the classic fragrance is completely mesmerising, more complex than the bronzing powder, and redolent of warm sand, solar flora and creamy vanilla. It’s most definitely the scent of the summer. Intrigued? Get in there quickly – it’s a collector’s piece!



Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine

in 402 Browny Clap (repromote) and 940 Nahema Smack (new)

Guerlain Gloss dEnfer Maxi Shine in 940 Nahema Smack and 402 Browny ClapGuerlain Gloss dEnfer Maxi Shine in 940 Nahema Smack and 402 Browny Clap Swatches

402 Browny Clap has been around since the launch of Gloss d’Enfer, offering a milky wash of rosy brown with ultra fine iridescent and silver shimmer. The shade appears quite daunting in the tube (browns aren’t usually my thing), but the rosiness stops the colour from being flat, and it actually provides a beautiful warm glow on the lips. When combined with the special gel texture of Gloss d’Enfer, it becomes a very wearable sheer bronze-pink.

940 Nahema Smack (each name in the Gloss d’Enfer range is better than the last) is a brand new, limited edition entry. It really couldn’t be more perfect for summer with its almost-neon coral orange hue and smattering of pink and gold shimmer. It’s incredibly pretty, and is designed to show off tanned skin. Like Browny Clap opacity is sheer-medium, but the longevity is fantastic.




Guerlain Rouge Automatique

in  602 Tonka Imperiale (new)

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 602 Tonka ImperialeGuerlain Rouge Automatique in 602 Tonka Imperiale Swatch

I like a gloss, but I’m a lipstick girl at heart – as I know many Guerlain fans are. This summer we have a brand new shade of Rouge Automatique to covet, 602 Tonka Imperiale, and it’s the perfect shade of laidback summer bronze. Cast aside any preconceptions of a gilded, metallic finish, though. This bronze is muted and glowing, offering the same touch of rose as Browny Clap above in a tactile, second-skin texture. Its micro-shimmer keeps things interesting and 3-dimensional, while Rouge Automatique’s signature crystal pigments seriously amp up the shine. It’s the epitome of a simple but very effective summer lip.



Guerlain Colour Lacquer

in 143 Nahema (permanent) and 602 Tonka Imperiale (limited edition)

Guerlain Colour Laquer in 143 Nahema and 602 Tonka Imperiale

Ah, 143 Nahema. How I love your punchy coral tones. Neither red nor pink nor orange, but somehow a combination of all three, you’re the perfect shade for summer. This vibrant shade applies as easily as you’d expect from Guerlain’s sensational Colour Lacquer range, and is opaque in one coat, intense in two. This one couldn’t be more perfect for a summer pedicure.

602 Tonka Imperiale is a cocoa brown shade named, like the Rouge Automatique above, for the signature tonka bean note found in the Terrcotta Eau de Parfum. It’s a nice touch, and the shade is most definitely reminiscent of that rich and creamy seed.



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