Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream: The Competition

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Marc Jacobs’ fragrances are elegant, irreverent and absolutely unforgettable. With delicious juices and beautifully designed bottles they’ve become modern classics, adorning the dressing tables of women of all ages.

The newest addition to the collection is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, one of the biggest fragrance launches of the year. The epitomises Marc’s affinity for an irresistible juice-bottle combination, with a delicate fruity-floral scent and an equally as delicate floral lace design on the flacon.

Want more? Discover our thoughts about the new fragrance in our review here, and immerse yourself in Sofia Coppola’s ethereal world of Daisy Dream by watching the advertising campaign here.

Win Flash Hot Pink

Now Closed!

Congratulations to our winners Liz G, Sam B and Pure Starz.

We’ve got 3 complete Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream fragrance collections (RRP £99) to give away to 3 lucky readers! Each set includes:

To enter, simply comment below and let us know your favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance. The competition closes on Wednesday 23rd July. Best of luck!

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 15th July 2014 and ends 23rd July 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 23rd July 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.

  • Kelly glen

    It has to be Daisy.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight currently, I wear it everyday x

  • clairabelle0306

    Definitely the original Daisy, I’m on my second bottle 🙂
    xxx Claire

  • Kostanca

    my favorite is Daisy

  • Kostanca

    My favorite is Daisy

  • Daisy Eau So Fresh 🙂

  • Grace

    Daisy for sure

  • Kinga Glowacka

    Oh Lola! is my favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance, with Dot as a close second. Both are unbelievably gorgeous and girly. Oh Lola! especially, I love how it combines the sweet, fruity accents of pear and raspberry with the warm, spicy accords of tonka bean and sandalwood. Daisy Dream has a really good chance of becoming my favourite, though 🙂 It’s so fresh, light, and feminine!! My boyfriend was completely blown away by it and that never happens, since he doesn’t normally care much for perfume. That’s why I’d love to have Daisy Dream in my collection!!

    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to all the participants 🙂

  • Angela

    My favourite has to be Dot – it’s so fresh and perfect for any season.

  • Vanessa Cox

    My favourite is Daisy which I use every day 🙂

  • elaine

    I’m a huge fan of Daisy and wear it all the time …..I often receive compliments on how I smell too so it’s a win win! Would love to win the Daisy Dream, even if just for something different lol 😉

  • Katherine L

    I recently treated myself to the Honey perfume … I love it!

  • mohammad anjum


  • I haven’t actually tried one 🙁 (that’s probably only because I’m a reformed perfume addict on a ban!). My mum does have Honey though and that’s lovely

  • Fei

    Mine would have to be Marc Jacobs honey or dot x

  • Tany

    My favourite is Dot from Marc Jacobs. I’m a sucker when it comes to packaging an presentation. But what I love most about it is that it’s from Marc Jacobs, I quite like his collection and the fragrance itself is rather girl. Just like me 🙂
    I’m looking forward to his new fragrance Daisy Dream, would look great on my dressing table x

  • My favourite is the original Daisy but I’d love to try something new 🙂

  • StaceyD

    I love Daisy

  • Rachel M

    The original Daisy is my all time favourite fragrance. I recently went abroad and got the new Daisy Dream handed to me on a sample card walking through duty free and it really is a dream!

  • Lilly Mars

    I love oh lola,it looks really good on my dressing table… I like daisy too!

  • Martha Smith

    My favourite is definitely Daisy but they are all a bit special aren’t they and I love the bottle designs, theyr’e a real work of art!.

  • To my great regret, I have never seen a luxury brand like Marc Jacobs had in my possession. The fact that this competition is over now, I find totally amazing. I’m not going to pass me this opportunity. So I join, to have a chance, on my first designer brand perfume.

  • Jenny Shaw

    definitely Honey!

  • Nerea

    I have Daisy and it was my favourite one until I tested a special edition perfume by Marc Jacobs in an airport. I am not sure which one it was but oh did it smell amazing! I really love Daisy though, it’s so fresh and summery and never fails to remind me of the good times. Dying to try Daisy Dream and create new memories!

  • I’m really loving the Marc Jacobs Pink Honey at the moment <3 xx

  • Aceso84

    My favourite is still the original Daisy although I do have them all 🙂

  • Debbie Higgins

    Daisy Eau So Fresh is my favourite! It’s a summery and sweet fragrance, perfect for this season!

  • Dawn Dunleavy

    The original Daisy is such a pretty perfume, and is my favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance so far.

  • Evelina Skudra

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any of Marc Jacobs fragrances but would love to win the new parfum set.

  • Molly Lyon

    My favourite is Lola, mines just ran out and I feel lost without that gorgeous bottle! Marc Jacobs packaging is always so cute and summer-appropriate!

  • My absolute favourite is the original Daisy. It is so light and perfect for summer. I always get so many compliments when I wear it! I’m currently on my third bottle, so I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Daisy addict 🙂

    So excited for this launch, thanks for running such a generous competition

    X Emma |

  • Laura Ste

    I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh. It’s just so light and feminine. Laura x

  • cornishgirl

    Oh Lola! is my favourite, although I love them all. Would love to try this Daisy Dream because I’m sure it will be equally gorgeous!

  • I love the classic Lola! The bottles are so cute.x

  • Catherine Joyce

    My favourite is Dot, it smells amazing and I love the bottle

  • Colin S. Murchie

    I love just about everyone of the ‘Splash’ series!

  • sarah

    daisy dream is my fave, smelled it yesterday and love it!

  • Nina Motylinski-Davies


  • Eileen Sumner

    original Daisy

  • Has to be Dot for me – I’ve bought Daisy for friends because I think the packaging makes a beautiful gift, but Dot is so happy and fun!

  • Ntia Dimitriou

    Daisy dream is my favorite marc jacobs fragrance! 😀

  • Zoë Ashton

    I love Lola! I do have a fair stack of Marc Jacobs perfumes though and it’s hard to pick a favourite, and I barely need to smell them anymore as I know I’ll always love them!

  • blacklove01

    I really love all the Marc Jacobs fragrances. But I would love to try the new Daisy Dream. Hope I’m a winner.

  • andrea v

    Daisy dream is my favorite. I love Marc Jacobs and this would be awesome for the summer.

  • Rhian Jones

    Lola! I love the scent and the bottle is like a work of art!

  • Gia

    Lola is my favourite so far 🙂

  • Māra Šteina

    My favourite is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh. Love it!

  • sunshine

    I love daisy

  • My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance is Daisy, but I choose the Eau de Parfum in the black bottle over the Eau de Toilette because it has a richer, more long lasting scent! Would love to try this Daidy Dreeam though as I think it would be perfect to take on holiday with me!

  • rhianne

    Daisy! I also loved the bottle

  • Jinger Kat

    Daisy of course and such pretty packaging

  • Kasia

    My favourite Marc Jacobs perfume is actually Bang. I love the earthy, peppery smell.

  • Rainbow

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance is Dot and I’m sure I will love Daisy Dream too.
    Please let my Dream come true & make me a Winner!

  • Arta Ponciusa

    Daisy. and I love all the bottles – they are gorgeous 🙂

  • Ellis Cochrane

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance has to be the original Daisy so I would love to see how this compares! 🙂

  • Roopa Lutzenberger

    My favourite is of course Daisy. When I first saw it in store, it was so cute that my eyes were drawn to it. Then the fragrance came and it was heavenly. Loved it since..

  • Renata

    I’ve been hearing so much about this new fragrance… I’m super excited to try it. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous! My favourite Marc Jacobs perfume is Daisy EDT. X

  • Nikki Clark


  • Jana Basher

    simply because you are really the name of my dream daisy dream…….

  • I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream – the bottle is just so pretty x

  • aly

    I love Marc Jacobs Daisy! All the Mar Jacobs fragrances have pretty bottles! 🙂

  • Amy

    My favourite fragrance is Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh! I sadly have never owned any my Marc Jacobs however I smell them all of the time in Boots, if I had to pick one it would be that one 🙂

  • Millie H

    The original Daisy is my favourite, it’s a classic 🙂

  • Claudia

    I love the Eau So Fresh fragrance, it’s lovely and it reminds me of my Grandma!

  • Carlene j

    I love Dot wore it on my wedding day. Did hope for this new Daisy dream but didnt come out in time! x

  • Kirsty

    Honey! X

  • Catherine Harper

    Daisy, pretty bottle and beautiful scent (perfect combination)

  • Daria Cota

    Lola and Daisy Dream are my favs

  • Jenny Louise

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance is Lola. It was the very first thing I purchased with my first ever paycheck!

  • Anda Viļuma

    Daisy, for sure!

  • charandrewss

    The EDP Daisy – the gorgeous black bottle, the beautiful scent that’s stronger than the EDT. perfect!

  • carly ann

    Daisy – I am completely in love with the bottle!

  • Sarah Evans

    Daisy is my favourite, I’ve used it for years. But love Dot too

  • Samantha Rojas

    Daisy I absolutely love the bottle so cute

  • Mille

    The daisy eau so fresh sunshine edition that came out last spring. I’m so sad that it’s limited edition 🙁

  • anita hargreaves

    daisy eau so fresh

  • Paula Lane

    I Love the smell of Dot!!

  • Claire Madder

    Daisy Eau So Fresh – lovely

  • D J F reeman

    My girlfriend has the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh, so this would be a nice present for her.

  • Claire sawyers

    Daisy is fab fab fab x

  • Jess

    Has to be Marc Jacobs daisy! x

  • Gillian York


  • JonnaH.

    Dot! Love the bottle too.

  • Pinar Teri

    Dot is my favourite from Marc Jacobs, it smells amazing and perfect for summer. But, I love Daisy Dream so much, the bottle,the fragrance, excellent, want to win it.Fingers crossed X

  • Mutlu Balc

    Daisy Dream is my fave; gorgeous bottle with an amazing scent, so fresh and it’s my dream to have it.

  • carly ann

    Daisy – I just love the bottle!

  • allison nielsen

    I love Lola! 🙂

  • Ferah

    I love fruity-floral scents and lovely bottle designs, this new ‘Daisy Dream’ looks perfect in every way, want to try it,the bottle is so lovely and dreamy, so yes please <3

  • flossiecrossie

    I love the original Daisy fragrance. It’s such an easy to wear fragrance and the bottle is just exquisite.

  • Oh my god, this is amazing! I’ve loved every Marc Jacobs fragrance launch so far (Daisy and Rain are my faves) and I’ve been dying to actually get my hands on Dream and give it a good sniff.

  • Beca Alderson

    My fave Marc Jacobs fragrance has to be Lola, closely followed by Daisy 😀

  • Ming Zheng

    I love Daisy Dream Eau De Toliette. I love how on different size of the bottle the design is a bit different from each other. I’m so going to collect them all.

  • Veronica YU

    Definitely the new fragrance, Daisy Dreams!!!!! I love the amazing packaging and the sweet lychee scent (maybe?)

  • Ame Chen

    Marc Jacobs: Pink Honey!

  • TracyJo

    Daisy Dream Eau de Parfum x

  • I love the original Daisy fragrance but all of them are beautiful and so easy to wear. My favourite thing about the Marc Jacobs fragrances are the beautiful bottles. A pretty addition to any beauty collection xx

  • NLK10

    My fav is Dot

  • Magdalena Komorowska

    I love pink honey!!! The colour of the bottles is pure cheerfulness, not to mention the scent!

  • Lucia

    Daisy Garland Edition!

  • AddictedToMakeup

    I like Daisy Eau So Fresh, because it’s perfect for the summer 🙂

  • G chen

    Love Dot Eau de Parfum Spray and the new edition! Lovely packing as well!

  • Sadia Haque

    I Love Daisy EDT

    Sadia x

  • Kiki Xiao Qi Li

    Daisy is my love

  • Catherine M

    Lola 🙂 x

  • Anouska Millar

    I love daisy! xx

    • yasmine

      My favourite Marc Jacobs is Honey

  • Louise

    I love the original Daisy but they are all gorgeous and I keep all the bottles too! Xxx

  • Hris G.

    My favourite has to be Oh Lola! Perfect fresh summer perfume.

  • Rachael Emery


  • Geraldine O’Gorman

    I love Daisy! So soft and feminine! Lovely for the summer 🙂

  • peppermoon

    I’ve never tried Daisy Dream, but I’d love to! My favorite Marc Jacobs so far has been Dot (i’m a sucker for berries/wood)

  • Vesna Matić

    Daisy 🙂

  • Belinda Matthews

    I love Lola my all time fave

  • Etomidac

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance has to be Daisy EdP. The bright and fresh floral always puts a smile on my face! 🙂

  • Lynn Collison

    I really love Daisy Dream, love all of the unique bottles

  • I love Daisy Dream, had a sample and it’s wonderful. Plus my favourite smell of all time is jasmine, and where is jasmine I’m on it! 🙂

  • Joanne Hamilton

    I love pink honey, but would love to try Daisy Dream

    • Amy



    I love DAISY EAU SO FRESH – perfect summer floral scent.

  • Francesca Nguyen

    I love Daisy Dream

  • Serena La Pietra

    Daisy does it for me.

  • Claire Scott

    Daisy is gorgeous!!

  • Tracy Mortimer Wray

    Daisy Dream is my favourite.

  • Hannah Green

    This sounds beautiful. I’d love to try it!

  • Joanne MacDonald


  • Jasmine Day

    I love DOT its such a beautiful fragrance and the bottle is to die for!!! 😀

  • Guest

    I love the original Daisy Dream (EDT)…It’s such a classic but I can’t wait to try the new Daisy dream 🙂 : ) 🙂

  • Afshan Sheikh

    I love the original DAISY (EDT)… It’s such a classic scent but I can’y wait to own the new DAISY DREAM 🙂 The bottle is super pretty 🙂

  • Ali Thorpe

    Oh Lola is perfect for summer.

  • Nicola Browne

    Daisy au so fresh love it!!

  • Bethany Poppy Lola Raggett

    Daisy Eau So Fresh is one of my absolute favourite summer fragrances! Would love to try more from MJ though!

  • stephanie gray

    I love the original Daisy but the new Dream is gorgeous x


    Daisy Dream is my favourite…x

  • Janett Broms

    Daisy, without a doubt. It’s a classic and absolutely sublime.

  • Viktorija Bumbiere

    I love Daisy

  • Trudi Hannah

    I love them all……..beautifully designed bottles and gorgeous scents

  • Helen Murdoch

    Beautiful bottle, gentle packaging and delicious fragrance – Daisy Dream’s a real winner!

  • Rosie

    Love the original Daisy, haven’t tried this one yet but it sounds divine 🙂

  • Francesca Nguyen

    Daisy Dream xxxx


    Already find Marc Jacobs Daisy a dream so would love to try Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.

  • Karon Pottle

    I find all the fragrances enchanting and I love them all, but if I had to choose it would be daisy.

    Karon x

  • georgia farrant

    I love daisy eau so fresh!

  • Lianne Power

    My favourite is Daisy Hot Pink! 🙂

  • Puhh

    Honey EDP – nice 🙂

  • Stella W. Y. Leung

    My favourite is Honey, great for the summer with a hint of sweetness!

  • Jacqui Goodridge

    My favourite is the original Daisy. It was such a breath of fresh air. But I adore coconut and pear so I am really looking forward to trying the new addition to the family, Daisy Dream

  • sophie brewster

    I love Marc Jacobs Honey! 🙂

  • Debbie Higgins

    My favourite is Daisy Dream from it’s fruity-floral scent, perfect for this time of year!

  • beccs

    have always been a fan of the classic, original scent, Marc Jacobs. Intrigued to try the new Daisy Dream and see if it could become a new classic.

  • Definitely the original Daisy 🙂 xxx

  • Jane pomfret

    Daisy eau so fresh 🙂

  • Lou-Lou

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance is Daisy (the original one!)

  • Lynne Briggs

    I love them all – different one for different moods and seasons

  • I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy but now I would love and absolutely love to try and win this !!!!

  • The original Daisy would be my favourite.

  • Amber

    Daisy Eau So Fresh EDT is my favourite Marc Jacobs Fragrance but you cannot go wrong with Marc Jacobs fragrances they are all beaut scents in their own entity! 🙂 x

  • With Love From K

    This is by far my favourite fragrance from the daisy collection so far. I love the pretty element of the bottle to.

  • JoHaigh

    Oh Lola! I’d love a Daisy Dream!

  • Roxana S.

    My favourite is Honey 🙂

  • Abigail Fraser-Kelly

    Love Honey, love Daisy Dream too – hard choice x

  • I love Daisy

  • Charmaine Friswell

    My favourites are Daisy and Delight (couldn’t narrow it to one) I would absolutely love to win the new Daisy Dream all the perfumes smell divine and would love to add this to my collection! Plus bottle is stunning!!!

  • joanna smith

    Daisy for me!

  • Katherine Coldicott


  • Glamorous Chic Life

    I love Daisy, it’s the only Mark Jacobs fragrance I currently own. But Daisy Dream sounds just divine, can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Adriana Boltryk


  • Sofia Sousa

    I love the Marc jacobs woman parfum! I’d love daisy dream though <3 it's perfect!

  • Fiona Sykes

    I love the original Daisy perfume, but I’m sure I’d love Daisy Dream even more! Xx

  • Tríona


  • I absolutely adore Pink Honey – I keep going into the shops and spraying myself with it.

  • Laura P

    I love the original Daisy!

  • I love all the Marc Jacob fragrances, but so far my favourite would have to be Honey!

  • donna brown

    Love honey Marc Jacobs

  • lotti

    I love the classic daisy its lovley 🙂 rt@charlotteanne39

  • Daisy <3

    Catherine x

    Catherines Loves

  • ive never had any marc jacobs fragrances but i smelt daisy on my sister and i loved it 🙂

  • Kirsty Sian Evans

    My favourite mark Jacobs scent is the classic daisy. Its so summery and sophisticated.

  • Joy Rooney

    Been a loyal Daisy fan for years. So excited about this new addition to the Marc Jacobs family. 😀

  • Nikki Belton

    I love all the Daisy fragrances from the Marc Jacobs collection. I can’t choose between the original Daisy scent and the Daisy Eau So Fresh as my favourites. Whatever one I choose the scent always lifts my mood and makes me feel my happy self. I have big hopes for the Daisy dream too as there is literally none that I don’t enjoy. xXx

  • Laura gray

    I love the new daisy dream my other half bought it for me tonight to wear on our wedding day … 46 days to go!

  • Rebecca

    I love all marc jacobs especially daisy and Lola!! Just smelt daisy dream earlier today! Love it!!!!

  • Frances

    My faves are Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, I would love to try Daisy Dream too!!

  • Lorraine

    I love Honey, but I can’t wait to try Daisy Dream

  • perihan

    I love Daisy

  • bodiochir

    Honey EDP

  • Lena

    Daisy Delight is gorgeous. I would love the chance to try Daisy Dream 🙂

  • The original Daisy 🙂

  • Vivian Chan

    Daisy Eau de Parfum would definitely have to be my most favourite Daisy perfume 🙂 I even bought it in a rollerball overseas to carry in my handbag because we don’t have that version in Australia! I would love to try Daisy Dream though!

  • Jeremy Rance

    I have bought my Girlfriend Daisy Dream before and i love the smell of it on her as well, so would love to give her this set



  • Sinead

    Love Marc Jacobs – Lola


    Pink Honey… my favorite

  • Clo’s Beauty Spot

    I love Daisy, but this one looks gorgeous, I love the bottle! x

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet

    Wow I’d love to win this! I love the original Daisy fragrance so this would be perfect! xx

  • lisa prince

    I have non stopped wearing marc jacobs honey this past year , I love how its bottle is decorated so pretty and the aroma stays all day , its beautiful in every way x

  • Kat

    My favourite is Dot 🙂

  • Clare Pritchard

    The original Daisy is gorgeous, would love to try this one! Fingers crossed!

  • Renata

    I love Daisy EDT and would be thrilled to win Daisy Dream, as I think the packaging and the fragrance are absolutely gorgeous. X

  • Amy

    My favourite is Oh Lola! Sunsheer. It won out as my favourite perfume of 2013 and still stands as my favourite ever Marc Jacobs perfume! Desperate to try Daisy Dreams!

    Amy xx

  • Lynn Hathaway

    I love the original Daisy fragrance… it’s a beautiful perfume and it lasts all day which is perfect 🙂

  • Olivia Byrne

    Pink honey <3

  • stu anderson

    The Pink Honey smells sublime wafting from my wife and Bang Bang EDT is one of my favs!

  • Hazel

    I love Honey, it’s such a sweet and uplifting scent.
    twitter – @HazelxJoy

  • Xristina

    I adore the original Daisy!!

  • Emma Slater

    My favourite definitely has to be daisy eau so fresh, especially in the summer!! It’s so light and refreshing but I love how different and unique daisy dream is so if love to try it!!

  • TracyJo

    Daisy Dream

  • cat reekie

    I love the original Daisy and I have not tried Daisy Dream yet. I am due a baby on the 18th of August and if its a girl she will be called Daisy <3 x x

  • flossiecrossie

    My favourite is the original Daisy. What a classic fragrance!

  • Sarah Leaning

    I love honey 🙂

  • I think my favourite fragrance would have to be Lola but I’m also a big fan of Dot and the original Daisy. Would love to give Daisy dream a try though x

  • The Naily Mail

    My favourite is this one, Daisy Dream. I had a smell of it earlier this week and fell in love with it. I’ve got to be patient and wait until pay day though!

  • karen_

    My favourite is Honey! 🙂 x

  • Marcella

    My favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance is Daisy.

  • Kirsty Norton

    I really love them all but Lola is my favourite!

  • ^•^ Little Owls ^•^

    Pink Honey, super sweet 🙂 xx

  • Alexandra Charlotte

    I haven’t tried any of MJ fragrances, I’m missing out!

  • Zeleena Webb

    Daisy Dream :)x

  • Angela Wilcox

    I like Daisy, would love to try this

  • original daisy <3

  • Shelley Tuchewicz


  • Pember

    I would love to try dream out as I love these fragrances but I have to say my favourite is dot and Lola <3