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The latest innovation from luxury natural skincare favourites Nuxe is Merveillance Expert, a high tech anti-ageing range that aims to reverse and prevent the effects of glycation.

What is glycation, you ask? Well, it’s actually something that happens in all skin as it matures. Over time, sugars become attached to the proteins that help skin maintain its youthful plumpness and flexibility (vimentin, collagen and elastin), and when there is too much, the proteins are inhibited from doing their job properly. As time goes on, skin becomes slack and dull, and wrinkles begin to form.

Merveillance Expert harnesses the power of a star ingredient: the Daylily (3 patents pending), a powerful natural ingredient that not only protects the skin’s natural function from being disrupted by glycation, but also helps to remove all existing sugars – a bit like a reset button for your skin. The result is smoother, firmer, more supple skin that is well protected. Oh, and the ultra silky textures and beautiful floral scent are pretty fantastic, too.

WIN: Click here to enter our Nuxe Merveillance Expert skincare competition!


Nuxe Merveillance Expert Day Cream

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Eye Cream

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Night Cream

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Serum Swatch


Pat BWPat’s Thoughts…

To give the Merveillance Expert range a thorough test-run before its launch, our resident skincare fanatic and customer service whiz, Pat, used the range daily for a full six weeks. Here’s what she had to say about the results…

Merveillance Expert Firming Eye Cream
“The best way for me to describe this lovely cream is light, gentle and super efficient. It’s such a pleasure to use, and unlike a lot of eye creams, it does not irritate my eyes. I do have fine lines around my eyes but they now look softer and much less defined, so this is a product that I will definitely continue to use in the long term.”

Merveillance Expert Firming Serum 
“I have been using the serum for 6 weeks and my fine lines appear to be far less noticeable. This serum has a fabulous creamy texture and it sinks into the skin so easily, leaving no residue. It makes a perfect base for the matching day and night creams and really gives them a boost, making my skin feel firm and fresh yet extremely pampered. When used under foundation it gives my skin a fresh, glowing appearance. “

Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream
“I will admit that a regular day cream has been lacking in my daily skincare routine. But, after trying this treat from Nuxe, I have been won over and it has now become as important to me as my night cream. I look upon it as my ‘protection’ against the harsh daily elements, it glides over skin with a silky softness and sinks in immediately. My foundation is so much easier to apply and now has much better staying power.”

Merveillance Expert Regenerating Night Cream
“To me, my night cream is the most important product that I put onto my skin. After cleansing thoroughly and using the Nuxe serum, I delight in using this night cream because I know that in the morning my skin looks and feels so rested. Used with the serum I can see such positive results after using this cream – and best of all, I love it when people say, “your skin is glowing”.”


Breaker2Win Flash Hot Pink

Now closed!

Congratulations to our winner Laura, who recommended body brushing, lots of shea butter, and a healthy dose of Nuxe Reve de Miel!

We have the full Nuxe Merveillance Expert collection to give away before it officially launches in September! The prize includes:

  • ○ 1 x Nuxe Merveillance Expert Lifting Eye Cream 15ml
  • ○ 1 x Nuxe Merveillance Expert Lifting Serum 30ml
  • ○ 1 x Nuxe Merveillance Expert Rich Correcting Cream 50ml
  • ○ 1 x Nuxe Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream 50ml
  • ○ 1 x Nuxe Merveillance Expert Regenerating Night Cream 50ml

To enter, simply leave a comment below and tell us: what’s your #1 skincare tip? The competition closes on Wednesday 4th September. Good luck!


No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 29th August 2014 and ends 4th September 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 4th September 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.


  • Daisy Churchward

    Skincare Tip: Keep it simple!

  • Abby Lindon

    Always take your make up off before going to bed 🙂

  • Kathrine Bradley

    Double cleanse in the evening! Once to remove make-up and dirt and then a second time to properly cleanse and nourish the skin.

  • My top tip would be to use a chemical exfoliator within your skincare to keep your skin looking clear and radiant, and stop the build up of dry skin cells 🙂

  • Laura

    My no 1 skincare tip is gettting enough sleep!

  • Petra

    Double cleanse! Micellar water and then deep clean with Philips visa pure! Best results ever! 🙂

  • Patricia

    Cleansing, sleep and aerobic excercise. Best cleansing is through hot cloth cleanser.

  • flames.2

    the best skincare tip is use a good longlasting sunscreen in the daytime that is very nourishing to the skin as hydration is also essential

  • Irma Tufek

    My #1 skincare tip is always micellar water and so much sleep….. 🙂

  • Filipa Alexandre

    always use sun screen

  • Fiona

    Use a separate night cream generously applied. For daytime I like to let my skin breathe

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Drink plenty of water!

  • Kelly glen

    Drink lots of water your skin will look so much better if you do.

  • Val Swift

    cleanse, tone and moisturise, drink plenty of water and a good nights sleep

  • lisa evans

    Drink plenty of water, eat 5 a day at least and never go to bed without taking your make up off!

  • Stuart Edwards

    Try not to sleep on your back it stops your face from ageing as quick

  • liane mccreanor

    Invest in a good moisturiser- and never forget to moisturise the neck! 🙂

  • mary heald

    Plenty of sleep and moisturising night and day

  • ClaireT

    Drink lots if water

  • susiebaby1

    moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


    cleanse, moisturise and smile x

  • Zoe Goulding

    Enough sleep and tone & moisturise

  • ke11iott

    cleanse, tone and moisturise EVERY DAY!

  • Tom Baines

    water spring natural drink lots of

  • Alison

    Invest in a magnitone or clarisonic they are fabulous for keeping your skin it top condition

  • salsquiggle

    Always, always remove make up before bed.

  • Alana Walker

    Drink lots of water and always take your make up off at night

  • Caroline H

    Don’t forget sunscreen and moisturiser on your neck and chest – in years to come a line free face will look really odd with a saggy neck and crepey chest!

  • Susan

    Have a facial every month – works wonders!

  • Irit

    Smile! and use less make-up….love you skin!

  • Gemma

    It’s a pretty basic one, but protect your skin from the sun. I’m terrified of melanoma (history of it in the family), so am cautious in hot weather. I make sure I expose my skin to UV light so I get my Vitamin D, but don’t go overboard. As a result, I easily look more than ten years younger than I actually am.

  • Laura

    Body brush then exfoliate and with skin still damp, slather pure natural organic shea butter from head to toe, even on your hair, once a week, yes you will look like a cross channel swimmer but oh boy you’ll have baby soft skin & less wrinkles, hoorah! Plus it’s very cheap to buy in it’s raw form(buy Fair Trade if possible).
    Can I also add if you haven’t tried it buy Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm, it is I N C R E D I B L E!! It stays put even through drinking and eating and makes lips lusciously soft, works well on cuticles too 🙂

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    My no 1 tip is drink loads of water plus get plenty of sleep

  • jcyclops

    Remove makeup as soon as possible, not just before bed.

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    ALWAYS remove make up before bed

  • Anna

    A few drops of Micellar water on a cotton pad and wiped over your eyes in the morning, not only refreshes them but also eases any puffiness. Brilliant for the ‘morning after’

  • Always Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise before any make up application. Don’t forget to moisturise the eyes and the lips!

  • audrey

    always used sunscreen on you lips

  • Stay natural, always moisturise, avoid the sun and smile & love your skin and your flaws just as much 🙂

  • Debbie Gillespie

    Drink plenty of water during the day

  • Jackie Ding

    Clean skin properly at the end of the day and exfoliate regularly, plus indulge yourself to a mask time at least once a week.

  • Maia Pakule

    Remove make up before bed

  • greig spencer

    drink lots of water to flush out toxins

  • Be diligent with your skincare 24/4 (no slacking) and acids (AHA, BHA, LHA) – they are the key to clear skin!

  • Suzanne Drummond

    remove make up each night , when doing smokey eyes, place a folded cotton wool pad under bottom lashes so when applying your eye shadow it doesnt fall on your face make up .

  • Martina Pichova

    keep hydrated, drink lots of water

  • always apply an eye cream, no excuses!

  • Tina Baden

    I drink a lot of water, 2-3 liters per Day

  • aileen swilinski

    Just use Nuxe morning and night, Brilliant

  • Ksenia Nielsen

    Eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

  • Pete Cleasby

    drink plenty of water

  • Carol-Anne

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

  • verero

    Only thermal water on my face !

  • Sophie Bird

    Plenty of sleep

  • Rohana

    Always clean off make up before going to bed

  • Malcolm Butterworth

    Stop smoking, no alcohol and a early night, works a treat and saves you money.

  • Nicki Evans

    Use a moisturiser with sun protection in it.

  • Victoria Kirkpatrick

    Always remove makeup before going to bed x

  • Sue Bowdler

    Keep skin clean and never forget to moisturise – and you wouldn’t dream of sitting in the sun or smoking, obviously……

  • shirlz51

    drink plenty of water

  • laura

    SPF 50 and Luxuriance!

  • nina miller

    Cleanse twice at night – once to remove make up and/or suncream and once to cleanse the skin. Follow with an exfoliating toner and a moisturiser. Check out skin expert

  • kimberleyjohnson

    Beauty comes from inside, if a person feels good, they look good, oh and moisturiser helps

  • Alityke

    Happiness! The best thing for an inner glow

  • Candace

    Drink lots of water would have to be my number one skin care tip

  • Julia Braddock

    Apart from drinking water and getting adequate seep, feed yourself from the inside by drinking Aloe Vera gel.Tastes disgusting but wow, see your skin blossom.

  • Jess Mandeville

    Drink lots of water to keep your skin looking fresh and young

  • Christine Caple

    Always use plenty of moisturiser.

  • angiehoggett

    exercise every day and drink green tea in the mornings

  • Drink plenty of water and after washing your face, splash some cold water on to tighen up the pores too.

  • immy lacy

    Drink lots of water

  • Gotana

    The best tip for good skin – be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings x

  • Angela White

    Don’t drink alcohol:-)

  • Anna Macrae

    Even if you’re too tired to keep your eyes open- REMOVE MAKEUP BEFORE BED 🙂

  • Alissa Reid

    Use sunscreen daily, don’t forget your neck, and don’t get angry and frown too much

  • Kirsty Brown

    Moisturise your face, neck and chest every morning and night to keep your skin hydrated and looking young. Everyone assumes that I am 25 when I am in fact 34! 🙂

  • Francesca Nguyen

    ALWAYS, cleanse, tone & moisturise your face. Love your skin & it will love you back 🙂

  • Matthew Daniel

    Always stay moisturised.

  • Clara Smeaton

    My number one skin care tip: double action on the face masks! An exfoliating one like Dermalogica cream exfoliant followed by something soothing and super moisturising like Avène for the lovely fresh new skin underneath!

  • Shelley J Stevenson

    spf moisturiser .. always!! wished id listened to the advice years ago 🙁

  • angela sandhu



    Drink lots of water, have a daily multivitamin, eat healthy and be happy!

  • Jeanne C.

    After 40, only cleanse after wearing make-up, don’t bother with toner. Moisturizer well. If you feel you must cleanse, use a very gentle cleansing water. I have done this for nearly a year now, and have suffered no breakouts or other effects.
    I learnt my lesson after spending a few months with a dry and flaky forehead, after years of having combination to oily skin.

  • Sandra Blickett

    Always use an SPF on your face in all seasons.

  • Unpaletteable

    Always moisturise your neck! (tip actually from my grandma)

  • Treat your skin like a fine silk; gently does it.

  • Helen Clayton

    Wear a foundation with sunscreen both summer And winter-and always remove makeup each night and use a night moisturiser. Thanks!

  • Jayne

    Fake it. Save your skin and still look fantastic. Apply self tan using disposable gloves and enjoy glowing radiant skin without risk.

  • My #1 skin care tip is to always remove makeup at night in a double cleanse routine.

    Laura x

  • emilyomara

    always take make up off be4 bed!

  • Joe Dee Phoenix

    the best combination ever!….get plenty of water and sleep.

  • Aliona Fomenco

    Leave out/ reduce sugar from diet: fighting the glycation process from the inside!

  • Lindsey C

    Wear a daily moisturiser with a decent SPF every single day.

  • sonia williams

    Cucumber on your eyes makes them feel really refreshed

  • caroline valentine

    Never sleep in make up and establish a good skincare system. It is never too late to start.

  • Katerina Kafaki

    Beauty is 80% what you eat and 20% what you slather on your skin. So, double up on Matcha Green Tea, Astaxanthin, MSM, Vitamins in a live form (in AS FOOD form only), friendly bacteria and bee pollen. GO nuts -literally!- and add avocado, healthy snacks, avoiding sugar, gluten and dairy as much as possible, or replacing them with ethically + sustainably cultivated/sourced, GM-Free alternatives.
    Feed you gut: its your 2nd brain and the centre of your immune system. Feed your soul: with art, music, experences and memories. Love, dance and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Nothing else really matters.
    Listen and respect your body and your soul – and you shall enjoy an ‘expensive’ face in your mid-years, minus invasive procedures and plus the glow!
    Many wishes
    Katerina Kafaki – 43 years old.

  • Emma Falvi

    drink plenty of water

  • Always use a product containing SPF on your face!

  • Heather Vaux

    Eat a good diet and apply good quality skin care products 🙂

  • Karen van Zijl

    You are what you eat! Eat a varied diet that includes loads of fresh, raw ingredients to help keep your skin healthy and young from the inside, as well as using effective products on the outside. This gives your skin the best chance and looking younger for longer 🙂

  • Claire Davies

    Use warm water to rinse your face as hot water can over-dry. Also always wear sun screen when out in the sun 🙂

  • highrising51

    Look after yourself from the inside with both diet and positivity being the best things you can do to effect your outside appearance.

  • Bekahbea

    Don’t overload your skin with product: sometimes less is more. It’s too easy to assume that if one drop of serum is good, five must be five times better – it’s not necessarily so.

  • Shireen M

    When you think there is nothing left in the tube of your skincare product, cut it in half and you will find a heap of product still left in there. Use the top cut half as a lid to keep the product air tight!

  • cat Holdcroft

    keep out of the sun… as much as you can…and don’t smoke

  • Karen Richards

    Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and for clear skin.

  • Anna Nemerova

    After washing at once put a cream to avoid dry skin

  • Emma Gibson

    Make sure to cleanse and tone daily, also always use sun cream!

  • Humble Jumble

    If your hands are showing signs of ageing – or Summer gardening has taken it’s toll and your hand cream isn’t working as it should, apply the marvellous Nuxe dry oil (Huile Prodigieuse) underneath your hand cream and you’ll see really super results very quickly. I’ve used it for a long time on my face and hair – but this oil is such a multi-tasker I massage it into my nails too. A wonderfully economical all-rounder, for sure.

  • SarahSnail

    When shaving, don’t waste money on expensive shaving foams or gels. The cheapest hair conditioner works wonders, smelling beautiful and moisturising your legs wonderfully. x

  • Sheri Darby

    Get lots of sleep

  • K Alman

    Wash face daily & use moisturizer

  • Hannah Lord

    Hydration is key to soft smooth fresh looking skin

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    use face products that contain SPF

  • lynda fairley

    This product sounds just what im looking for.i use a good moisturiser but need something to firm my skin.i only use foundation on special occasions.lynda fairley. 1st sept2014.

  • Samantha Gray

    Use SPF products from head to toe and don’t forget your ears!

  • Valerie B

    Exfoliate once a week, even if it’s just gently rubbing a wet flannel over your face. This will get rid of dead skin cells which build up and make your skin look dull.

  • mavin

    Go make up free when in the house to give your skin a chance to breathe and always smile. A beautiful smile does wonders for your appearance

  • nocona

    Drink loads of water! Try drinking nothing but for a week to see the diff!

  • Ruth Harwood

    Find a moisturiser that suits your skin and stick to it, as well as the routine that works best for you xx

  • Vicki A Smith

    Don’t be afraid to switch up your skincare routine. It’s easy to get stuck in a skincare rut with trusted products, but there’s always something new on the market that *might* just work a bit better for you.

  • Jonathan Sullivan

    Get enough beauty sleep

  • Shirley Cryan

    Make your beauty routine something you enjoy, use the products you love the most.

  • sharon mead

    exfoliate twice a week makes a huge difference

  • luijojo

    Get out into the fresh air everyday if possible, but always use a moisturiser and/or sunscreen containing at least 15SPF

  • Jihane Bernichi

    Always eat healthy fruits, vegetables and greens!!

  • Dianne Brewin

    Always cleanse, tone and moisturise. Try and stick to one brand

  • Louise

    Use an SPF every day of the year, the sun does so much damage to skin!

  • Christina Wyatt

    To get the best benefit from using a (weekly) face mask, I always use a light facial scrub first, rinse off with warm water & then apply the face mask for the required time. It leaves my skin feeling really clean & smooth & gives an ideal base for applying night cream or serum

  • drink plenty of water

  • Angela Kelly

    Always take your makeup off as soon as you can and drink lots of water.

  • Georgia McAllister

    Drink plenty of water, sleep lots and wear sunscreen.

  • Ivana

    Use as natural skincare as possible, and smile!

  • Susan Williams

    Moisturise, every day.

  • Holly King

    cleanse, tone , moisturise

  • helen0903

    Eat a healthy balanced diet and drink lots of water

  • Lyndsey Beckford

    Always cleanse tone and moisturise morning and night and exfoliate every week

  • Samantha Atherton

    you can never over moisturise.

  • Rachel McCook

    Apply moisturiser before foundation, it gives you a healthy glow!

  • Jayne K

    Don’t use soap on your face.

  • Amanda McConville

    wear an SPF product on face, eat healthy diet and drink lots of water

  • Charlotte

    cleanse, tone and definately moisturise!

  • Tasha Bowler

    Apply sudocrem on your face at night, it does wonders to clear up spots and blemishes.

  • Ellie powell

    keep your skin hydrated

  • Monika Suchonska

    exfoliate and moisturise

  • Sharon Bell

    Drink plenty of water

  • Sue Cope

    drink plenty of water

  • Erica Price

    Lots of water

  • petruska81

    drink heaps of water

  • Cally martin

    I get used coffee granules from my local coffee shop and while in the shower I gently exfoliate my whole body and my face (only once a week for the face) this is fantastic for firming the skin and getting rid of cellulite and my skin feels ultra soft and its free <3

  • Sarah Lowry

    My #1 tip would have to be water water water!! I try to drink 2 litres a day.. as a result my skin’s elasticity is spot on! My skin will also thank me in years to come!!

  • Jenna H

    Never go to bed without removing your makeup first!

  • Deirdre

    Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Don’t just rely on wipes all the time, give a deep clean with a cloth regularly, & follow with an exfoliating toner a few times a week to keep skin looking bright and clear. Then, SPF in some form

  • mecanopsis

    Cleanse thoroughly twice a day, and drink plenty of water.

  • Keith Hunt

    The wife puts baby oil in the bath keeps her soft.

  • MrsNPicola

    My number one tip is to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, definately at nighttime and never sleep with your make up on 🙂

  • Kirsty Norton

    Massage cleanser in a circular action for a at least 2 minutes for a deep clean and a radiant glow

  • Keshia Esgate

    Don’t use makeup wipes, always cleanse,tone and moisturise

  • Naomi Harrison

    Always cleanse, tone & moisturise twice a day. After washing your face, splash with cold water. Always use the best quality creams you can afford-good ingredients really do make a difference.

  • Emma Howard

    Drink plenty of water to hydrate from within

  • Laura Pritchard

    Get plenty of sleep – my skin always glows after a good 8 hours.

  • yasmine

    exfoliate at least once a week as no matter how great your routine or products are if your not they are just sitting on dead skin cells so your wasting your time & money,products. if you have very sensitive skin just use a muslin cloth when removing your cleanser this exfoliates very gently.

  • danielle thomson

    clean your make up brushes regularly


    Drink plenty of water

  • Rebecca Shelton

    always remove your makeup.

  • cassie fraser

    Exfoliate before tanning always!

  • Kirsty_Mackay

    Apply oil to your skin when you come out of the shower, it helps to lock in moisture and ensure soft and hydrated skin.

  • kasia

    Drink plenty of water and 8hours of sleep every night

  • clare davies

    always take off your make up and use products with spf 🙂 X

  • Jill

    Moisture every morning and night

  • SUE

    Use a sunblock on your hands and apply every time you wash them throughout the day. This will help to stop age spots appearing on your hands as you age…

  • Jennifer Rhymer

    Moisturise to keep skin hydrated 🙂

  • Lynn Hathaway

    Always use natural skincare products where possible which are kinder to the skin 😉

  • Ema

    ALWAYS remove makeup before going to sleep.

  • susan gray

    drink lots f water

  • aaron

    wash face with water- nothing else at least once per day

  • Penelope Hannibal

    Good skin comes from within!
    So eat well, keep hydrated & avoid stress! 🙂

  • Haryati M

    Exfoliate, not just your face but your body as well. It’s best to apply oil when you’ve just been in the shower or bath, when your skin is still damp.

  • Leanne B

    Always moisturise especially if working in an air conditioned environment.

  • Lila B Taylor

    Drink lots of water and eat plenty of berries as they contain important anti-oxidants x

  • san

    drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin clear

  • Angela Macdonald

    be happy, laughter lines look much better on older skin than frown lines…

  • NaomiB

    Drink plenty of water, basic but i think it makes the most difference x

  • LoobyLee

    Put your face in iced water for as long as you can stand it.

  • Stephanie Acton

    Drink lots of water and use a good quality sunscreen

  • @flickabella1

    My number 1 skin care tip is to sleep in a moisturising mask for super soft skin in the morning x

  • Janet Rumley

    Always cleanse and moisturise before bed

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    I always use a pore refiner!

  • Cecelia Allen

    it is important to teach teen girls a good cleanse tone and moisturise routine.especially so if they wear make up.

  • Evgeniya Retskaya

    Moisture every day

  • Jodie Harvey

    Night cream!

  • Caroline Tara Lyons

    Vaseline around eyes to soften creases

  • Laura Avery

    Start the day with a cup of water to flush out toxins!

  • Sarah Lewis

    Never go to bed with your make-up on.

  • LadyChelington

    the number one skincare tip is to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night.

  • nescho

    clean your skin thoroughly at least once a day – before going to bed, and always moisturize to avoid dehydration and formation of fine lines 🙂

  • George Worboys Wright

    Moisturise your skin every time you get it wet!

  • laura

    hydration – drinking lots of water everyday has greatly improved my skin!

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    Always remove your make up before bed saves the skin from many problems.

  • Kerry Pool

    Drink loads of water, and always cleanse and moisturise!


    Drink plenty of water so that skin does not become dehydrated.

  • scarletblackbird

    I always moisturise my face morning and night, faithfully. It has kept my skin looking young

  • kayleigh dudley

    wear a spf tinted moisturiser for a natural glow and protection

  • Katie Skeoch

    cleanse twice a day

  • Sheila Wright

    Carry a small sachet or tube of ‘reve de miel’ moisturiser with you to refresh your neck and hands moisture during a long working day. It makes you feel so good and gives you a scented handshake.