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Congratulations to 1st Prize winner Zeleena W, 2nd Prize winner Selma G, and the two 3rd prize winners Abi M and Sophie.

To celebrate our dazzling transformation into a golden world of Paco Rabanne, we have some spectacular gifts to be won – including a very special pair of chic Paco Rabanne sunglasses.

To be in with a chance, all you have to do is leave us a comment below telling us what you’d treat yourself to if you became an overnight millionaire. Competition ends 9th December, good luck!

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1st Prize:

Paco Rabanne Sunglasses
Lady Million Eau My Gold Eau de Toilette 80ml
1 Million Eau de Toilette 100ml

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2nd Prize:

Lady Million Eau My Gold Eau de Toilette 80ml
1 Million Eau de Toilette 100ml

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3rd Prize (x2):

Lady Million Eau My Gold Eau de Toilette 80ml
1 Million Eau de Toilette 50ml

Breaker Tiny

Paco Rabanne Prize 1

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest begins 1st Decemberr 2014 and ends 9th December 2014. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about 9th December 2014. One prize winner will receive the items stated above. If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days, the competition will be redrawn. Prizes must be accepted as awarded; not redeemable in cash or credit.

  • Helen

    I would treat myself to a dozen handbags. I would also treat all my family.

  • D J Freeman

    A boat and then travel the world!

  • Abigail Craig

    a trip around the world with my husband

  • Katherine L

    I’d love to buy my own flat … It’s not frivolous or glam but it’s a dream of mine and will give me happiness for years and years to come 🙂

  • Lynn Forcier

    I would get all new clothes, new hair style, and lots of new makeup and perfume.

  • sandra henderson

    I would treat myself to a month of sun,a paradise island where i could spa everyday and have someone cook all my meals and run after me for a change.I can dream!

  • Raimond

    if I was a millionaire, I just did my family happy and all I had to do, is help sick children who need the expensive treatment

  • Serene Kurd

    I’d Firstly Buy a Chanel Bag

  • vicki

    would love to buy a little cottage in the countryside with my family and pets a live the quiet life

  • Rainbow

    More Perfume Of Course!

  • Laura

    It would have to be a 5* luxury holiday! Somewhere with white sand and clear blue water!

  • Paula Lane

    A new car

  • Elie Badawi

    First of all I would buy all what my family dreams of. Then I would travel and visit the most amazing regions on earth. Finally I would help some NGO’s.

  • Barrie Phillips

    A holiday in the Caribean and a pair of Paco Rabanne Sunglasses

  • Colleen Boudreau

    A new car!

  • Sam Bresnahan

    I would buy a lovely little 4 bed house, pass my driving test and buy myself a new ford fiesta, buy my partner a car, start up my own business with my other half and invest the rest and live off the profits.

  • Mel

    i would pay my student loan…then enjoy a debt free life….

  • Lisa

    I would buy a Mulberry bag, a Chanel necklace and lots of other frivolous goodies!

  • Kelly glen

    I would have a luxury holiday.

  • Pat

    I’d invest into a house, buy my top 15 perfumes, some makeup and give the rest to my family and animal shelters.

  • Ami Patel

    I would go on a shopping spree, then invest some and relax!!!!!

  • Prisha Patel

    Lost my dad last year. Been having the year from hell with my diabetes and heart condiction and am getting married next year so I would use the money so I could have my dream wedding and feel good again!

  • Margaret Farmer

    A holiday to take the time to think how and who I would share my good fortune with

  • ladyluck13

    A new house with a swimming pool and a naked butler! then a holiday somewhere sunny

  • sharronhead1

    I would buy a nice new house and take my mum on a cruise also purchase some Lady million

  • Nat

    A new house with a hot tub 🙂

  • Rebecca

    A perfect little house for me and my partner so we could be together more, rather than him living a 2 hour drive away on a military camp :(!

  • Lynn Forcier

    I would buy my children each their own home. And then one for myself, of course.

  • E13eleven

    Deffo a nice luxury holiday. Not gonna bore you with the details but these last 2 months have been the worst of my life. I never want to wear all black again.
    Give me some bright bikinis, a beach and a bottle of Paco Rabane Lady Millionaire MONEY WELL SPENT.

  • Mary

    I would buy a ticket to Italy and shop!

  • Marky Kar

    A holiday home in Majorca

  • Melanie Murray Smith

    A holiday in america for me and the kids would be

  • Dave East

    i would buy an island, somewhere warm, with a lovely beach. id build some comfortable huts, and offer the place to unfortunate families for short holidays free of charge, so that those less fortunate could have a moment without worry or problems.

  • Danielle Vedmore

    A house right on the beach in Cornwall – my dream!

  • Clare Woodman

    A gorgeous big house in the country x

  • Pauline Black

    a very big house with no neighbours……bliss


    I would take us all on a family holiday all inclusive somewhere hot with a beautiful beach

  • If I’d become a millionaire overnight I’d book a surfing holiday in Ireland for myself and my closest group of friends, with a few days inbetween for restituation (read: spa and shopping).

  • Martina Alban

    Audi R8 thats the car for me and I don’t need anything else

  • Rachel Canning

    A months holiday in The Maldives, with a shiny new F type Jaguar filled with new shoes and makeup waiting for me when I get back!

  • Margaret healy

    I would make sure my family were all comfortable x

  • Iben Kibæk Heilijgers Nielsen

    I would just get on a plane and go travel the world

  • Clara Cort

    The most important thing would be – finding a home, probably an old run-down house that we can renovate. Then I’d book us a nice long holiday in the US where I’ve never been; and when we’ve seen it all, we’d love to set up a business

  • sassy

    I would take my family on trip around the world 😀

  • Sophie

    I would buy a house for my mum, since she’s soon-to-be forced to move, and hasn’t had a permanent place to live for many years.

  • Debbie Higgins

    I would go on a luxury family holiday to the Maldives, and spend quality time with my husband and children.

  • Raneish Chambers

    If I was a millionaire overnight I would, first buy a house for my mom, go on a holiday in a hot country and save the rest for important things.

  • Abi MacMillan

    If I became a millionaire overnight I would check and recheck my account then ring the bank to make sure it wasn’t a mistake! Then I would treat my lovely family and friends to their dream Christmas

  • Joanna Gillies

    Splurge it recklessly on Gold, Jewels, a Very Sexy and Expensive Sports Car, Clothes, Shoes and Handbags!!!!!!!!!

  • katarina002

    I would fly over the Pacifik Ocean and took my prize

  • Zeleena Webb

    I would call a taxi and bring all my family together, and have a slap up meal, treat them and decide what to do next.:)

  • Zofia Ciechanowska

    If I won a million pounds, I’d spend some to renovate the house and buy a new car – the rest I’d invest to provide a pension for myself and my partner

  • Hubby and I would finally start our own business and make that mutual dream of ours come true! A beautiful house with a garden is also one of the first things I would love to treat us with!

  • jaime bob

    Definitely a holiday for me and my family, flying to the bahamas nice and glam in a jet definitely feels like the millionaire lifestyle! 🙂

  • Liesl Lane

    A fantastic family holiday. We’d be spoilt for choice

  • nina miller

    I would adopt a few more rescue cats and go on a long holiday

  • emilyomara

    a house, and a trip to maldives!

  • Christina Apostolopoulou

    i would find a professional to help me with my mental condition and I would treat my partner to everything he wanted because he supports me every single day.

  • Chiammy

    I wod invest half a million,give myself a luxurious treat and give to my family the best Christmas gifts!!!

  • Gina Gould

    I would drive straight to the airport, get on the first fight leaving and travel the world!

  • elizabeth kidger

    A bottle of cristal champagne

  • Victoria Savill

    A new front door!

  • Lisa Conway

    I’d buy a new house with space for a hot tub, where I’d drink champagne under the stars and try my absolute best to look as glamorous as the Lady Million model in her big champagne glass

  • Elaine Dale

    our vey own vintage old penny machine arcade at the seaside and a lovely little bungalow to live in there

  • Stephanie Burchatt

    I’d treat myself to the house we’ve been eyeing up for a while <3 Then I'd get a better Christmas Tree, ours is pretty bare!

  • Etomidac

    I think I will spend most on a fabulous flat and use the rest to shop whatever I have my eyes on!

  • brenda Jarvie

    I’d buy a car and lots of perfumes and new clothes not forgetting a home of course x

  • Heather Reading

    I’d treat myself to a trip to Harrods, love their clothes, designer bags, shoes and jewellery…and I’d probably have a little bit of plastic surgery here and there 😉

  • purpleshoes1

    a nice long holiday

  • Anita Roberts

    a fabulous new car

  • Eli

    If i won a million pounds i’ll buy fast car for my brother, travel around the world with my family to meet some new people and cultures and then open a private math school

  • Anastasia

    a family holiday

  • Sobhia

    I would buy a few houses for me and my family. Get my car fixed. Set up my own business. Donate money to charity. Make my dreams come true.

  • flossiecrossie

    I’d treat myself to some fisrt class flights to Buenos Aires

  • Alison MacDonald

    A round the world cruise with my hubby 🙂

  • Jo Chu

    I would go off to holiday anywhere I fancied!

  • aaronitebaby

    I would go on a massive clothes spending spree then have a big champagne party to celebrate.

  • karenharrison

    Loads of holidays and a cleaner!

  • Karl Foxley

    A new home would be top of the list for me.

  • ^•^ Little Owls ^•^

    I would firstly pay back my Mum, Dad and sister for all the financial help they’ve given me since I’ve been ill. I would then pay off my sister’s mortgage, get my Dad a car and my Mum a caravan at the coast. I would use some to set up my own business and save the rest for the future. Thanks for an amazing competition! x

  • Lucy Jolleys

    I would hire a personal chef to cook me and my family an amazing Christmas dinner with lots of Champagne cocktails!

  • Rebecca Hodson

    I’d buy some land and build a house with secret passageways in, treat all my friends and family, especially my husband

  • Joanne Gove

    I would treat my family, as they have all been amazing as I’ve had an horrendous time lately, I would love to give something back to them and watch their faces

  • Haze ;0)

    A hot tub! hee hee 😉

  • May InLondon

    I would indulge myself by shopping every favourite brand on Escentual but also helping those at the end of hope.You know , treat my body but also my mind and soul.

  • Su

    1/10th of it will be blown in shopping for clothes and perfumes! Rest will be invested sensibly.

  • stephanie gray

    I’d love to buy a tiny island somewhere in the sunshine…

  • Aceso84

    A spinal implant that may help me to walk again with less pain.

  • Victoria

    Definitely a week in London in a swanky hotel

  • Monika

    I’d go on a lovely holiday and after would buy a beautiful house and set up a charity

  • Martha Smith

    One of those futuristic shiny metal airstream RV’s and then I’d take a long holiday touring The United States.

  • Claire Mse Fawkner

    The complete works! I’d fly myself to New York, have a crazy spending spree and all the spa / beauty treatments under the sun!

  • nicola hawley

    Mine would be a Hot Tub

  • Laineyflo

    A lovely big house…and a fluffy little puppy to go in it!

  • Claire Blaney

    i would buy a great big house and a horse and go on a shopping trip to new york.

  • Claire Smith

    A farmhouse in the countryside where I could keep rescue donkeys.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    A back, shoulder and face massage, manicure, pedicure and hair makeover whilst my personal chef cooked me a lovely meal!

  • Rosie d

    I would buy my own cinema and invite you all to watch movies for free

  • debwh142

    Whiter teeth and blonder hair

  • emma

    on a holiday and a house for me and my partner and 4 boys

  • Janet King

    A nice holiday in the sun

  • Stuart Edwards

    A round the world trip to see the world 🙂

  • Paula

    I would treat the whole family to a holiday, no expense spared, and shopping spree

  • Francessca Coulson

    I would buy round the world ticket and go travelling

  • barbara daniels

    i would put en suites in every bedroom in the house

  • tabbaz

    I would book a luxurious retreat, where I was not contactable, whilst I relaxed and carefully considered how I was going to share my new wealth

  • steviestarship

    A new wardrobe of amazing designer clothes

  • c5ryl

    I would buy my close family members and I a new house, then I would hire a cleaner, I hate cleaning!

  • Charley Foulds

    an apartment in london!

  • Hayley Armstrong

    Definitely a new house and car! And holiday…Would treat family and friends then invest the rest in property.

  • Sam Schofield

    If I became an over night millionaire I would first buy me a nice car a reliable 1 that was brand fine new

  • Rachel Heap

    I would move house and buy the one near the school that I really want then i would get a new car as mines 14 years old then go on a massive shopping spree as really need some new clothes

  • elizabeth doody

    I would treat myself to a lovely new car & an around the world holiday!

  • Phil Darling

    If I won a million pounds, I’d employ a chef and party organiser to make it the best Christmas ever for the family

  • Jen Dodd

    A massive family holiday to somewhere beautiful and hot ☀️☀️☀️

  • Laura Horrocks Davies

    A cottage in North Yorkshire

  • winnie

    a new kitchen

  • Lorraine Johnson

    It would be a new house with quiet neighbours who don’t own savage dogs or party all night long

  • Caroline Clarke

    If I became an overnight millionaire, I would treat myself to a manicuare and pedicure, which I’ve only ever had done for my wedding. I would treat myself to new clothes to replace all my clothes that I get from the charity shop in Bakewell. Then I’d have laser hair removal and have someone style my hair. Then I’d feel like a diva and treat my family and friends. 🙂

  • Stephanie Whitehouse,

    The first thing would be the boat

  • liane mccreanor

    Id treat all my friends and family to an all expenses trip to disneyland, florida 🙂 xx


    I would treat myself to the best thing I could do for my beauty regime and mental health – I would hire a cleaner! 🙂

  • Sarahann

    A round the world ticket!!

  • kate andrews

    I would pay off my mortgage and then buy myself a VW camper Van to travel around in

  • Alityke

    I’d retire & do all the things I’ve longed to but work got in the way.

  • Nadia

    I’d buy a nice house with proper hall and a big kitchen, and help my family and friends.

  • Fiona

    I would treat myself to a Jaguar F-Type

  • Lucy CT

    A lovely new roof that doesn’t leak and round the world 1st class plane tickets.

  • Ges

    If I won a million pounds I would buy a house and take my family on holiday to Australia

  • Lauren Pilkington

    I would buy my mum and dads house for them so they no longer were worried about money.

    My treat part would be a little annexe id build on the side so i didnt have to share a room with my sister when i stay over.

  • Catherine Thorp

    A new house, and a cleaner and gardener to save me a lot of work.

  • Richard Randall

    A private jet 😀

  • Paula Phillips

    My own island with a huge house on the sea front.

  • Sue Southurst

    i would build an indoor swimming pool in my garden

  • LittleMsHolibob

    A round the world cruise

  • Emily

    a new home

  • Alexia E

    A mansion in Monaco – well, why not?!!

  • lornakennedy

    if i won a million pounds i would buy a house,car and hoilday 🙂 x

  • Gina Raymond

    A huge house here in the country, a nice car and a boob job lol

  • Lesley Bain

    A month long holiday in the sun for all my loved ones <3 x

  • Alana Walker

    A trip to Hawaii!

  • Ellie Bromilow

    The first thing I would treat myself to if I become an overnight millionaire is a place to live with a wood burning stove and a big bath!

  • Carol Gould

    Make sure the children are secure and then take some lovely cruises to see the places on the bucket list

  • carolinedavison

    Swimming pool

  • liz denial

    I’d buy a hot tub

  • julie kenny

    A new house with a swimming pool

  • Suzanne Cooke

    A yacht, I have always wanted a boat.

  • David Walker

    a holiday

  • Cheryl Edwards

    A holiday in the sun to digest it all!

  • Jacqueline Fawcett

    I’d get an RV and travel all around America! 🙂

  • id buy a house, that would be the first thing on my list if i became a millionaire

  • Janet Stott

    I would treat everyone who have supported me in my recovery from a massive heart attack in May.

  • Kelly Littlewood

    a wedding and a holiday!

  • SylviaP70

    I would buy a new house, a car, book a holiday and treat my family. Best of all I would be able to pay for my sister to have the ivf she longs for.

  • Tony Metcalf

    If it had happened last night it would a new, super duper heating system, swiftly followed by a holiday somewhere hot!

  • leanne williams

    A holiday in the sun

  • Lisa Hall

    I would buy a big house in Scotland over looking a loch

  • Aaruch

    I would do charity for poor people specially those who do not have money for medicines n operations .so i would like to help needy for medical aid as it is too expensive ….

  • MixedSpice

    I would buy a new house and have everything just as I would want it to be. Then I would give my friends what they needed to make their lives easier.

  • Christy Beckett

    A new handbag as my strap has just broke and a honeymoon as not had one yet x

  • Tracey Baker

    A fab holiday!!

  • jocyrets

    A holiday to the USA to see the Grand Canyon

  • Olivia B

    A Huge House and Luxury Holiday

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    If I were a Millionaire,
    first off, I’d do something with my hair!
    Then perhaps get myself a stylist,
    so I could learn to dress with some flair!
    Then I would buy myself a huge home,
    and I would call it my lair!
    I would have security placed all around,
    so burglars would not even dare!
    But I would treat all my family too,
    because I have always so loved to share,
    I’d want to split all of my wealth with the world,
    Don’t you agree though that thats only fair! 🙂

  • Lisa Williams

    I would buy myself a log cabin in Snowdonia, north wales and a little boat to get around on. Perfect

  • Lorne

    a new car and house with a playroom for my kids

  • Laura Sam

    Holiday around the world 😉

  • hena

    I would buy a house with walk in closets

  • Angie Brooks

    a holiday in the sun

  • curtis linda

    well aprt from a luxury yaught id buy mu son and his family a big house with 2 children and one on the way they are cramped and struggeling to get a bigger place at the moment so yes first thing is a house with a massive garden for them

  • Sam Furniss

    If I became an overnight millionaire I would get a Hollywood smile.

  • Francesca Nguyen

    I would share it with all my family. My elderly parents for 50 years of love and help, and my 2 grown up sons to help them onto the property ladder. Family is everything- and sharing makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️☀️☀️☀️

  • Fay Davies

    I would get myself a full body massage to get ready for all the spending ahead

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    A new house

  • Charles Omelo

    a house, holiday and trust fund for my children and money for certain charities

  • Ashleigh Milner

    I’d pay my bills and be happy for at least a week knowing I don’t owe anything to anyone!! Can’t honestly think of anything better than that! After the week I’m sure once the novelty of being debt free wears off I’d splurge on some new clothes for me, the other half and the kids then take us all on holiday

  • Lulu Groves

    I’d treat the special care baby unit which looked after my son so wonderfully when he was born teeny tiny last december

  • Some jeans to make my bum like a size 10 peach!

  • Claire Wilkinson

    a massive house

  • Anne Nash

    A cabriolet car in pink (to make the boys wink)

  • Tracey Brookshaw

    A new house

  • Kirsty Mills

    An expensive holiday, somewhere exotic.

  • Dawn Costen

    Oh my goodness I have a list as long as my arm! lol Mainly boring things like new kitchen, new bathroom and new carpets throughout…but I would also treat myself to a BMW 420i M Sport Coupe, at around £34,000 it’s a drop in the ocean from a million! 😉

  • Sarah B

    I’d be boring and pay off the mortgage.

  • Iain Darrington

    I’d treat myself to retirement 😀

  • Karis

    A holiday

  • Nyree McDougall

    A holiday home so I can get some sun when it’s cold in London

  • karen davey

    a house