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You’ve heard it said a million times before, but it’s entirely true: cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare regime. Simply put, your cleanser is the bread to your skincare sandwich, providing the perfect base and making sure everything that follows works as well as it possibly could. So, it’s really important (and pretty cost effective) to find one that works for you.

The Vichy Purete Thermale cleansing collection is one of the most comprehensive you’ll find, offering different textures and cleansing methods that are suited to a variety of skin types. Thanks to its roots in the French pharmacy, the range offers just as much in terms of innovation and quality as it does variety, making it a fantastic place to start if you’re looking to discover your new favourite cleanser.

Today I’ll be introducing you to the newest products in the collection: the Vichy Beautifying Micellar Oil and the Fresh Cleansing Gel


Vichy Beautifying Micellar Oil

The Make-up Melter

If there was a prize for the most buzzworthy cleanser of the year so far, it would have to go to the Purete Thermale Beautifying Micellar Oil. This supercharged formula references not one, but two of skincare’s biggest trends, micellar technology and oil, making it very appealing to those looking to whip make-up off in a flash without having to pull or tug at the skin. So, that’ll be everyone, then!

What’s it all about? You’ve probably heard about micellar water by now (Vichy has their own version here). Well, this oil uses the same technology, attracting dirt and make-up with its micelle particle ‘magnets’ and trapping them, ready to be swept away with a cloth or water. This version of micellar technology is crafted with a luxurious dry oil texture, infused with camellia oil to intensely nourish skin, and antioxidant vitamin E to protect against free radicals.

How do I use it? Apply the oil straight onto dry skin and give your face a good massage, taking care around the eye area. When you’re left with a Picasso-esque swirl of make-up around your face and two big panda eyes, you’re ready for the most satisfying step: removal with a hot cloth. Dampen and wring out your chosen flannel/washi cloth/muslin cloth and, using circular motions, gently remove the debris from your face. Your cloth will come away looking pretty scary, but your face will look immaculately bright, clear and smooth.

I love that if you’re adverse to a cloth (or they’re all in the wash, you super cleanser), you can still use the oil. Just emulsify it with some warm water after your dry massage, and it’ll turn into a milk that’s ready to be rinsed away.

The bottom line: This lightweight yet oil effective is a must-have if you wear make-up, or just simply enjoy the ritual of a facial massage during cleansing. It has a light-to-medium scent (similar to the addictive tea scent of Vichy’s Idealia range) that adds to the feeling of luxury as you massage the silky oil onto your skin and, after rinsing, your complexion looks so fresh and radiant. If you’re looking to give your cleansing routine a bit of ‘oomph’, the Beautifying Micellar Oil is the way to do it.

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Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel

The Perfect Purifier

The other new addition to the Vichy Purete Thermale range is at the opposite end of the cleansing spectrum from the indulgent oil. If you’re looking for something super fresh, the Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel is your perfect match.

What’s it all about? Cleansing gels are a staple of any skincare collection, but this new offering is a little different to most. Crafted with city dwellers in mind (but suitable for all skin types), this bouncy formula is spearheaded by the anti-pollution complex Purisoft: a combination of Amilite technology to soften the harsh effect of hard water, mercury and smoke, moringa to cleanse, and glycerin to moisturise. You’re left with a cleanser that’s big on comfort as well as freshness.

How do I use it? Wet your skin, and work a single pump of the Fresh Cleansing Gel between your palms to produce a cushiony, milky foam. Massage over your face to loosen impurities, and then rinse. Simple! This cleanser is especially lovely to use first thing in the morning – it makes skin feel ‘ready’.

The bottom line: Though suitable for all skin, combination to oily types with particularly love this. It removes daily dirt, sebum and make-up with ease, but it doesn’t have that too-tight squeaky clean feeling that lots of other gel cleansers give. I must add that, speaking as a serial tester of cleansers, the lather that the Fresh Cleansing Gel produces is a stand out – it’s less bubbles up your nose and more a refined, silky foam, which really adds to the overall pleasure of the product. Top marks.

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