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Winter is by far my favourite time of year. Set aside thoughts of the tricky weather and dark afternoons and you’ll find that the air is abuzz with seasonal excitement. Even the things that you do every day become that little bit more special – you can’t escape the magic!

The Guerlain Neiges & Merveilles Christmas makeup look for 2015 is all about capturing that unique spark. For this new, limited edition collection, Guerlain has transformed some of its legendary makeup icons into true spectacles, designed to create a little moment of wonder every time you sit down at your dressing table.

Neiges & Merveilles is the perfect blend of luxury and utter whimsy, so sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love…



Meteorites Flocons Enchantes

Light Enhancing Powder

Guerlain Meteorites Flocons Enchantes Light Enhancing Powder

Guerlain proves once again why they’re the masters of Christmas beauty with this star product. Meteorites Flocons Enchantes is everything that you want from a collector’s piece; it’s luxurious yet functional, and classic yet irreverent with its star-shaped pearls and snowball casing. It’s the sort of thing that you try to save for best, but you’re unable to resist dipping into everyday.

So, what are Meteorites? If you’re new to the iconic skin finisher, Flocons Enchantes could be your perfect introduction. The balls of subtly shimmering powder can be used all over with a fluffy brush for a luminous, photo-perfect finish, or use with a smaller brush and concentrate on cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and your cupid’s brow for a subtle highlight. The mix of champagne, gold, beige and ivory pearls create that signature expensive-looking Meteorites sheen that is often replicated, but never bettered. It’s true beauty love.


Ors et Merveilles Palette

Eyes and Blush Palette

Guerlain Ors et Merveilles Eyes and Blush Palette Guerlain Ors et Merveilles Eyes and Blush Palette

The Ors et Merveilles Palette is the perfect partner to the Christmas party season, featuring five eyeshadows and four powder blushes in a sleek golden compact. The clever little palette squeezes so much into its two tiers that you’d be hard pressed to need anything else in your handbag!

The first tier features five pearlescent shadows: golden brown, dark brown, luminous champagne, goldenrod, and nude pink. It’s a perfect selection of shades that can be dressed up or down, and the textures are plush and smooth. Lift up this tier to reveal four powder blushes: a satin ballerina pink, a satin coral, a shimmering hot pink, and a shimmering peach, which’ll perk up your complexion in a snap.


Meteorites Voyage Enchante

Illuminating Matte Powder

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Enchante Illuminating Face Powder

If you use something every day, it may as well be as luxurious as possible. Meteorites Voyage Enchante is a translucent pressed powder presented in one-off heavyweight metal casing. The rosette-embellished compact is the sort of timeless beauty item that I imagine could easily be a covetable antique one day. I can see a grandmother handing it down to her granddaughter, or a makeup collector searching through auctions for it – it’s such a classic!

Within you’ll find a sheer finishing powder that is perfect for setting makeup. It absorbs excess oil with a lightweight touch, but it retains a beautiful luminous finish that doesn’t look chalky or cakey.


Terracotta Bronzing Powder

in 03 Natural Brunettes

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in 03 Natural Brunettes

For one season only, Guerlain’s summer icon has been redressed in guise befitting a true snow queen. This Christmas edition of the Terracotta Bronzing Powder is resplendent in a sparkling white silicone case, which can be removed and used on your other Guerlain bronzing compacts if you’d like them to look suitably celestial all year round (of course you do!).

Terracotta is the definitive bronzer, embellishing skin with a delicate, natural-looking tanned hue that looks healthy, never overdone. This legendary bronzer is my favourite because it’s just so versatile; a light dusting all over gives your skin a uniform glow, and if you’d like a more bronzed look, you can easily and gradually build it up where needed. The secret lies in Terracotta’s ultra-fine texture… it’s as light as air!


Rouge G Lipstick

in 867 Merveilleux Rose

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in 867 Merveilleux Rose

Another year, another absolutely breathtaking version of Rouge G. For 2015, the tactile silver casing is decorated with an intricate snowflake pattern, and held shut with a golden clasp.

The limited edition lipstick shade within, 867 Merveilleux Rose, is a creamy, delicate medium rose that turns lips into rosebuds. Rouge G is quite a classic lipstick in terms of coverage and texture, with a medium-to-full satin finish. The feel on the lips is exceptionally tactile, though, with a nice bit of slip and shine.


Maxi Velvet Creme de Rouge

in M72 Fleur de Givre

Guerlain Maxi Velvet Creme de Rouge in M72 Fleur de Givre

If you miss the discontinued Rouge G L’Extrait liquid lipsticks, consider this new product an early Christmas gift from the Guerlain elves! Maxi Velvet is the matte liquid lipstick of your dreams, caressing lips with an ultra-lightweight veil of pigment-rich colour that doesn’t feel drying in the slightest.

Maxi Velvet comes in one shade: Fleur de Givre, a darkened rose hue that’s the colour and texture of crushed flower petals. It’s an ideal day-to-night shade – apply and blend with fingertips for a ‘bitten’ flush of colour (as above), or layer onto lips with the wand for a bold and sophisticated alternative to a Christmas red.


Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine

in 902 Reflets Etoiles

Guerlain Gloss d'Enfer Maxi Shine in 902 Reflets Etoiles

Gloss more your thing? This shimmering confection will set your heart a-flutter. Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine in 902 Reflets Etoiles is a crystal clear gloss infused with iridescent, ultra-fine glimmer. Although it looks a little ‘disco queen’ in the tube,  it actually translates as a truly elegant shot of subtle shimmer on the lips. Wear alone for a full and shiny pout, or on top of your favourite lipstick to give it a bit of a seasonal kick.

I love the texture of Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine. Being a matte fan (the less I can feel a lip product, the better!) I really appreciate the gel-like texture of the gloss, as it isn’t at all sticky. It’s all of the shine without any of the tackiness.


Colour Lacquer

in 903 Nuit Merveilleuse

Guerlain Colour Lacquer in 903 Nuit Merveilleuse

I have no words for the celestial, limited edition Colour Lacquer in 903 Nuit Merveilleuse. It’s an absolutely breathtaking shade!

Inspired by the night sky, this electric indigo dream is shot through with ultra fine blue and purple shimmer, which looks silver when the light catches it. Constellations are big news this winter, and this shade is such a perfect way to tap into the trend.


Over to you!

What do you think of Guerlain’s Neiges & Merveilles beauty fairy tale?

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