The Story of Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence Adriana Lima

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Marc Jacobs Decadence is the ultimate indulgence. From the intricate bottle to the lavish, sensuous aroma, it’s a fragrance for moments of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

Let me take you on a journey of opulent inspiration, right to the heart of the sumptuous new fragrance pillar. Let’s delve into Decadence…

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Marc Jacobs Decadence

The Inspiration

Decadent in every sense of the word, Marc Jacobs Decadence brings Marc’s fashion aesthetic closer than ever to his fragrance collection with precious materials, luxury and a touch of wildness. It has the same codes of irreverent femininity as the rest of his fragrance offering, but with Decadence Marc edges away from girlish innocence into a deeper, darker and more sensual world.  It’s the ultimate statement, a good girl playing bad.

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Adriana Lima Decadence

The Face

Who better to represent this most sultry and lavish of fragrances than Adriana Lima? The Brazil-born supermodel perfectly captures the beautiful indulgence of Decadence with her innate sensuousness, epitomising the glamour, the luxury and the sumptuousness of the plum, saffron and liquid amber fragrance.

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The Film

The film reveals a glimpse into the life of Adriana Lima as the Decadence woman, completely lost to the feeling of her fragrance. An extrovert fragrance in an intimate setting, it’s a fragrance to be enjoyed with abandon. After all, as Marc Jacobs himself says, “a girl chooses to be decadent, she is not just decadent.”
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