25th August 2015

The #MakeupAmnesty

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It’s time to come clean.

It’s easy to forget that makeup has an expiration date. Unlike food and other perishables, it doesn’t always degrade or look different when it starts to turn bad. What you don’t see, though, is that as time goes on your makeup becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which can trigger a medley of complications from niggly breakouts, to full-blown eye infections.

It’s really important to make note of the little expiration date on the packaging (it’ll look like a jar with 6M, 9M or 12M in it, which indicates how long you should use the item before disposing of it). But remember, the clock starts ticking down from the moment you start using it, not from the moment of manufacture or purchase. As a rule of thumb, the more water a product has in it, the shorter the lifespan is likely to be. The same goes for anything close to your eyes, which are more prone to picking up infections.

So, reckon you’re overdue a clear out? We have the perfect incentive…

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The #MakeupAmnesty

From today until Friday 11th September, we’re setting up the #MakeupAmnesty, a drive to encourage more people to detox their makeup bags and throw away their past-it products.  To take part, send us a short video of you getting rid of your expired makeup on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – be as creative as you like (but safe and eco-conscious!) – and tag the post with @Escentual and #MakeupAmnesty. In exchange, we’ll give you a £5 voucher that can be redeemed against any £20+ makeup spend at Escentual.com, and the most creative video will win their favourite makeup product.

So, how can you tell whether you have something that should be thrown away? Just use the 3 Ws:

When did you buy the product? If it was so long ago that you can’t remember, it’s a sign!
What is the condition of the product? If it’s old/crumbling/separated/smells bad, it’s time to go.
Why are you holding on to it? Is there a reason why you can’t let it go?

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Give and Make Up

If your unwanted makeup or toiletry items are new or barely used, why not donate them instead? Give and Makeup is a non-profit initiative that gets everyday essentials into the hands of women and children in Refuge and Women’s Aid projects. It’s easy to donate, and it makes such a difference to so many.

Find out all about the initiative, who it helps and how to donate right here.

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