All About Eyes – Q&A with Givenchy’s Make-up Artist Shadia Rahman

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara

Shadia Givenchy Photo OptimisedTwo of Givenchy’s iconic eye products have been transformed for 2015.  Phenomen’Eyes, the cult mascara with the emblematic spherical wand, is reborn with sleek new packaging and the second, the Prisme Quatuor eyeshadow palette, has a streamlined look and brand new colour harmonies.

We asked Givenchy Pro Make-Up Artist Shadia Rahman to reveal her tips and tricks for creating the perfect eye look with these revamped icons…


Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes  and Quator

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1) What makes Phenomen’eyes mascara so unique?

Phenomen’eyes is one of a kind. The brush is patented only to Givenchy. You have complete control when using this mascara to create your own lash effect. It will separate, curl and define the lash giving complete hold that lasts all day.

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2) How do you apply Phenomen’eyes mascara?

Any way you want to! That’s the magic of it. You can use Phenomen’Eyes horizontally to separate, curl & lengthen the lashes then apply vertically to define and reach even the most inaccessible lashes. You have a 360 degree brush allowing you access to every single lash so experiment and find which way works for you. Personally, I love using the mascara vertically which helps to push curl into the lashes too.

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Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Application

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3) What makes Givenchy Prisme Quatuor so Brilliant?

Prisme Yeux Quatuor is an iconic product from Givenchy Le Makeup! The four colours in the same palette give a wealth of shades and excellent texture quality.  Apply as you wish and take your look from day to night instantly using the applicators and mirror included in the luxurious, couture packaging. The combination of glitter and matte colours allow a natural or sophisticated look for any occasion. A real makeup bag must-have!

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4) How do I take the same palette from day to night?

Each palette contains four colours giving you the option to deepen your look should you wish. I would combine the palette with Liner Couture which is a super easy liquid liner to use, pop a little Magic Kajal on the waterline which will give an intense look. I always carry Mister Light in my bag which is great for touch ups to brighten under the eyes before heading from the office to the bar!

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Givenchy Prisme Application

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5) Should you change your technique depending on the shape of your eye?

Your technique won’t change but your colour placement will. The majority of our Prisme Quatuors have been created to include 2 matte and 2 glitter colours so you have endless possibilities of colour combinations. For a more cat eye effect, use the deepest colour to the outer corner of the eye. To make your eye look more round, focus the deeper colours into the socket.

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6) Any tips and tricks for a super quick smoky eye?

My biggest tip is don’t over complicate it! A smoky eye doesn’t have to be 15 different colours! The key is in the blending so less is more. Add very little colour (you can always go back for more!), just take it step by step. Team any of our Prisme Quatuors with Ombre Couture in 13 Noir Sequin, which is a glamourous black glittery colour. Applying this particular Ombre Couture as a base will deepen any colour you then apply on top. It’s also fantastic as an eye liner, just use a fine brush and create a quick flick at the side. This will create a more ‘cat eye’ effect, all in less than 5 minutes.

Givenchy Ombre Couture in 13 Noir Sequin


7) Which is your favourite Prisme Quatuor colour harmony?

This is the hardest question – I love them all! If I had to pick I would say 8 Braise as it very on trend with the warm burnt orange colour. I love to use this in the socket to blend out darker colours and create a really blown out effect. But then I also love 3 Inattendue  as it’s the only palette where all four colours have glitter pigment through them which is fabulous for a night out.

Prisme Quatuor in 8 Braise

Over to you!

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