Meeting Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen - Ceryn - Rosie

Rosie FortescueI recently met Ole Henriksen – I know, so exciting – and we managed to chat all things skincare. Along with Ceryn from Escentual, we managed to find out all the questions we have about skincare, and I can’t wait to try the new Invigorating Night Crème (exclusive to Escentual!).

Ole (pronounced Ooh-la) was inspired by his Danish heritage, his Hollywood peels and his travels to create an extensive range of nature-inspired professional skincare. His whole ethos behind the brand is to indulge your skin and reveal your natural radiance. I’m sold.



Ole told me that he used to suffer from bad skin and had a lot of acne, which led to him getting so involved in skincare. His skin now is absolutely amazing – as you can see in the video above. Ole recommended me some products, based on my individual skin and I’m excited to share the products with you.

My skin tends to be quite dry and it can be sensitive and irritated sometimes. I don’t tend to have break outs, but my skin can become congested and look uneven. Ole’s advice was to use a peel his Lemon Flash Peel because it really effectively dissolves dead skin cells and any excess sebum which allows the skin to look a lot clearer and fresher. If Ole had to pick one of his products as his absolute favourite, he said that he would choose the Pure Truth Activating Oil – it contains pure vitamin C as well as loads of other lovely ingredients that replenish the skin such as Vitamin A.


Ole Henriksen - Rosie

I always seem to be in a rush in the morning, and so Ole recommended me a simple skincare routine that doesn’t take very long but it will set up my skin for the day. He recommended I use a milk cleanser in the morning, and then to moisturize the face after using the Truth Serum, which has 5 different types of Vitamin C and makes my skin feel so much fresher and softer. Ole also recommended that I  pay special attention to the eyes with his Ultimate Lift Eye Gel. The eye gel feels really luxurious and it contains cucumber, which helps to de-puff the delicate skin around your eyes.


Ole Henriksen - Ceryn

I also really wanted to know Ole’s tips for having an indulgent Sunday evening pamper. When I do actually make the time, I feel so much better after using a mask on the weekend and making sure to treat my skin. Ole’s top tip was to use the Power Peel kit to give skin the ultimate boost. The kit contains everything you need to give yourself a peel at home and was actually inspired by his list of celebrity clients at his clinic in LA who wanted to get the Ole glow when they were on the go. Something unusual that Ole suggested was to give my skin a soak in warm milk with lavender oil, as the lactic acid in the milk helps to soften and nourish the skin.


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