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When your hair is unruly, you’re normally dealing with many problems at once. Frizziness makes you turn to heat styling, which can be really damaging to your hair. That damaged hair is dull and sensitised, which makes your frizziness appear worse… the cycle of indiscipline goes on and on!

That’s why, when Rene Furterer announced their latest range Lissea, the collective ears of the beauty team pricked up. Being of that aforementioned unruly haired crowd, we’re always on the hunt for products that will help us to achieve a perfect blow dry with minimum weight and maximum nourishment.

Lissea’s big point of difference from other smoothing products on the market is that it pairs its phyto-cosmetological expertise with a high percentrage of natural ingredients (in the case of the Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner, 100% natural ingredients), which is pretty amazing. Its two major ingredients are amazingly-scented winter cherry extract, which has a double smoothing action, plus avocado oil for weightless gloss, while a wealth of other ingredients set to work protecting against heat damage, maintaining frizz-free action, and adding plenty of shine.

There are four products to choose from: the Smoothing Shampoo, the Smoothing Conditioner, hero product the Leave-In Smoothing Fluid, and the Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray, all exclusive to Escentual. Mix and match the range to suit your needs, and create a tailored regime that will give you everything from a little bit of smoothing action, to heavy duty gloss and glamour.

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Emma HairEmma

Hair profile: Heat damaged, medium coarseness, dry ends

I hold my hands up – I’m a dodger of the hairdresser’s chair, repeat offender. I’m so attached to the length of my hair after years (and years) of growing it out that I’ll try anything that promises to make my hair smoother, softer and better nourished. And that’s exactly what Lissea did.

Aside from the fact that it delivered on the things that matter most to me and my neglected, damaged strands, the reason that I liked the Lissea collection so much was its all-round experience. It didn’t just make my hair look and feel gorgeously swishy, it also smelt fantastic (like jammy red fruits) and each silky texture was a real treat to use. My hair is now bouncy and nourished, with all of the look of a hairdresser’s blow dry. Result.

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Ceryn HairCeryn

Hair profile: Fine, flat, brittle

As someone with very fine hair, the Lissea range added much needed weight to my locks. My very long hair can be a little difficult to style, not always playing ball when it comes to up-dos. The winning combination of Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner and Dry Shampoo was the special touch my hair had been calling out for, and the fact that they’re all natural is extra bonus points!

Although I wouldn’t describe my hair as unruly, it can definitely reap the benefits of the Lissea range – my hair has never felt cleaner or more nourished. The star of the show was the Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray, an easy and quick step for even the laziest of hair care users like me.

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Chelsey HairChelsey

Hair profile: Bleached, limp, dull

If, like me, you wash your hair once a week, you want that moment to be a real treat. Let it be known… I may as well have been in a very famous/potentially absurd TV shampoo advert the way this Lissea range made me and my hair feel! I’m all about ingredients and to find out that the shampoo and conditioner is 100% natural increased my excitement by 110%.

Having bleached hair, the non-dulling aspect of any product is important to me but, to my amazement, my goldie locks still shined through the avocado and cherry wax nourishment. To know I’m now protecting my hair in every aspect makes my day and hair go much smoother, so, if you’re looking for extremely nourishing, lightweight goodness, then I highly recommend this range for you. Plus it made me believe in my blow dry and in my case, that’s very rare!


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