7 Uses for Serozinc

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As the workhorse product of the skincare world, La Roche-Posay Serozinc has definitely earned its cult status. Truly multi-purpose, everyone has a unique use for Serozinc no matter their age or skin concern – it’s even great on babies’ skin, ensuring easy-to-use soothing care in a flash. Find out more about Serozinc right here.

So, what exactly is this little blue can good for, and why do you need it in your life? We’ve listed just a few of our favourite uses below, but there are plenty more – share your favourites with us in the comments below!

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1) Clear up blemishes

Rich in zinc sulfate, Serozinc will get to work soothing redness and providing antibacterial care, promoting a fresher, clearer complexion.


2) Soothe razor burn

Serozinc provides calm for angry post-shave  skin whilst promoting cell turnover to prevent ingrown hairs.


3) Prevent nappy rash

After cleansing with a mild soap, mist your baby’s nappy area with Serozinc to calm, soothe and heal the area.


4) Cleanse superficial skin irritation

If your skin has a mild abrasion or burn, cleansing the area with Serozinc will give promote healing and wellbeing.


5) Refresh and mattify

When midday shine sets in, mist Serozinc over your makeup to refresh and mattify. Wait a moment, then gently blot with a tissue.


6) Relief from hard water cleansing

If hard water is doing a number on your skin take it out of your routine and remove your cleansing milk with a cotton pad soaked in Serozinc instead.


7) Cooling care

Pop Serozinc in the fridge and use it to help temporarily cool overheated sensations, including irritated, sunburned, menopausal and feverish skin.



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