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Like most girls, I tend to use more products during the winter months. Although I’m joining in with Escentual’s #DareToBare campaign this October (more info here), when it comes to filming and special occasions I do have to reach for my cosmetics. It’s been a while since I last went through my make-up favourites with you, so this week I thought I’d open up and share the secrets of my autumn 2014 make-up bag…




Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner
I always apply a primer before putting on my foundation as it helps smooth out my complexion and ensure my make-up stays put all day. This one by Bioderma is my current favourite. It instantly tightens my skin and reduces the size of my pores, creating a smooth even base for my make-up, so I look flawless up close!

Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream
Like most girls, I am prone to the occasional break-out. When my skin is feeling sensitive, I trade my normal foundation for this caring BB cream. It soothes redness, calms an irritated complexion, reduces inflammation and moisturises my skin, as well as providing sun protection and acting as a smooth, lightweight base. Skincare and make-up coverage in one amazing product!

October is French Pharmacy Month at Escentual, meaning you can get both these Bioderma beauty staples for an amazing 1/3 off this month.

Clarins True Radiance Foundation and DiorSkin Star Foundation
Both these foundations are new releases and both are fabulous! The Clarins base is light and illuminating, giving you a fresh, dewy complexion and brightening dull winter skin. The Dior base, meanwhile, is a dream on bad-skin days. It corrects an uneven complexion while brightening my skin to create a smooth, dazzling finish. It’s my new favourite when filming as it hides all imperfections and makes my skin look amazing, while the Clarins base is my go-to off-duty make-up, making my skin look fresh, hydrated and naturally pretty.

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder
I don’t need to tell you guys what a huge fan I am of bronzing powder, and this is my new must-have. Its velvety, demi-matte, silky-smooth formula instantly gives skin a gorgeous, natural-looking tan, without ever looking muddy or orange. I use this every day – love it!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Rouge Blusher in Soft Pink
Having spent many years as a bronzer-only girl, I’ve recently been introduced to the delights of blusher, and this one is brilliant. It has a lightweight, creamy texture that is easy to blend into the apples of your cheeks, and it gives a warm, natural, healthy flush that’s really pretty. So now instead of bronzer or blusher, I use both!

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo
You’ll have seen me mention highlighting and illuminating products before, but for the uninitiated, let me explain: illuminators can come in cream form or as a powder, like this one. Rather than a having flat, cakey finish to your make-up, illuminators brighten your skin with tiny pearlised particles. The effect is dewy and shimmery, without looking shiny. Overall, your skin looks fresh, youthful and radiant, rather than dull and aged. Believe me, once you try this, you’ll be a total convert too.

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Too Faced Cat Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
The winter months allow me to get a little more experimental with my eye make-up, and this eyeshadow palette has a beautiful range of colours to play with – nine in all. From soft, shimmery pinks to deliciously dark violet and chocolate hues, there’s whole spectrum of shadows, each of which blends beautifully into the others. I’ve used to it create natural eyes by day, and, as the name suggests, seductive cat eyes by night. Puuuurrfectly gorgeous!

Too Faced Bullet-Proof Eyeliner in Black Out
This handy crayon works as both an eyeliner and an eyeshadow and is brilliant for creating dark smoky eyes. Simply line the eyes with the eye pencil, then turn it round and you’ll find a sponge to smudge the colour, giving you sexy, smouldering eyes in an instant.

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara 
Lashings of mascara is a smoky-eye essential, but even if you just want to go for a fresh, natural look, I think mascara is an everyday must-have. This one instantly lengthens and thickens your lashes without clogging, creating long, fluttery, flirtatious lashes.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Peony
I’ve always been more of a lipgloss girl than a lipstick wearer, which is why this product is a revelation for me. It slicks on like a gloss, but has the more deeply pigmented colour of a lipstick. The result? Coverage, shine and intense colour that really lasts. My pout has definitely improved since I made this discovery!

Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour in Rouge Kiss
Guerlain describe this product as the lipstick equivalent of a little black dress, which I love! Special evenings call for really elegant make-up, with a seriously grown-up lipstick like this one. Sometimes only the classics will do, and a devastatingly sexy red lip is a killer beauty weapon in any girl’s arsenal. Every make-up bag should have one of these.

Binky London Gel Nail Polish
Of course, to go with your elegant red lips you need classic scarlet nails. I’ve put my name to this formula because I really do think it’s fantastic. It features a high-end gel base which uses the very latest in nail-lacquer technology. And that means long-lasting, rich colour in just one coat.


I’ve tried, tested and loved every one of these products, and they’ve made their way from my bathroom into my beauty bag, which means I trust them to do their job brilliantly. Don’t forget to drop me a line if there’s a beauty look you’d like me to try, a hairstyle you’d like explained or a product that needs investigating – I’m always ready to undertake new beauty experiments, all in the name of looking amazing.


Until next week, stay gorgeous!
Love Binky xxx

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