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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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I’m thrilled to announce the latest brand to join the Escentual ranks, partly because it’s a long-time favourite of mine: the Japanese skincare brand DHC. Originally founded in 1980, DHC is Japan’s #1 online skincare company, with a dynamic approach to complexions that combines ancient Japanese rituals with the skin-loving benefits of olive oil, and the added bonus of being pretty quirky. Their range is a real mix of classic skincare staples and fresh innovation, with some indispensable accessories thrown in for good measure.

I’ve tried and loved many DHC products, but my heart belongs to the Olive Oil Cotton Swabs, the absolutely AMAZING Double Protection Mascara, and a product that provides the basis of this post today: the cult DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Chances are, if you’ve heard about DHC, you’ll know about the Deep Cleansing Oil. The versatile, water-soluble oil cleanser is the first step of your evening skincare routine, created to clear away all traces of make-up with ease. Its base is made up of hydrating olive oil and a seriously rich infusion of vitamin E, which work together to dissolve even the most stubborn waterproof make-up without rubbing, tugging or drying the skin.

The reason why this oil has reached cult status is because it’s a mass converter. Hate the idea of putting oil on your sensitive or oily skin? After a few uses of this silky stuff you’ll wonder why you ever worried; once rinsed away your skin is so soft and fresh, and never greasy. If you’re already a fan of double cleansing, the Deep Cleansing Oil is made for you. It perfectly prepares your skin for your second cleanser and the rest of your skincare regimen  – and it just feels so luxurious to massage into your skin after a long day.

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Congratulations to Emma Charlotte!

We have a beautiful hamper of DHC skincare goodies worth £59.95 RRP to give away!  To enter, simply comment below and let us know your very favourite thing about the beautiful country of Japan. The winner will receive:

The competition closes on Friday 4th July. Best of luck!

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 26th June 2014 and ends 4th July 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 4th July 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.




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  • Definitely their work ethic!

  • Irina

    I have to say, there is nothing as good as Japanese food! They also have pretty good cosmetics 🙂

  • Mats Abrahamsen

    I love the cherry blossoms and the fashion sensibility.

  • Glamorous Chic Life

    I love their politeness. They have great dress sense too

  • Brita

    Their instinctive love of beauty and structure.

  • rozapbeauty

    My favourite thing about japan is how concious everyone is of skincare! They always wear SPF and cover their skin so well that all the women age gracefully and with little to no sun damage – I just wish people in this country cared as much about their skin as Japanese women do!

  • mohammad anjum

    Love the cherry blossom

  • charandrewss

    japanese food! and the gorgeous cherry blossoms of course 🙂

  • Lauren

    What is there not to like about Japan? night time views.. Day time view, such nice views&such an interesting place to explore, so it seems, & they hold some interesting Facts that you most likely wouldn’t of thought was true. It’s always nice to try products from other counties & see how they are towards skin care/beauty and they seem to be rather known for some skin care products & they also have a 11/13 step skin care routine to remove makeup + cleanse & moisturiser the skin. Hope to try some Japan products soon


    They make everything, very hard workers!

  • Adil O’Brien

    I love the food, the cleanliness and the amazing train service.

  • Jane

    I absolutely love their food/accommodation culture, which is to say I have such fantasies towards their traditional ryokan! I would love to visit one day and try out their ryokan with their outdoor hot springs, meticulous food and service.

  • Esther

    I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese art.

  • Paula Lane

    The Geisha Girls

  • I am fascinated by the way the japanese culture can make everything, from pouring a cup of tea to skincare and cooking, into the highest of arts. Would love to go there someday.

  • Rachel

    The landscape is beautiful!

  • Tsvetina Mihaleva

    I am impressed by the culture in Japan. Also I really like the Japanese cosmetics. But until now I have not had the opportunity to try products from DHC.

  • Toria Eleonor

    The haikai!

  • Kate

    The Cherry blossom in the spring time – so beautiful

  • Sabine G.

    The beautiful Cherry Blossom gardens!!!

  • when someone mentions Japan, the first thing that comes to my mind is cherry blossom 😀

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I love their food & culture, it also looks like a beautiful country & they LOVE their skincare x

  • Angela

    My favourite thing has to be the food and love of technology.

  • Csilla

    I love the cherry blossom season. It’s wonderful.

  • sunshine

    The Traditions x

  • Jessie

    Glad to know DHC is joining Escentual! Been a DHC fan always! I used to purchase them from their website but now it’s even better that I can collect points with Escentual and enjoy my favourite products! Have been using quite a few products, absolutely love the deep cleansing oil! I love using cleansing oil to remove my makeup, just get the feeling it’s more effective 🙂

  • Ladymoonlight

    A blossoming cherry tree branch in the foreground with a temple somewhere in the distance

  • Alexandra Aallexxy

    Harajuku girls and the skincare of course.

  • Julia Laidler

    Snow crested Mount Fuji and the copper colours of the Acers in autumn, coupled with the poetry and discipline of Bushido. That is Japan!

  • Kristy

    Gardens, without a doubt. Absolutely perfect. 🙂

  • peppermoon

    I’m a big foodie so I love the food of Japan, but I’m also very fond of the visual aesthetics like their architecture, gardens and historical clothing.

  • Claire Bodin

    Have never been but love the food

  • Fiona

    I love Japanese gardens

  • Deborah Dodge

    The trees and Scenery in the rural areas

  • isabell Stewart

    Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Emma Nixon

    Cherry blossom

  • kayleigh bates

    SUshi, mmmmmmmm

  • Abigail Cullen

    Their costumes are fascinating.

  • ashleigh allan

    The food 🙂

  • mary heald

    I love Sushi

  • David

    Mount Fuji – when you can see it!

  • waldpurzel

    I immediately thought of cherry blossoms. They are just stunningly beautiful.

  • maggie777

    I would love to visit Tokyo – it seems such a vibrant city.

  • Rebecca S

    My favourite thing about Japan is the food. So many delicious dishes.

  • Lorraine Partyn

    The food and their work ethic

  • tabbaz

    I love the cleanliness of Japan – It was so beautiful when I went with no litter !

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies

    Their beautiful kimonos and traditions of dressing

  • Andy W

    Their films and art

  • Kat Lucas

    I love the culture and how people are free to be what they want to be

  • Phil Darling

    The cleanliness – everywhere’s spotless

  • paul

    They speak Japanese

  • Toni Arnott

    the amazing seafood

  • Sam Wade

    The culture is just fantastic

  • Claire Blaney

    the people there amazing me there are shops for anything and everything i takes my breath away just thinking about the.

  • Amez2012

    The lights!

  • Elaine Savage

    The Cherry Blossom is stunning

  • sharon mead

    Japanese Gardens are beautiful and tranquil

  • Ellacopter

    I love the food. Full of flavour yet really simple.

  • liz denial

    I love the people. I’m an ice hockey fan & have followed the GB team all over the world & have some lovely Japanese friends who come with us, they are just the sweetest people ever

  • Carys Jones

    Japanese food, especially sushi

  • Carol Gould

    The culture but the views of Mount Fuji just breathtaking.

  • susiebaby1

    I love the fact that it is so very different to the UK and their traditions are fascinating

  • christineshelley

    Their sweet nature and their manners

  • Ali

    I went there in 1976 for 6 weeks to visit my sister and it was absolutely amazing the whole experience. They bow when you get in lifts and all have uniforms on with white glove & all so polite. The culture is amazing and to visit all there temples we went to see the white pavilion near kobo what a fantastic thing to see.

  • Stephanie Llewellyn

    the people

  • lovely food , great technology exciting places to visit

  • karen davey

    My favourite thing about Japan is the food

  • Haryati M

    I love Studio Ghibli. Their beautiful animated films are a treat to watch. Who doesn’t like Totoro?

  • Alana Walker

    Hello Kitty!

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    The amazing kimono’s

  • Sarah Michelle Chetwyn

    The traditional dress mixed with the ‘out-there’ fashion. Creatively and culturally they are amazing.

  • Helen Grayson

    The shopping and the people! It’s just a completely different culture which is fascinating!

  • JoMapp

    I have always dreamed of visiting Kyoto and experiencing the Fushimi Inari Shrine. The walk looks surreal and the views are reportedly spectacular

  • Claire Scott

    The culture and amazing food

  • The cherry blossoms!

  • Māra Šteina

    The politeness of people.

  • salsquiggle

    IT is like a World set apart from everywhere else. The unique culture and customs, the amazing landscapes and food traditions. The unbelievable attention to detail in everything they do.

  • maureen findley

    i love the bonsai trees.

  • Jo Young

    I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Japan yet but love their food especially at Hibachi restaurants 🙂

  • Lola

    I love the attitude of the people, they are so considerate and polite

  • Alison

    The cuisine

  • Aceso84

    I love how polite the Japanese are and how they love and honour their families.

  • Richard

    It has to be the women. Truly, truly gorgeous. Amazing sense of style, perfect complexion & very feminine.

  • Laura Boyes

    The wonderful people, they are so respectful, hard working and intelligent.

  • Lisa Everaert

    The culture and landscape. I also love the street food – so different and tasty!

  • sandra henderson

    The cherry blossom blowing around you in the breeze like a snow storm of petals.

  • Denise

    I love their pride in everything traditional

  • Debbie Timms

    Sanrioland! x

  • I haven’t been to Japan but I LOVE the quirky fashion trends and the whole crazy toy/technology scene. I like to think you could to go to Tokyo and see Harajuku girls walking across the road with a robotic dog on a leash. I also LOVE the food, sushi especially.

  • Elaine Dale

    used to have a pen pal in Japan and she made the most intricate designs out of paper and that’s what I love..their art

  • Adeinne Tonner

    The amazing buildings

  • Cat Culmer

    The cherry blossom trees

  • David Walker

    the railways

  • robinson131

    The amazing people,so friendly and kind

  • lyn

    the way the cherry blossom season is so celebrated

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    I absolutely love the pride they take in their traditions, if only we could be more like that.
    Such a beauty country. <3 xx

  • Edward Guerreiro

    Their movie industry.

  • Tom Baines

    the ornate gardens, just beautiful

  • Val Swift

    The culture and great food

  • Abigail Houston

    The food

  • Nailz Craze

    Visiting Japan is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and I hope to do so in the future. Everything there seems magical to me, especially the romantic cherry blossom trees and the interesting Japanese culture.

  • Lee Davis

    the technology

  • 26jibby

    The lovely people

  • tracy newton

    I have never been to Japan, but I love the sushi

  • Joan Marshall

    Love the idea of the Nomihodai, an ‘all you can drink’ option you get at some of the clubs and restaurants in Japan

  • Magdalena Komorowska

    No army

  • Anda Viļuma

    Sakura trees, if that’s correct name for the cherries

  • Emma Rose Baker

    Oh i love the trees so much!

  • CynthiaChatham

    Their aerodynamic looking society. And they have the best skincare in the world in my opinion.

  • Geraldine O’Gorman

    Sushi, Kimonos, Delicate Artwork, Temples, Cherry Blossoms.. Too hard to say just one thing!

  • Ritakd

    The food

  • juliebooth

    the temples

  • Janice King

    The amazing friendly people

  • Irma Tufek

    My favourite thing of Japan is bonsai trees,cherry blossom trees and beautiful buildings 🙂 🙂

  • Stella Gallagher

    The people

  • Amani

    The people, They all seem incredibly polite 🙂

  • ElenaDigitalMArketing

    people and culture

  • Maggi

    Japan is one of my favourite countries. I loved everything about Japan when I visited. I love the food, the culture, the architecture and the eccentric fashion styles. The people are amazingly polite and helpful. I also love Japanese beauty products, the women have such beautiful skin.
    I really think that the Japanese make some of the world’s finest beauty products. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  • Taty

    the amazing bulding and construction

  • Gillian York


  • My favorite thing about Japan is the beautiful cherry blossom trees!

  • Claire

    Their inane politeness

  • Wendy

    The people and the respect they have for their beautiful country and the respect they have for other people.

  • Helen G

    Sushi! 🙂

  • madgesticm .


  • Tammy Tudor

    i love the food 🙂

  • Jade Linton

    Sumo Wrestlers

  • Jennifer

    Sadly I’ve never been to Japan but I’d love to! I read a lot about the country and I would love to get to know japanesr culture! The food is also very good and I would like to get to know these beautiful cities where super modern skyscrapers and beautiful ancient temples are mixed together!

  • Monica

    The traditional clothing! Such beautiful and intricate pieces of clothing <3

  • Peter Gilby

    The history and culture has always fascinated me

  • Christina

    Their traditional architecture and constant focus on aesthetics

  • Jo Winter

    The food is amazing

  • Karen van Zijl

    The Onsen! Mother-nature at its most pampering!

  • Fiona Hall

    The beautiful gardens

  • Jackie Chapman

    The beautiful kimonos

  • Rachel Canning

    My favourite thing about Japan has to be the interior design.

  • Jessica Burford

    The unique culture of Japan. It’s obsession with detail and order.

  • Kat Pienaar

    Cherry blossom, crazy fashion and fantastic food.

  • Marthe Charlotte Berlin

    underrated Whisky, some of the best I’ve ever tried.

  • disqus_I1LBI6d1tr

    Cherry blossom!

  • There are many beautiful things but my favourite thing, well I have to go for their cinema, many amazing films come from Japan, Lady Snowblood, House, Wild Zero! and Studio Ghibli – the animation, the tales are both fantastically beautiful.

  • verero

    neon lights in the night…

  • Sophie Bird

    The amazing food.

  • Nicola Wilson


  • ren fletcher

    I love cat cafes- lots of cuddles, play and treats, then someone else cleans up after them. Fabulous invention.

  • Victoria sharp

    The beautiful cherry blossom

  • Fernie Foo

    The ornate temples with cherry blossom blowing in the wind

  • Sarahann

    I love Japanese art. The Bandainagon Ekotoba is amazing!!

  • sunshine

    The traditions

  • Sheila Miho Sato

    My very favourite thing about Japan are the Japanese! Japanese are amazing, when they propose to do something is all meticulously constructed to perfection, they combine ancient knowledge with high technology and create high quality products as DHC.

  • I love the cherry blossom trees!

  • Rebecca D

    The lovely people! They are so kind and happy 🙂

  • Chloe and her notes

    Tasty treats 🙂

  • I am mostly fascinated by the levels of organisation they have incorporated in their lives. Everything is done in the optimum amount of time, no slacking. Very serious, devoted people. Very fascinating, to be quite honest. I think that many people think of the Japanese as potentially ‘cold’ people, not affectionate as people in other cultures but I believe that the classic cherry blossom tree symbolizes them perfectly. They are gentle, delicate souls that are kept away from the public eye.

  • Izabella Simpson

    The cherry blossom trees. Their soooo beautiful!!

  • Sonia

    How unique everything is there.

  • Eric P

    I love Japanese green tea. 🙂

  • andymch andymch

    One of the most beautiful films ever (Memoirs of a geisha) was partly filmed in Japan and beautiful skincare and makeup customs of geishas reside here

  • Sony Xperia ZL 🙂

  • Vivian Chan

    I really love their anime, gameshows and food 😀

  • Gotana

    People’s faces – full of mystery and dignity, at any age

  • Etomidac

    I have a huge love for their traditional culture!

  • Tanja

    The Beauty of ceremonies

  • Natasha

    I have never been to Japan but my favourite thing are my japanese friends who live here in the UK and their stories about their beautiful country, I hope to see it for myself one day!:)

  • Jo Carroll

    The willingness of the people to fully embrace the future in terms of technological advancement whilst maintaining a strong sense of tradition and remembrance of their history both good and bad.

  • Joanna M.

    Beautiful cherry blossom trees and amazing landscape. Contrast between the old and the new, and Studio Ghibli of course!

  • Sue Jackson

    I would love to see the cherry blossom trees x

  • Darius D.

    My very favourite thing about Japan is the balance between traditions and modern life

  • Aimee

    The food and fashion!

  • Caroline H

    I love the flora – the acers, orchids and magnolias (but I also love the eccentricity and could watch Takeshi’s Castle all day!).

  • Joanne Ednie

    My favourite thing is the elegance. By and large, their beauty culture is all about simplicity and elegance and I love it!

  • Shehani Gomes

    The people of Japan are its most special part. They’re so polite humble and at the same time represent a quiet brilliance.

  • Katarzyna

    Favorite thing about Japan? A perfect balance between tradition,
    heritage awareness with modern lifestyle and cutting edge technology.
    Japanese skin care is a perfect example 🙂

  • Tatyana Gro

    My favourite thing is the philosophy and wisdom of Japan

  • Jessica Wilde

    I adored Tokyo, and it was the one place in the world which properly indulged my love of Japanese green tea!

  • Amber Nepal

    I love the Japanese culture. They give utmost respect to the elders and have carried that elegance and grace for a long period of time. Also, I really admire that they give such great importance to even the smallest details that even reflects in their skincare. Would love to travel Japan this year!

  • The amazing fashion/styles over there!

  • Malgorzata Malecka

    Tea making rituals, hot springs and of course Godzilla!

  • krissie

    i love the elegance

  • Helen Belton

    The traditions (like taking your shoes off when you go inside etc)

  • elisa wright

    The amazing landscape

  • yasmine

    i love how they have great skin as they are so into skincare and have amazing routines. they are way ahead of us we have only just got bb creams and they have had them for years.

  • Rebecca Jackson-Makin

    cosplay culture theres so many fascinating facets to the japanese culture it really is amazing

  • Amanda

    The beautiful mountains and the famous Mount Fuji 🙂

  • Christina Wyatt

    I love their amazing attention to detail
    in everything they do

  • DeeDee

    I love their perfect marriage of contemporary and traditional. Japan has a unique soul that is reflected in their arts, be it paint to canvas or cosmetic to skin.

  • Vesna Matić

    I like their minimalism.

  • Dawn Simpson

    I love the Japanese gardens they are so beautiful.xx

  • TalontedLex

    The amazing skin care. It takes years of tradition and new technology and blends them into amazing products. Heaven!

  • Karen Lloyd

    The Women in traditional dress look stunning.

  • emilyomara

    The delicious food!

  • Jing Peng

    The winter in Hokkaido is amazing, the place u have to go….

  • Emilia

    Chasing the cherry blossom.

  • Clare d

    Their food & style!!

  • Laura Asplin

    geisha girls

  • Shelly Roche

    i love their fashion, politeness, diet, culture, their perfect skin and their individuality 🙂

  • Jennifer Jack

    the amazing food x

  • antsofrome

    The really friendly people!

  • Sue Cope

    the people!

  • Lani Nash

    Amazing landscapes and the advance technology of Tokyo

  • Caroline Robinson

    Their culture that goes back thousands of years and the fact japan is steeped in history

  • Amanda E

    I love the fashion

  • Debbie Anne Hume

    The traditions, culture and beauty xxx

  • Rik Line

    The Sushi, can’t beat super fresh fish

  • Tatyana Gro

    rich inner world

  • carly ann

    the food!

  • Jennys BBlog

    Beautiful Cherry Blossom trees <3 They have a festival at springtime over there – a friend sends me piccies of what a great time she has. I would LOVE to visit x

  • Pm Liu

    Definitely the food & the technology

  • Donna Davies


  • Jo Chu

    Love the people! They are all so courtious and nice!

  • Katherine Coldicott

    Some brilliant architecture.

  • Trudi Louise

    Their beautiful gardens

  • Laura Murray

    Definately the food, so delicious and also very healthy

  • stephanie lovatt

    Love the Japanese trees the blossom is beautiful.

  • Yolanda Davis

    their culture; it’s so interesting and different.

  • Michelle Ptak

    Gardens and Pagodas … so beautiful x

  • Steph

    The complete culture shock it presents; something so different to what we’re used to but, thanks to the increase in Japanese media here, quite familiar too.

  • Annmarie Brown

    The culture, philosophy, attention to detail & cherry blossom! I’ll never forget my primary school project 20 years ago when we had a Japanese teacher for a week. Made us appreciate the country & people!!

  • Gillian Hutchison

    culture and History

  • Georgia McAllister

    I love the beautiful gardens.

  • christine clarke

    The people and their traditions

  • leanne williams

    I love the fashion

  • Hayley F

    It’s wheelchair accessible. More than here x

  • Tam payne

    Everything – The people, culture & food are all awesome

  • The landscape and coastline look amazing, I would love to visit one day – also Japanese makeup brands sound fantastic too!

  • Jayne Burgess

    The blossom trees and the amazing views.

  • Amanda Milton

    Their Culture and traditions,it’s what makes Japan unique

  • Marcus

    The amazing food!

  • Sandy Tirvedi

    The delicate and enchanting looks of the Japanese people and the Geishas! – flawless <3

  • Charlotte

    The culture and traditions!

  • Karen Ham

    When I was in Osaka the business men with their manbags who had a few too many sakiis and were giggling away after work

  • Diana

    cherry blossom trees ! 🙂

  • sarahfleck

    The People.

  • conrad edwards

    the tea ceremony

  • Gabriella

    People are the nicest there 🙂 And Sushi of course.

  • The food and the fashion X

  • Kelly

    The cherry blossom

  • bubz

    The culture, the literature, the movies…

  • Keshia Esgate

    Lotus flowers

  • Vicki A Smith

    Their traditions and culture

  • Ali Thorpe

    Sushi! I love it, especially in summer as it’s so light.

  • sarah3875

    Endless charm! And the fact that my best friend lives there.

  • lisa rhodes

    the gardens

  • I absolutely adore Japan! My favourite thing would have to be the sushi, so delicious & healthy 🙂

    Thanks for running such a great competition,

    X Emma | http://www.missemmacharlotte.com


    The awesome people and the beautiful places to visit x

  • camilla hilton

    lotus flowers

  • Tina Lawton

    The cuisine, fine foods not available anywhere else in the world 🙂

  • Suzi Hulbert

    Must be the food 🙂 Yummy

  • angela sandhu

    yummy food

  • Vicky S

    The art – absolutely beautiful!

  • Ellie M

    I love the whole Kawaii culture – can you imagine a world without Hello Kitty?

  • Kathrine B

    Japanese cuisine is amazing and delicious! 🙂

  • Rachel B

    The Food. Delicious and healthy and fresh 🙂


    The Cherry Blossom and Hello Kitty I bought so much of it when my girls were growing now my grandaughter is mad on anime and spends all her time drawing the figures

  • Allison Sherwood

    the food yum yum

  • Lisa Ellison

    I love their flowers, stunning

  • Becca H

    Definitely the beautiful cherry blossom 🙂

  • Sarah Mills


  • Sarah Rees

    Anime art

  • Cherry blossom and the temples

  • Cathryn Bowen

    Cherry Blossom

  • IZZY

    the quirky clothes

  • Fiona Mallard

    I love their architecture

  • jodie harvey

    has to be the food!! and they make pretty good cars (im a yaris driver 😀 )

  • Rachel

    Salmon sashimi! 🙂 x

  • I love japanese cherry blossoms, their skincare products and their delicate food.

  • andrea

    Love the diversity, the contrast of tradition & modern, the depth of heritage, the culture!

  • Gary Topley

    ‘The friendliness of the people x

  • Lindy Hine

    I love Japanese gardens and their culture

  • Sarah Parker

    their history 🙂

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    I love the Japanese flowers and also the Japanese love of Technology

  • Charlotte Campton

    The cherry blossom! Would love to see it in person one day.

  • Jamie

    I like the architecture 🙂


  • Sarah

    How beautiful, youthful, calm, happy and chilled they all look.

  • Pam Whitham

    Japanese Art and the beauty of the country

  • Francesca Tuck

    Their patience and determination to perfect a craft.

  • Kim

    It has to be the gyozas!

  • Definitely the Japanese cherry blossom

  • andy mast

    the cherry blossom !

  • Mary-Ann Pollard

    has to be food for me, sushi and katsu being some of my favorites

  • Tracy

    The bloom of the cherry blossom trees. It’s one of my must-do’s to see Japan in Spring!

  • kayti scott

    i would have to say the colourful culture

  • Carole Walker

    The railways

  • angela cringle

    Wow this is a great prize would love to try this fingerscrossed

  • Heather Jenkinson

    I love the amazing scenery

  • Angi

    Respect for the earth, other people, and small details

  • Suzy

    Cherry blossoms, their politeness & the trains are efficient!

  • Sarah Lewis

    It has to be the food especially the sushi x

  • Annamarie Riddiford

    The kind people

  • Mary Dunlop

    Love their gardens. My husband built one several years ago, and it was so relaxing to be in.



  • Suzanne Heath

    I believe that Tokyo is one of the cleanest cities in the world, despite being the most densely populated – that’s remarkable

  • Sabita

    The Cherry Blossoms , The beautiful landscapes and their amazing courtesy

  • chirag

    The food

  • thekiss

    The tourists 🙂


    I love the beautiful, scenic landscapes.

  • Lucy Gameson

    The fashion – Japanese women always look so glamorous!

  • antonia richardson

    the people are nice

  • Laura Avery

    The Sakura..must be amazing to see!

  • Susan Carruthers

    The beautiful peaceful gardens

  • George

    Japan’s cherry blossom season, it’s so beautiful.

  • michelle bennett

    The scenery and how advanced in technology they are! And… for the big geek in me, the computer games 😀

  • Jayne

    The blossom and traditional buildings