Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

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The Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum is the latest offering from fine Italian perfumers Acqua di Parma. Rosa Nobile begins a new chapter in the celebrated Acqua di Parma La Nobili story, a collection of fine fragrances born in the land of irresistible cuisine, innately chic style and envious vitality to life: Italy. The La Nobili fragrances draw inspiration from aristocratic Italian gardens, a hidden world of majesty, beauty and culture that is revealed only to a privileged few. These ambrosial secret gardens are filled with fragrances that grasp you by the hand for an enchanting stroll through veiled giardinos.

Previous gifts from the Acqua di Parma Le Nobili orchestra include the wonderfully opulent Gelsomino Nobile, the regal Iris Nobile and the ethereal Magnolia Nobile. To complete this anthology of emblematic Italian flowers, Acqua di Parma have presented us with Rosa Nobile, a sumptuous ode to the magnifico Rose. Acqua di Parma prove with Rosa Nobile that all roses aren’t created equally, as this delight pays tribute to the grandiose Rose Centifolia, the prodigious Queen of the Flowers.

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In my opinion Rosa Nobile is the baby sister of the collection, and she is above and beyond the most beautiful. The supremely elegant fragrance is encased in a heavyweight glass flacon cut with stylishly clean lines and adorned with chic gold accents. The rose gold juice is pleasing to the eye with its delicate feminine charm that’s evocative of the precious Centifolia Rose enclosed within.

From the first sniff of this alluring scent you’re invited into the formerly exclusive world of the aristocratic Italian garden, tugged along gently by the soft yet vibrant citrus notes of Sicilian Mandarin and Calabrian Bergamot, notes that are so suggestive of a traditional Italian garden teeming with vivid, sun-ripened citrus fruits and gentle Mediterranean breezes. With another sniff my nose is tickled by a hint of black pepper that calls to mind soft damp earth blanketed in a bed of lush grass, embellished with a nursery of glittering Tuscan wildflowers.

After a few moments the deeply floral heart notes emerge, white Peony and exquisite Lily, notes that play second fiddle to the beautifully powdery accords of Rose Centifolia. Not so powdery that it feels as though you’re wearing your Gran’s favourite scent, but a chic and modern take on rose that is blended with a drop of sweet honey for an amorous finish.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

In the dry down, the floralcy is sensually subdued with warm, sultry Cedar Wood, dashed with a provocative brush of musk. It’s the kind of scent that surprises you, emanating a lovely bouquet with every movement; a scent that truly sings on the skin. Acqua di Parma have described this perfume as “a thousand petals on the skin”, an artistic comparison that I feel is wholly justified.

Rosa Nobile is a romantic and timeless fragrance that I can imagine Juliet wearing whilst awaiting Romeo’s ascent to her ivy-covered balcony in Verona, its wistful bouquet enveloping the star-crossed lovers in a veil of regal roses and joyful citrus. It steals hearts without compromising its innocent, wide-eyed feminine allure. Rosa Nobile would certainly make the most perfect wedding fragrance, adding an extra touch of luxury to one of the most memorable days of a woman’s life.

All in all, Rosa Nobile is an exceptional fragrance, a thing of beauty and grace with an innately feminine charm and a juice that’s full of light. It’s the perfect addition to the La Nobile family, as imperial and impressive as its older sisters with a scent that’s truly earned its place at the family table.

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    it’s a really timeless soft and feminine scent! For me it’s the kind of scent you wear when you just want to feel clean and pretty. Check out my review on my blog: