Aramis Black, The New Classic

Aramis Black

What makes a fragrance a classic? Masterbrand Aramis cracked the code back in the 1960s with their heavyweight eponymous fragrance, a powerful juice that defined a generation of modern gentlemen. With their latest launch, Aramis are stepping firmly into 2015 with a brand new ode to contemporary men: Aramis Black.

Aramis Black is the olfactory equivalent of a sharply cut black wool suit: timeless, suave and effortlessly handsome. It’s a fragrance that’s all about striking elegance, with adventurous notes of elemi, tonka bean, juniper wood and cognac served with a side of resonant incense. The result is a fragrance full of charisma, with a darker edge that makes a bold statement for autumn.

Our product team wore the fragrance for a week to immerse themselves into the world of Aramis Black – here’s what they thought…



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The original Aramis scent has been a classic fragrance since its launch over 50 years ago, with such a traditional and refined smell that is as popular now as it was then. The new Aramis Black has a lot to live up to if it is going to hold its own against its big brother!

On the first smell of the fragrance it appears to be aimed at a younger audience, although it still has nuances of the original. It begins with a fresh fruity opening that develops quickly into the smooth and rich smell of cognac with the freshness of juniper coming through, making the heart a very sensuous place to be.

The base of the fragrance is described as containing leather, incense, vetiver and tonka bean. Now, when I see leather in a fragrance warning bells always ring due to the intense smokiness that comes along with it, which I must admit is not my favourite aroma. However, as the base comes through the prominence of the smokiness is softened by the tonka bean giving an almost spicy sweetness to round the scent off.

All in all, the Aramis Black fragrance is a very wearable scent that will suit most occasions. The fresh opening with the sensuous heart make it a great one for during the day, while the sweet and gentle smokiness makes it develop into a fragrance that can be worn, as Lionel Richie would say, “all night long”.



What I find most appealing about the Aramis Black fragrance is that it grows on you. It’s not instant obsession, but one that sneaks up on you! The deeper I delve, the more I find that I love it.

The fragrance opens with freshness, and a darkness that is barely buried beneath the elemi, lentiscus  and grapefruit. It doesn’t take long for the smokiness to awaken and this begins with juniper wood and cognac, which bring depth and maturity to the fragrance. The base strikes all of the right notes trend-wise, featuring leather, incense, vetiver and tonka bean. As these notes unfurl the darkness is unleashed upon the skin in the most seductive way.

A sure fire hit with the fairer sex, the juice lasts and lasts, and you get so many compliments. It’s not necessarily a nighttime-only fragrance, but it sure does suit a night rife with mystery and adventure. For the suited and booted gentleman of today that carries himself with an air of confidence and intrigue.



Aramis have gone for something a bit different with this fragrance. Although you can still sense the core Aramis aroma, it has taken more of a back seat. Aramis Black is an edgy fragrance, aimed towards the more mysterious gentleman.

It starts off with a lively and citrusy scent that evolves over time into a rounder fragrance. The edginess adds a different dimension to the scent, making it perfect for evening wear or nights out whilst also creating a more captivating and intriguing day time scent than most casual fragrances.

Overall I am impressed with the new Aramis Black. It is a scent that tends to grow on you more and more every time you use it. It is definitely an interesting road that Aramis have taken with this fragrance; it’s fresh and more youthful, but not a steep departure from their classic stable of fragrances. It is a fragrance that I’m sure I will find myself using again and again, and one that I would thoroughly recommend.



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