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Here’s one for the iconoclasts.

Michael Kors’ love of gold is well documented; all of his luxe collections pay homage to the opulence of the precious metal, from the sun-kissed golden skin of his make-up collections right the way through to the lustrous fabrics of his runway designs. So, who better than to chronicle the timeless beauty of gold in fragrance form?

The Michael Kors Gold Collection is a new trio of fragrances inspired by a different version of shimmering metal: the white hot glow of White Luminous Gold, the rose-tinted romance of Rose Radiant Gold and the jet setting luxury of 24K Brilliant Gold, each introducing a striking and sculptural vision of molten gold.

Ready to get whisked away into Michael’s world of gilded glamour?

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Michael Kors Gold CollectionMichael Kors Rose Radiant Gold


White Luminous Gold

The Sophisticate

Michael Kors’s White Luminous Gold is an aloof sort of beauty. As cool and crisp as a glass of champagne and every bit as luxurious, this polished fragrance exudes statuesque, chic femininity. Its swathes of sparkling floral tones capture the diffused sheen of white gold, with a fuzzy pear note, a heart of signature jasmine (a common note shared by all three fragrances) and a base of slinky amber.

If poised, polished glamour is your thing, this fragrance could be your perfect talisman. It’s sparkling yet sensuous, and captures the pure light exuded by white gold very prettily in the top notes. As the fragrance develops, it becomes warmer and ever so slightly mossy, with added roundness from that beautiful amber base. It’s an intriguing fragrance, this one – it moves from crystal clarity to the density of pure white gold in a heartbeat.

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Rose Radiant Gold

The Flirt

Rose Radiant Gold is, as the name suggests, pretty darn radiant. It’s the more fun-loving entry in the collection, with a full-bodied sweet-floral signature and fantastic sillage – it’s a real head-turner, and so easy to fall in love with.

As well as layers and layers of beautiful white florals, this hypnotic fragrance also blends cool spices (pink pepper, I think) and cushiony musk to great effect. It’s a very romantic, voluptuous fragrance, with a softly-softly approach to texture that keeps things nice and smooth.  It’s not all whimsy though; it’s Michael Kors, after all!  The glamour is brought by an overdose of jasmine blended with powdery notes, which lend a seriously sultry feel to the fragrance in the dry down.


24K Brilliant Gold

The Jetsetter

And finally, the vibrant, vivacious beauty of the collection. 24K Brilliant Gold is about as escapist as you can get, radiating the beauty of exotic white flowers bathed in sunshine, laced with juicy, mouthwatering mandarin. Despite the luxurious languidness of its floral heart, the fragrance actually feels quite sprightly thanks to its injection of citrus at its opening, which provides a shimmer of brightness throughout – even deep into its sensuous, woody base.

24K Brilliant Gold is all about timeless glamour. Think Sophia Loren relaxing on a jasmine-bordered sun terrace, resplendent in a head scarf, oversized glasses and gold hoop earrings, and you’re there. It’s a chameleon of a scent that blends out-and-out glamour with serene, laidback vibes, and it’s golden-hued in every sense of the term. If you’re a fan of warm, sparkling floral fragrances, this is for you.

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