Givenchy COLOreCREATION Spring Look

Givenchy Colorecreation Look

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You can always count on Givenchy to throw a beauty curve ball! The Givenchy COLOreCREATION Spring Makeup Look for 2015 is a refreshing mix of childlike brights and intriguing textures – nothing is what it seems. See those ultra bright Le Vernis nail varnishes? They have a super sophisticated matte finish. Even the seemingly fluorescent Gelee d’Interdit gloss is actually super wearable, offering a hint of complexion-flattering coral-orange.

COLOreCREATION encourages you to cast your mind back to the days when makeup seemed like such a treasure and a novelty, and to have some fun with your everyday look. Are you ready to play?


Givenchy Colorecreation Collection



Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti

Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti Open

The star of the collection is Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti, and what a star it is. Those little beads that you see in the top picture gently swoosh around as you open and close the palette, and this small touch totally sums up the entire collection for me: it’s the perfect mix of playfulness and elegance. Inside you’ll find a translucent finishing powder, the top half illuminating and colour correcting with a slight pink pearlescent sheen, and the bottom half entirely translucent and mattifying.

For an all-over glow, I swirl them both together and buff all over the face. Then I take a smaller face brush and dust the top half of the palette over the tops of my cheekbones, and touch up my T-zon e with the bottom half.

Breaker Small

Breaker Small

Color Kajal

in 1 Vert Invention, 2 Turquoise Imagination and 3 Violet Creation

Givenchy Color Kajal 1 Vert Invention 2 Turquoise 3 Violet Creation Givenchy Color Kajal 1 Vert Invention 2 Turquoise 3 Violet Creation Swatch

If you’re intrigued by colour but put off by the application, then you’ll love the new Color Kajal Eye Pencil, which comes in a super chunky pencil format (don’t worry Givenchy thoughtfully include an appropriately-sized sharpener in the box!). The idea is to be as easy-to-use and versatile as possible; you can draw this creamy colour in a precise and intense line without fear of dragging, or apply it messily and blend out with ease for a more laidback look.

From left to right, we have: 1 Vert Invention, a (slightly) pearlescent bright green; 2 Turquoise Imagination, a matte tropical blue; and 3 Violet Creation, an incredibly striking purple. As they’re so creamy, you can blend them together pretty easily, and they wear really well on the waterline.

Breaker Small

Breaker Small

Gelee d’Interdit

in 23 Orange Distraction

Givenchy Gelee d'Interdit Gloss in 23 Orange Distraction Givenchy Gelee d'Interdit Gloss in 23 Orange Distraction Swatch

With so much emphasis on vibrant eyes, Givenchy have taken it back a notch for the lips. The Gelee d’Interdit lip gloss in 23 Orange Distraction is a surprisingly understated  fluorescent orange. It really is so subtle on the lips, offering a translucent wash of juicy, coral-orange shine that will perk up your dull winter complexion a treat. The finish of this product is most definitely a gloss in that it’s ultra shiny and plumping, but the texture is a revelation. It truly feels like a gel on the lips, without an iota of stickiness. This is next level lip colour.

 Breaker SmallBreaker SmallNoir Couture Volume

in 2 Blue Taffeta

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume 2 Blue Taffeta


This is electric blue lashes done right. For spring, Givenchy revives that tricky trend with a more grown-up twist in the form of the Noir Couture Volume Mascara in 2 Blue Taffeta. The colour is intense and vibrant, the formula is super silky and thickening, and the overall result is pretty spectacular. Try highlighting the tips of your upper lashes for a more subtle take on the trend, or try black top lashes and blue bottom lashes. It’s a brand new eye look in the time it takes to wiggle the wand through your lashes!
Breaker Small

Breaker Small

Le Vernis

in 24 Jaune Expression & 25 Rose Evocation

Givenchy Le Vernis 24 Jaune Evocation and 25 Rose Evocation

These nail colours are so GOOD! For spring, Le Vernis wows with 24 Jaune Expression, a zingy bright yellow, and 25 Rose Evocation, a sweet candy pink. Set aside all thoughts that these shades are a little bit scary after the vampiness of winter – they’re so fun and refreshing to wear. Each colour has a matte finish, but not the sort of  matte that is a bit thin and watery;  it’s thicker (almost like a gel finish without any of the shine) and it does a fantastic job of disguising the nicks and blemishes that a glossy finish otherwise hides.

Each shade needs two coats to ensure perfect coverage  (24 Jaune Expression more so than 25 Rose Evocation), but those two coats ensure absolute vibrancy. I must admit that, even though I love a bright nail, I’m a little intimidated by Jaune Expression. I think I need to put my dark winter wardrobe to rest before I can do it justice! Rose Evocation, on the other hand, I’ve been wearing day in day out. Gorgeous.

Breaker Small

Over to you!

So, what do you think? Has Givenchy surprised you this spring?

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  • Porsha Troost

    when is this launching?

    • escentual

      Hi Porsha, it’s already launched! You can see all of the products here:

      • Porsha Troost

        Ahh, sorry, I’m in North America (Canada)

        • escentual

          It should have launched in local Canadian department stores – I believe it’s already available at Hudson’s Bay!

          • misy hh

            When will it be available in th US?

          • escentual

            Hi Misy, it should already be available – check out Barneys and other department stores.