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The sun has made many appearances over the last few weeks and it’s safe to say that my sandals and sunnies are out to stay. There’s something very effortless about summer, less fashion choices as you don’t need as many layers, and makeup is lighter and more minimal, making everything a bit easier and quicker. This summer I’m all about subtle and glowy makeup, makeup that’s understated but won’t go unnoticed.

The Michael Kors Into the Glow Colour Collection definitely didn’t go unnoticed when it appeared on my desk. The packaging is almost as alluring as the peachy, golden tones of the products.  The range is about achieving the jet-set glow we’re all lusting after, enhancing the tan we don’t want to let go of and adding a subtle pop of colour to the lips and nails.

In the height of summer no-one wants to be cooped up in the house perfecting their eye shadow (well, I know I don’t). I want a makeup look I can achieve with a few products, in a couple of minutes, so I can bask in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand. And this collection will allow you to do just that, with minimal effort you can quickly achieve a look that gives you radiance and that ‘just stepped off the plane’ glow.  So, let me talk you through it…


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The products used

Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme in Permanent Vacation
Bronze Powder in Glow
Nail Lacquer in Paradise
Lip Lustre in Getaway


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Step 1 – The Base

Personally, during the summer, makeup for me is all about the base (don’t worry, I sang that out loud too). And a perfect way to achieve a dewy, glowing base is to start before you begin applying your makeup. The Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme is the ideal product for this, I applied the shade Sunchaser all over my face before applying foundation to give my skin that supermodel-sheen.

To contour I applied the Bronze Glow Powder to the high points of my face, blending it into my hair line and across my jaw to add definition. This bronzer added just the right amount of colour to my face, imparting a hazy sun-kissed glow to my complexion.  As a final touch I used a sponge to place the Bronze Gel Creme on my cheek and brow-bone to add a healthy lustre to the look.

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Michael Kors Look - Ceryn - Eyes and lips


Step 2 – The Eyes and Lips

If a product can be used in many different ways then it usually gets a big thumbs up from me. That’s why I’m a huge fan of using bronzers as eyeshadows, it’s quicker than sifting through all your eye shadows, and it adds just the right amount of colour to your lids. I used the Bronze Powder in Glow to add warmth to the eye area, using a bronzer as an eye shadow is a great option if you’re travelling too (more space for all your other beauty bits).

When my eye makeup is minimal I like to add a touch of colour to my lips to ensure the look isn’t too bare. The new Lip Lustre shades are perfect for summer, and the consistency ensures your lips look lustrous in a single swipe. For this look I used the shade Getaway, a sheer-vibrant pink that reminds me of a cosmopolitan cocktail!

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Michael Kors Look - Ceryn - Nails


Step 3 – The Nails

Last but not least, the nails. Nails are a great way to add colour to a look or outfit in a subtle way. If you’re afraid of vibrant makeup then I’d recommend dabbling in a bright lacquer to ease you in. I used the Nail Lacquer in Paradise, an intense coral that screams summer to me. Having colourful nails always makes me feel summer-ready, there’s nothing better than seeing an intense bright shade on my nails as I’m typing away on my keyboard.

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