Vichy Dermablend Tips & Tricks

Dermablend Foundation

Vichy Dermablend is the last word in full coverage, naturalistic makeup. Not only does it produce a flawless finish, but it’s a finish truly lasts; even through sweat, rain, heat and rubbing. It’s little wonder that it’s such a hit with those who struggle with imperfections, skin conditions and those who are less than skin confident.

Full coverage make-up has come a really long way, and each tactile Vichy Dermablend formula feels so comfortable and easy to wear, with uncompromising efficiency. If you’re already a convert and want to know how best to apply, blend and lengthen wear, then you’re in the right place! Read on for the definitive Dermablend tips and tricks guide, compiled by those who know the products inside-out: our friends at team Vichy.


Vichy SerumBefore you begin

1) Skin preparation is more important than the foundation itself. If the prep isn’t right the foundation won’t be right!

2) Vichy serums provide an ideal base for your foundation

3) If you have dry patches of skin, apply extra serum to these areas

4) Vichy Liftactiv Eyes & Lashes is also an excellent choice for under the eye – plus it’s a great base for mascara!


Dermablend FoundationFoundation

1) Apply a 5p-sized blob of product to the back of your hand

2) For an even, professional finish use a sponge to apply and a foundation brush to smooth and even out

3) Use a wet sponge for lighter coverage and a dry sponge for heavy coverage

4) Apply foundation in the following order: forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck

5) Apply with sweeping movements working outwards, then finish with powder


Dermablend ConcealerConcealer

1) The Dermablend Fluid Foundation and the Dermablend Stick are excellent full-coverage concealers

2) When applying concealer use two make-up brushes, one to apply and the other to blend

3) To conceal dark circles choose a shade of concealer 1 shade lighter than your foundation. Apply to the darkest area first and blend outward

4)  To conceal blemishes and pigmentation use the same shade as the foundation. Use the tip of your brush for red or inflamed areas

5) Set with a loose powder


Top Tips Flash• Don’t over do it! By using too much concealer you may highlight what you want to hide.
• Always apply concealer after foundation so you can assess where you really need to apply it. This will also avoid a cakey build-up!


Dermablend PowderBody

1) Moisturise your skin in the week leading up to using the body foundation

2) However, to ensure the product adheres properly, make sure the area is free from moisturiser directly before application

3) Start by applying the product directly to the area to be camouflaged, such as a bruise or scar, and then work outwards

4) For fuller coverage apply product with a dry sponge

5) Always finish with setting powder

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